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    diabetes going away?
    jojo0766 posted:
    can you be diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and then be told a couple years later that it went away and you no longer have it?
    Manoj_in_Bangalore responded:
    Yeah. Type 2 diabetes can go away forever. Healing your body from type 2 diabetes is no more difficult than healing a broken bone. And 2 years is a bit too long. It usually takes just a few months to correct your body's metabolism and become diabetes free.
    phototaker replied to Manoj_in_Bangalore's response:
    Manoj, I know someone who was diagnosed type II and is on insulin. Every diabetic IS DIFFERENT. It's not as easy as that.
    phototaker responded:
    Jo Jo...if you were overweight when you were diagnosed and lost a lot of weight, caught this when you "first" got diabetes right away, and was pretty strict about your eating correctly, it's possible to get this in remission, if your pancreas is working properly.

    Have you tested yourself two hours after you've eaten, and your numbers are great? If you have a heavily carb meal, have you tested yourself afterward, and your blood sugar numbers didn't go way up? If so, either you might have been pre-diabetic to begin with, had a bad glucose test reading, OR your pancreas is doing well, and by eating healthier, you have no problems now. I would definitely continue eating healthier, with occasional treats and keep your weight down, "if" you had gained weight before.
    Manoj_in_Bangalore replied to phototaker's response:
    It is as easy at that.
    DavidHueben replied to Manoj_in_Bangalore's response:
    As easy as what?

    We sleep soundly in our beds because rough men stand ready in the night to visit violence on those who would do us harm. - Winston S. Churchill
    phototaker replied to Manoj_in_Bangalore's response:
    For you and your body....not everyone is the same. I've found that out personally. When I first became diabetic, I had no idea how we're all so different and how we handle diabetes is individual with so many different factors causing different results.

    Some people have their blood sugar numbers go "down" after exercising. Mine go "up" and stay up there for a while. Yet, I have an A1C of 5.9 without medicine.

    If I could tolerate eating like you do, I'd probably be getting much better results. I agree with you on that. I don't say you shouldn't do it. You like eating this way. For me, it would change totally how I feel about food, and make me not want to do it at all. For me it's not all or nothing. For you it's easy. For me, it's not.

    There are some things you've said that I agree with for me. One of them is being on lower statins. Let's see how my cholesterol tests come out this time, although it's not really enough time to evaluate. I FOUGHT against taking 80mg. I cut it in 1/2, which still may be too much. A friend of mine saw me at the gym and told me her hair was falling out from the statins. I asked her how she knew that this was the cause. She told me her husband(who loves to read research papers) read this. I'm going online now, as my usually really thick hair has thinned in one spot especially. Is this just a coincidence?
    Who knows?
    DavidHueben replied to Manoj_in_Bangalore's response:
    It is a vast over-generalization to suggest that "healing" Type II diabetes is as simple as as healing a broken bone in a few months.

    For some people with Type II diabetes, it is not possible to just read books, follow a vegan diet, never see a "Western" doctor, and avoid using medications and/or insulin to effectively manage their condition.

    As someone else suggested, it may have worked for you, but that does not make it the solution for everyone else on the planet.

    We sleep soundly in our beds because rough men stand ready in the night to visit violence on those who would do us harm. - Winston S. Churchill
    MSUphysicsFRIB replied to Manoj_in_Bangalore's response:
    "Healing your body from type 2 diabetes is no more difficult than healing a broken bone. "

    Wow, then healing from Type 2 Diabetes would be very hard for me. Ever heard of a non-union fracture?
    jojo0766 replied to phototaker's response:
    when i was diagnosed i was very thin, my weight hasnt changed, my sugars go from high down to the low 40s, i get, sweaty, the shakes are horrible and feel like i could pass out. i was just wondering if i needed to see a different dr. my mother recently passed away from her diabetes being uncontrolable. and my uncle lost a leg from infection, its definetly in our family. i am going to continue anyway to eat healthy, thank you.
    phototaker replied to jojo0766's response:
    Jo Jo...that's dangerous and scary! You definitely need to see a new doctor. Try an endocrinologist.They deal with people who are diabetic that have special problems. They would give you tests to see what's going on.

    Jo Jo, I would call an endo tomorrow. Having those low numbers could make you pass out and go into a coma. You could die. Keep some orange juice or glucose tablets, nearby, if you go too low.This is very dangerous. Drink some OJ and go to the hospital if this happens. Have someone drive you.

    I'm not a doctor and probably will be yelled at by someone on here that you should go tonight, but I don't know what your numbers are...If they are low, go to the hospital.
    feelinghigh replied to phototaker's response:
    Once you are diagnosed with diabetes you have it for LIFE. There is NO CURE for diabetes as of yet. However, IF you are TYPE II you CAN go into remission.

    No way to reverse Type I.
    alliej0225 replied to feelinghigh's response:
    Reading this, I actually thought someone could be "cured". However, my doctor told me that you can not be cured but you can get in under control. I exercise and watch my diet. I have my A1C down to 5.6 and keep my sugar under control. I take one pill every other day. I made up my mind that I wasn't going to end up like my sister and I have, so far, kept my promise to myself. It isn't easy but it can be done. I do "treat" myself occassionaly to something that I really want. Even though I keep treats for the grandkids, I know what the outcome will be if I let myself eat them. Instead, I keep fruit and veggies for me to snack. This is what works for me. Take care.

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