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    Update on my shoulder injury due to Wii
    Michael Dansinger, MD posted:
    Three weeks ago I discussed my shoulder injury that has bothered me for the past 5 months after overusing the Wii video game for several months at home. I'm grateful for all the support from those members who offered advice and insights, as well as those who simply read my post with interest.

    I belive my shoulder has improved 40% compared to when it was at its worst 3 to 5 months ago. I saw the orthopedist for the second time 2 weeks ago and he ordered a shoulder MRI because the doctor wanted to gain a better understanding of how much of my problem is due to rotator cuff tendonitis and how much is due to "adhesive capsulitis" which involves inflammation that sticks the humerus bone to the soft tissue that surrounds the joint. I had the MRI last thursday 8/19 and saw the doctor for the results today. He explained that most of my problem is due to adhesive capuslitis which does not require surgery, but slowly recovers back to normal, typically over the course of a year!

    I also accepted a cortisone injection into the affected area today. It may or may not help speed the healing by decreasing any remaining inflammation. I would potentially notice improvement in my symptoms, such as less discomfort if I reach far or lift heavy items.

    I will continue with physical therapy twice weekly to increase range of motion and strength. I will also work with a trainer on a weekly basis to work on my general conditioning aside from my shoulder issues.

    In the grand schemes of things I consider this to be a minor to moderate setback and could be so much worse. I'm grateful that my injury is not worse and my prognosis is good. I'll keep a positive attitude and be patient and do the best I can to follow doctors orders and do my part to promote maximum healing.

    Thanks again for so much interest and support! It means a lot to be part of such an exceptional community!

    Michael Dansinger
    teddybear200 responded:
    Dr. D. I was asking about you a couple days ago. I am glad to hear you do not need surgery. I can feel the pain of the shot as I type this, I had many of those no fun.

    Good news is at least with patience and therapy you will get better in time. It will be painful at times if you again over use it. And as we tell the others on this board "follow your Drs orders". My prayers will continue for your totally healing of your shoulder. Deb.
    One day I will soar on wings of an Eagle - Deb
    betaquartz responded:
    Glad to hear that things are improving. Crazy how the repetitive motions can set things off. It was probably just as you were beating the game!
    phototaker responded:
    Michael, I "thought" this sounded so much like I went through for three years with my two frozen shoulders.For me, the major cause of them, other than "diabetes I was told" is the arthritis in my neck. This causes pinched nerves which contribute to the problems in my shoulders and now tendonitis in my arm. I'm going to make another appt. to have an xray done of my back and neck and see if it is the same or has gotten worse.

    Meanwhile, I FEEL GREAT now! You might want to try swim aerobics. I felt that really strengthened my neck, back, and shoulders. My swim aerobics teacher knows a lot about the body and has us doing heavy duty aerobic things in the water with our arms and legs. I feel it has helped me heal ONCE the PAIN was almost all gone. Cold packs of ice(on your neck and upper back)for 20 minutes, and then 20 minutes of heat helps. I had two cortisone shots in one shoulder and one in the other. My shoulders are totally out of pain now. Believe me, I couldn't even sleep on my side for that length of time. It was SO PAINFUL. I do understand. You WILL get better. Just continue your workouts. Take care!

    I am going to go to physical therapy on Wed. for my arm. I will have to probably do the head in a sling thing again, where I hang backward from a doorknob,(with the sling under the back of my head) to help pull my head upward, to release the pinching. I did that for weeks when I was first having problems. I will do it again, to prevent anything bad from happening again and get my xrays to see how I'm progressing.
    mhall6252 responded:
    Well, I posted a nice response that never emerged from the black hole of technical problems, so I'll try again!

    Glad to hear yu are making progress, even though it's not as fast as you'd like! Glad to hear you are being a good patient and exercising patience!!! Sometimes it's disappointing when surgery cannot bring a quick fix. Hope the cortisone shot brings some relief. I had one shot in my knee about ten years ago - it worked for a long time.

