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    Mood Swings- Depression or Something Else?
    Thomas L Schwartz, MD posted:
    While scanning many of the posts, I have seen a lot of comments about mood swings. Yes, mood swings, irritability and sadness do occur when depressed, however some patients with depression and a life long history of severe and rapid mood swings may have Borderline Personality traits or even disorder. The treatment for this kind of 'depression' is a bit more complicated and relies more on psychotherapy to help lower symptoms. A reliable NIMH resource is here if you would like more information.
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    supercab95 responded:
    Thanks for the article. I'm going to have to find someone to talk to and will keep looking on here for help, assistance and suggestions. Thanks.
    seemehearmeknowme responded:
    what is nimh mean?? give me info on this, how do i get boarder line persoaity trait or disorder ?? and why?? i know i do have depression. for years. please help
    Thomas L Schwartz, MD replied to seemehearmeknowme's response:
    NIMH is the national institute of mental health run by the USA. Like everything else, borderline personality is part genetic and inherited, part learned from your upbringing, parents, friends, life circumstance...
    Applepies responded:
    I was diagnosed with borderline personality disorder at first, then, we discovered a cycle of hospitalizaion, just before my menstruation. Then I was diagnosed with PMDD. Celexa was very helpful. But since menopause, I am still getting the mood swings, when I should be having my menses. I was looking forward to menopause, for relief. Now I am still on Celexa and Wellbutrin.
    blkboot65 responded:
    I think I am a lab rat, and they are guessing too much.
    kactusC responded:
    I'm 51 and I've been in therapy for over 10 years. I've been on a cocktail of medications for as long. Nothing works for long. I have been diagnosed with bi polar disorder, dissociative, chronic depression and PTSD. I had a lot of childhood trauma so it makes sence that I would be depressed but the mood swings are brought on by certain meds. I've been on every anti depressant I've ever heard of twice a week therapy and nothing helps. Now I've been put on an anti psychotic called Geodon. It seems to have given some relief just by giving me clarity of thought but the mood swings are terrible. They are tearing my family apart. My husband told the doctor I need to get off this med and her response was "let's give it another month." She seems to think it's good that I'm getting in touch with my anger but she doesn't seem to care what it means to the rest of the family. I am so exhausted and bewildered I'm online looking for help. Desperately seeking help!
    delleshon responded:
    hi i have a mood disorder aleast thats what my therapist says when i was kids i was dia with dyst something so my mother says lol i have fibromyalgia and lupus so yeah im pissed,mad sad and greatful all in one
    lostandsad responded:
    I feel irritable all the time... most days i go from happy to sad to angry... How do I stop feeling this way?
    laughwitleelee responded:
    So you how do you know if you have depression or mood swings? can a person have both?
    sjk53 responded:
    I have been diagnosed with Bipolar/Borderline. I have tried every med out there, every combo. 9 years of therapy, many hospitalizations. I am currently taking Deplin as I have had genetic testing and found I have 2 copies of the genetic disorder that does not allow me to absorb the folate that I require. I did have some good results but for a short time. Since then, depression got much worse as did the mood swings. Do you have any experience with Deplin and where I should turn to now?
    susiemargaret replied to sjk53's response:
    hello, S --

    deplin is the man-made form of folic acid, a B-complex vitamin also called folate. webMD info on deplin is at Oral.aspx?drugid=95341&drugname=Deplin Oral&source=2 .

    webMD info on folic acid is at ACID.aspx?activeIngredientId=1017&activeIngredientName=FOLIC ACID .

    there is evidence that the effectiveness of antidepressants is improved when they are supplemented with folic acid, so let me ask, are you taking an antidepressant along with the deplin?

    i think it has been a while since dr. schwartz, our expert in this community, has looked in on this particular thread. my response will bring this thread to the top of the list. however, if dr. schwartz does not respond within a few weeks, you will have a better chance of catching his attention if you re-post this inquiry as a separate discussion with "dr. schwartz" in the title (see PS).

    i send you caring thoughts and hope you will keep us posted on how you are doing.

    -- susie margaret

    PS -- do this by hovering over the orange "post now" button at the bottom right of this page, then clicking on "discussion"; this will take you to a blank message box where you can start a new thread.
    what good is gold, or silver too, if your heart's not good and true -- hank williams, sr.
    cubfanal responded:
    Mood swings sounds like bipolar disorder to me. Of course I am not an expert. Has that been considered? Meds are critical in helping with this, I am told.

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