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    TomJ45 posted:
    There have been a lot of good suggestions here; many of which I have tried. As I've said in the past, I'm on Metformin and Glipizide. I've cut out all sweets. I've also varied my carb intake to five small portions a day. For dinner I had a salad, light dressing, and a piece of meat loaf. This may have been bad, I don't know, but I had an apple. Three hours after that, my blood sugar is 329. Type 2! Still walking 5 to 7 miles a day.
    davedsel57 responded:

    I understand your frustration. I've read through your other posts and the replies. Phototaker recommended seeing an endocrinologist, and I think that would be a good move for you. You appear to be eating a healthy diet fairly low in carbs and exercising. I think it is time for you to discuss this all with your doctor and then perhaps see a specialist for help in getting your diabetes under control.
    Click on my user name or avatar picture to read my story.


    brunosbud responded:
    Diabetes control is a question of searching and finding the right diet and healthy lifestyles. It is not about forcing control over what you ate or did in the past. Each person is different. You must be your own scientist, seek the right changes and try to stay calm through the process. You are on the improved path so be patient. Good luck, tom.

    Hint: Do not overlook or assume any "symptoms" to be unrelated to diabetes and have you been assessed for sleep apnea?
    TomJ45 replied to davedsel57's response:
    Seeing an endocrinologist is next on my list. I had some radical chemo and radiation treatments about 4 years ago. I know the radiation hit my thyroid, but they are pretty much non-committal as to whether the chemo could have affected my pancreas or my liver for that matter. Until a person has to deal with it, you don't realize how insidious this disease is. I know I wasn't aware that this could cause so many problems. I appreciate the help from everyone.
    flashyourdiabetes responded:
    you are doing well, eating 5 times a day is ok. but the apple you have to eat is the green apple. Also you have to clean your leaver, you need a cup of green tea after each meal. Good luck.
    geni55 responded:
    Mine went crazy after I fell and tore my rotor cuff. I found out that the chronic pain was making my body make corticosteroids, which of course raises the sugars. It did not help that my thyroid went wacko during that time frame. The endocrinologist is also a good idea
    May I ask if you have had your doctor run a full blood workup to verify that there might be nothing else wrong? There are other conditions, like you mentioned, that could be causing the high sugars.
    Good luck!
    TomJ45 replied to geni55's response:
    They do blood work on me every 6 months. Most reads are within normal range. Some are right on the fringe, but are acceptable. This disease is just hard to contend with because it seems to change with every aspect of your life. Eating, stress, exercise, etc. all can cause adverse effects. When I was in the middle of the cancer treatments, I at least felt that I had a handle on what I was fighting. I knew what the potential side effects of the chemo and radiation were going to be. This on the other hand, even things that are logically good can have adverse effects. I'm wary of some of the meds, because I've read studies and the potential for serious side effects is rather high. As such, I've opted to eliminate most carbs and sugars. I've dropped 11 pounds and I'm aiming to lose 10 more. We'll see. Is your diabetes pretty much under control now?
    flashyourdiabetes responded:
    stop eating fruits at night. you can have it before lunch.
    flashyourdiabetes responded:
    read this book: "The New Sugar Busters" from H.Leighton Stewards. don't jump any page.
    TomJ45 replied to flashyourdiabetes's response:
    Thanks, I'll look it up.
    flashyourdiabetes replied to TomJ45's response:
    Look at this seeds,
    TomJ45 replied to flashyourdiabetes's response:
    Thanks, I read the article. It sounds promising. I did a little more research and came up with info on something called Salba. . It seems to be related to the Chia, only regulated a little more closely.

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