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    Sweating and/or body odor connected with diabetes
    An_202803 posted:
    I tend to sweat a lot but the only body odor I have smells like vinegar, particularly under my breasts (which is quite small) and around my mid section and my neck. What is the cause of this? I have had diabetes for about 3 years almost 4 and I take insulin to control my glucose.
    phototaker responded:
    I went online and looked this up for you. I sweat a lot when I work out, but luckily have no odor.

    They did mention diabetes as one cause of odor, but it's usually uncontrolled diabetes, which leaves a fruity type of odor like rotten apples.
    This is an article that talks about different things. Some of the ideas mentioned different illnesses that "might" cause odors.
    I didn't see a vinegar smell, but it's an interesting read.

    If it continues to both you, you can ask a doctor. Is your diabetes controlled really well by the insulin? Do you get high numbers at all?

    If t
    arealgijoe responded:

    I am willing to bet you are TYPE-1, am I correct?

    Diabetes is a dynamic dragon and insulin needs can change over time. Have you been sick with a clod or anythign or a recent injury?

    Back in Jan '07 I fell and tore my shoulder. I was just managing my diabetes on my own (no doc) and lost control. A friend noticed my FRUITY odor, at that moment I knew I was in TROUBLE! I tried to dig myself out of my own hole, but ended up barely able to get into a new docs office. I need surgery, my insulin doses re-regulted and much more.

    KEYTONES can be dangerous! Too much for very long and you could end up in a serious DKA state, meaning a nice long hospital stay.

    My ADVICE is do not pass go, do not collect anything, except you glusocse log, meds and such, and head driectly to your doctor ASAP. Based on what you wrote, you could already be in serious trouble and may need to have someone take you to ER! Do NOT drive yourself, have someone take you.

    PLEASE...PLEASE do not ignor this... I want you to be able to return here and let us know how you are doing AFTER you get this under control.

    Mayleejaz replied to phototaker's response:
    Hello, thanks for your responses. I know about the fruity smell from watching NCIS. Mine is clearly vinegar. My glucose is well controlled. AC1 in August was 6.1; two week meter average is 100. When I talk to doctors about things like this they give me the impression that I am nuts. I am not!!
    phototaker replied to Mayleejaz's response:
    Since you've already checked with your doctor, I went on-line and found that a vinegar smell can be one of the smells that can come from an odor on the body. Read the article. You're not nuts.

    You might want to check your bs numbers during the day.

    I also had a 6.1 A1C, but had some numbers in the 200's a few days during the holidays, because of too many carbs at once. You could be getting some very lows and very highs and this could even out to what you got on your A1C. I check myself 3x a day, so I have a pretty good idea how I'm doing. I usually check first thing in the morning, and 2 hours after eating later afternoon and early evening.

    Being that you're on insulin, it's very different than me.
    Mayleejaz replied to phototaker's response:
    My diabetes is well controlled. A1C in August was 6.1; two week meter average is 100. Doctors seem to respond to me like I have two heads when I report something that has not been documented. Thanks for the link on body odors.

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