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    New Atkins for a New You
    Michael Dansinger, MD posted:
    The Atkins Diet is back again! The Atkins diet, which raises controversy every time it re-emerges, is getting publicity in the form of a new book: The New Atkins for A New You.

    The controversy comes down to the questions of whether the counter-intuitive strategy of eating significant amounts of animal fat helps reverse heart disease and diabetes risk, and whether cutting carbs to the minimum is problematic in any way.

    In this new book, which remains true to the core concepts of Dr. Atkins' previous books, authors Dr's Westman, Volek, and Phinney have laid out the cumulative body of scientific evidence supporting the low-carb approach, most of which has accumulated after the death of Dr. Atkins in 1994.

    See this link to the Washington Post story

    If you have any comments about or experience with the Atkins diet, for weight loss, diabetes treatment, or heart disease risk reduction, please share them!

    Michael Dansinger, MD
    betaquartz replied to LKreicar's response:
    I found the same about my triglycerides. I was diagnosed in May with t2, tri's were 200 in June after one month of low carb they were 72
    EngineerGuy replied to GeorgiaDave's response:
    Hi GeorgiaDave,

    Re: Dr. Atkins died of a FALL on ICY STEPS that caused a brain hemorrhage. He DEFINITELY didn't die of a stroke due to being obese. He was thin.

    That's why he had no bruises on his hands, to break his fall. Because he was already unconscious when he was falling.

    That's why his family, eager to cash in on the Atkins name, to the tune of $100M , fought in court to have his medical condition kept secret.

    When Nathan Pritkin died, his autopsy was published in NEJM.

    Many many people have lost weight on the Atkins diet, and are eager to defend him. However, they have not kept the weight off. Refer to my post on the first page of this discussion thread. The National Weight Control Registry shows that Atkins is the worst, for regaining the weight back.

    Best regards, EngineerGuy
    EngineerGuy responded:
    Hi folks,

    Here's a view that helps us understand how such conclusions can be reached. And yes, saturated fats and refined carbohydrates are both quite bad. When a study is run on people on the SAD (Standard American Diet), if they eat less saturated fat, they usually are eating more white flour. Not much difference is seen, especially when the study starts with a food recall questionnaire, which is inaccurate, and then follows them for 10 years, assuming the diet did not change, which it often does.

    Best regards, EngineerGuy
    rsfire replied to EngineerGuy's response:
    I first went on the Atkins diet over 20 years ago because my tryglicirides were over 1.000. They came down to ynder 200 and have stayed there since. Atkins never said don't eat vegetables. I eat lots of low glycimic V's. My weigth has been under control ever since I began (lost 20 pounds in the start up phase). I eat lots of grass fed beef AND the fat. No white flour (only almond flour).

    Note: Dr. Atkins was NOT overweight at the time of his accident, but only after being loaded up with prednisone in the hospital.

    Another Note: Have you ever looked at The Ornish Diet. It is a starvation diet!
    rsfire replied to Manoj_in_Bangalore's response:
    I knmow a lot of vegetarians, but I don't know any old ones.
    rsfire replied to feelinghigh's response:
    Ketones are not a bad thing. They are a natural process

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