    I look forward to seeing you back here contributing on a regular basis - I really miss your input!

    Michelle Diabetic since 5/2001 Follow my journey at Smile and the world smiles with you.
    Kate10056 responded:
    When I posted to you earlier about how long it took me to heal, I believe it took me as long as it did because of my undiagnosed diabetes and the fact that I finally did get better was after I was diagnosed and on meds.

    I am glad you are feeling better.
    People are just as happy as they make up their minds to be. -Abraham Lincoln
    Michael Dansinger, MD responded:
    After that cortisone shot my shoulder feels much improved! After 1 day I gained an additonal 30% improvement. Now I feel 70% improved, but I expect the effect of the shot to gradually wear off over the next couple of weeks. Hope not, but we'll see.
    phototaker replied to Michael Dansinger, MD's response:
    It will be okay, Michael. The shot helps the inflammation, I believe. It helped me to be able to move it in my physical therapy which eventually helped me almost 100% to get better. I was told that some never do get better. I told the doctor I wasn't one of those people.

    Today I worked on my tendonitis(also from repetitive movements fixing my photos and deleting e-mails). I did it for a long time one day. With me, my arthritis in my neck is also a cause for my problems. I was given SOME WONDERFUL exercises to do to help and prevent future problems. My PT has been working 12 years. She has trained her person that works under her. She's wonderful too. I'm actually in a noose type contraption that I hang backwards from, which pulls on my neck to help the pinched area to have more room. I'm waiting to do this after my remodel and I have my floors cleaned up better.

    I really think water exercise is a good choice, IF you have the right teachers. Hospitals have those facilities. Maybe you can do some motion in the water, when the inflammation goes down a bit. Did they tell you to ice for 20 min. and then to take it off? I'm sure you got some great advice. This works great with me. After the inflammation is gone, heat can be used the same way, 20 on and off. Yours is different than mine, but if you talk to your PT's, I'm sure they're telling you something similar. You WILL get better!! I know you will.

    Mine were shocked that I could actually touch my arms in back of me, something I couldn't do before. Now I'm in no pain when I do it. They were happy to see my progress. Now to work on my tendonitis!
    mhall6252 replied to Michael Dansinger, MD's response:
    That's great news! I'm guessing you'll see some continued improvement even as the shot wears off.

    Michelle Diabetic since 5/2001 Follow my journey at Smile and the world smiles with you.
    feenfamily responded:
    I need help, not sure this is the right place, but my husband is in really bad shape and I dont know where to turn. He is 49 years old, bone on bone with the left knee, 345 pounds, hypertension, three meds for that, major depression, lost his mom in June, out of work for 3 years and now he has atrial fib that the doctors can not get under control, had a cardioversion done, was put on pradaxa, week later back in afib, now on multaq (not reading good things about this medicine) second cardioversion did not work, I dont know what to do for this man, he is slowly dying and has given up. I have to kids who want their Dad back, so sad for all. What steps would you take? Is this a website for responses as I have never done this before. Can you help or can you advise?? I research and research and I dont know what to do first. Thank you!
    phototaker replied to feenfamily's response:
    I honestly don't know if this website could help. We're mostly diabetics who "do" have other medical issues, too. Is your husband a diabetic?

    You might want to check WebMD for heart conditions.

    It sounds like your best bet right now is to find some physiological help for your husband and support for you, too.
    Once he is feeling a little better(fighting the depression), he can start on some sort of weight loss program, Weight Watchers, etc. Dr. Dansinger has wonderful ideas for weight loss. See his articles on the side.

    If this heart doctor is not working, you might want to get a 2nd opinion. Maybe the medicine is causing side effects, depression?

    I hope you find some help. You're right to see that your husband needs help. He has to be in the right mind to do this.
    I say go for some therapy. They might give him an anti-depressant, which should help in that area to kick-start him in getting better. Losing his mom and being out of work would throw him into a tailspin itself. Hopefully you have health insurance for therapy.

