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    low blood sugar
    DoloresTeresa posted:
    What is the name of the pill someone mentioned here once that you take if you have low blood sugar? I usually carry raisins with me. Is it expensive? Does it work faster than raisins to raise the blood sugar?

    laura2gemini2 responded:
    Are you talking about glucose tabs? Those arent pills, they are bought over the counter. They look like really big sweet tarts. I dont know if they were better than raisins to raise blood sugar, they both are simple sugars. I would say if the raisins are working for you then stick with what you know.

    I use glucose tabs because I get mine sent to me by my insurance, and its usually easier for me to carry around.
    teddybear200 responded:
    Walmart has small containers of the ReliOn Glucose Tablets is the brand name in a few favors - I think there is about 10 in the small container for around $1.25. Larger bottles 50 count are about $5.00. Well worth the price, they have 4gms of sugar per tablet.

    Walgreens, Target most stores that sell glucose meters and or diabetic suppies.
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    auriga1 responded:
    Dolores, going low is a constant for me because of my use of insulin. Lots of experience (would rather not have.)

    What works the fastest for me is something liquid, like OJ or any fruit juice. Of course, not as portable as the tabs. One packet of sugar works as well, also. The tabs and plain sugar are really unpalatable to me. I just don't like them, but you do what you have to do. They also make a glucose gel that you rub into your gums but is more expensive than the tabs. Works instantly like aspirin under the tongue for heart attack victims.

    If you are at home or any place with easy access to some sort of juice, I would do that first. Only my humble opinion, but it works for me.
    mhall6252 replied to auriga1's response:
    Lifesavers would work, and they are inexpensive. There are all kinds of candy "rolls" that would do without spending too much money on strictly glucose products. All that assumes you can carry them around without eating them unless you really need them. Juice boxes are portable, too, and don't require refrigeration, if you prefer something to drink.
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    Lotame replied to mhall6252's response:
    Great advice!
    feelinghigh replied to Lotame's response:
    Just a little tip...avoid using chocolate when you are low. It's too slow for lows.

    If you weigh 120, One gram will raise you about 5 mg
    If you weigh 160, One gram will raise you about 4 mg
    If you weigh 200, One gram will raise you about 3 mg

    Each Quick carb below provides 15 grams
    1 Tablespoon of honey
    3 BD Glucose Tablets
    3 Smartie Rolls
    6 Sweet Tarts (3 tabs/packet)
    7 Pixy Stix

    Hope this helps!
    Haylen_WebMD_Staff responded:
    Here is a list I found from an article titled Quick-sugar food :

    Foods to help raise blood sugar:
    Table sugar, Fruit juice or regular soda pop, Fat-free milk, Honey or corn syrup, Jam, Raisins, Gum drops, Life Savers or hard candy, glucose tablets or gel.

    Click the link above for details....

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