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    How and Why to Report a Post
    Caprice_WebMD_Staff posted:
    Dear Members,

    Our WebMD communities are a wonderful place where members find friendship, support, insight and share ideas. However, there are occasions when a post that is made violates WebMD's Terms and Conditions .

    While using our boards you may come across a flame war (a series of insulting posts) or simply a disruptor (called a "troll" in internet-speak because they "troll" message boards or chat-rooms simply to cause trouble) or someone trying to sell their products, and the list goes on. None of these behaviors are allowed at WebMD, and if any of these things appear on our communities, we want to know about it right away. We rely on our members to help WebMD maintain a safe and comfortable environment where everyone feels at home.

    Here are some of the other T&C violations you will want to report:

    • Spam
    • Advertising
    • Personal Attacks (disagreement is NOT an attack)
    • Copyright Infringement
    • Inappropriate Member Nicknames
    • Use of very inappropriate slang and/or masked/veiled extreme profanity
    • Members discussing their personal physicians by name
    • Members who identify themselves as under 13 year of age
    • Too much personally identifying information (phone numbers, home addresses, etc)
    • Posts containing links to inappropriate sites (pornography, etc.)
    • Posts which are nothing more than erotica or soliciting cyber sex.
    • Someone planning suicide and needs our help

    The best way to handle any such problem on our exchanges is to not reply. Instead, you can help your community by alerting the WebMD Community Moderator staff. We now have a wonderful, new tool which allows members to send alerts simply by clicking on the "Report This link found below each post. You even have the opportunity to explain why you are reporting something. The moderator staff will receive that report and will review the post to determine whether or not it violates the WebMD Terms and Conditions or if the person needs crisis intervention. If the message is in violation of our rules, it will be removed along with any replies.

    Please keep in mind that you should only report posts that you feel are violations of WebMD's Terms and Condition. Do not report posts simply because you disagree with the information contained within another member's post. Misuse of this tool is detectable. You should also know that reporting something doesn't mean it will automatically be removed, nor can any other member tell that you've reported it.

    Thank you for helping to keep our WebMD communities on track. It really does "take a village," and we appreciate everyone who helps us to keep our communities a great place to gather together in our quest to stay happy and healthy.

    If you ever have questions or concerns about the moderation of this community or about your own deleted posts, please write with the details to [email protected] and please be patient for a response

    Yours in Health,

    The WebMD Community Staff
    An_202711 responded:

    Are member created, invitation only boards still an option? They may be a good option if a member would like their own personal support group with members who will think like mindedly.
    Caprice_WebMD_Staff replied to An_202711's response:
    Yes, those are always an option.

    However, it doesn't always work for the purpose you mention as all it does is limit the responses which can often mean little to no responses and therefore members lose out on the varied and rich support they can find on a community which is open to the public.

    There's room enough here for all styles and perspectives as long as everyone treats each other with the same consideration and respect we expect from others.
    amanda2581 responded:
    Caprice what happened to the good old IGNORE button? It was a way of cooling off than just unignore and everything was ok,I only used it once myself?I do not intend on useing it just wondered what happened to it in case I need to ignore XRING LOL!!
    dianer01 replied to amanda2581's response:

    There is an ignore button. Click the little X in the top right corner of your screen and walk away from the computer. Take a nap, get something to eat or go for a walk and you will feel differently than stewing in front of your computer.
    Caprice_WebMD_Staff replied to amanda2581's response:
    Hi Amanda,

    Yes, we lost that ignore button but it may be returning at some point.

    Diane's advice is good though. When you or anyone finds themselves getting upset here, walk away for a while, breathe, do something for yourself, etc.

    Take care,

    amanda2581 replied to dianer01's response:
    I was not seriouse yes I am aware of that.I was jokeing with xring
    queenie1935 responded:
    Thank you
    rocketbob responded:
    So I have read the info concerning reporting ect but what I really need to know is how one becomes a community member?
    rocketbob replied to rocketbob's response:
    I just noticed near the top of the page what I needed to know in oorder to join a community. Thanks to any who might of yet directed me there.
    Info_Page_for_Dee responded:
    Thank you for this information. I am new to this community and will make sure that I follow the rules required to communicate in the discussion on Diabetes.
    Dee59 ~ Arizona
    Haylen_WebMD_Staff replied to Info_Page_for_Dee's response:
    Hi Dee and welcome!

    You can use the orange button up at the top of this row to start a discussion or join in and reply to a current discussion.

    I look forward to getting to know you better -


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