    Good luck! Maybe others will have suggestions, but this is basically mostly about diabetes here. I think there's a mental health section, plus heart info. Your best bet is to get some help mentally for your family.

    My heart goes out to you. Good luck and take care.
    mhall6252 replied to feenfamily's response:
    It sounds like yur husband is in the midst of a deep depression, and some counseling would be a good place to start. There is a WebMD Depression Community that might be of some help to you:

    His is a complicated medical situation that requires a "team" of specialists who are all working together towards bringing your husband to a better place, health-wise. Whether it's his PCP, cardiologist, psychiatrist, orthopedist...someone needs to be in charge and then communicate with all the others to make sure that every doctor is fully aware of your husband's whole medical picture.

    I would talk to his PCP and see if that doctor is willing to be the "project manager." If not, talk to the Cardiologist. One of them should be willing to do this. I have breast cancer, and my breast surgeon and her nurse coordinated with every other specialist. They kept each other informed of treatment decisions, labwork, etc so that there were no unnecessary tests.

    One other suggestion - if you want to have additional discussions on this board or any other WebMD board, it's better to start a new discussion. Otherwise your comments may get lost or unseen, especially when it's not related to the original topic. Just click on the "Post Now" button and select "Discussion". Then you can give a name to the topic and post your questions or comments so that they will be easily seen.

    I wish you and your family the very best...this cannot be an easy situation and I hope you get some relief very soon.

    Diabetic since 5/2001
    Follow my journey at
    Smile and the world smiles with you.
    hootyowl2 responded:
    Dear Dr Dansinger,

    I did not know about your injury, but I am glad it is improving and you wont need surgery.

    I have injured my shoulders a lot of times too, they are always very painful and slow to heal. The last time I injured my shoulder trying to move a section of telephone pole by myself... Yeah, that was dumb. I just get so aggravated about waiting for people who say they will help to actually get around to doing anything helpful. I had to have physical therapy too... I didnt think it would help, but it did. The last time I hurt my shoulder, I just went ahead and did those exercises he showed me without having them come out. It worked. If it hadn't of worked, I would have seen my doctor for it. [ Those telephone pole sections were used for corner posts for my garden fence... And friends finally did come and help with that. >

    Feenfamily, the others posted some good suggestions, I hope you can get the help you need and your husband/father gets better soon. God bless.
    Michael Dansinger, MD replied to feenfamily's response:
    Dear feenfamily,
    I can certainly understand why you are so concerned. Your husband's situation is very serious and you are eager to help him as much as possible. Weight loss would certainly help his health and there are many approaches, including lifestyle changes particularly eating and exercise, and weight loss surgery options. The will to change must come from your husband. He has to be willing and motivated to change. There is only so much you can do since it has to come from him. The good news is that it is never too late to make changes and if he works with his doctors, and gains information from WebMD (including the weight loss community) and other internet sources, then he will be in the best position to take steps in the right direction. There is always hope and good reason to be optimistic if he truly wants to take control of his health. There are no easy answers, and making lifestyle changes and/or considering bariatric surgery involve making sacrifices in exchange for the payoffs, but many would agree those sacrifices are less than the sacrifices involved in failing to make changes.

    Best way to move forward is to gain as much information as you can, and discuss your feelings and what you've learned with you husband.

    Good luck!

    Michael Dansinger, MD
    Michael Dansinger, MD responded:
    Thanks again for the responses and well-wishes. I really appreciate all the thoughtful suggestions and insights.

    I'm pleased to say my shoulder remains about 75-80% improved. My plan is to continue with weekly physical therapy, and twice weekly intensive cardio sessions with some moderate upper body resistance training. I know I must ease into the upper body work gradually and resist the temptation to lift heavier weights.

    Feeling very optimistic and expecting 100% recovery. Might take 6 months or more but I should get there.

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