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    OT & Dibeates question
    denial741974 posted:
    Hi group ot -when I log in it takes me to full webmd page. I have my type 2 Diabetes bookmark on firefox. when press faward arror. it been doing ever did up date. can fix this problem. Now talk Diabeates I've catch a cold and my throat hurts, I've been drinking tea and OJ mike lot water. I know OJ not good my sugar been good any way drink 2 much of it. and I've been take tinol and tm is day program again feel crap right what else can make better any sugestion I am try shut eye and rest
    no denial anymore in my health, it's a learning experience
    DavidHueben responded:
    Eat healthy, drink clear fluids, and get plenty of rest. About all you can do.
    We sleep soundly in our beds because rough men stand ready in the night to visit violence on those who would do us harm.

    - Winston S. Churchill

    NWSmom4g replied to DavidHueben's response:
    David gave you some good advice, Den. That's probably what your doctor would say.

    mhall6252 replied to NWSmom4g's response:
    If your sore throat lasts longer than a couple of days or if you have a fever, you should contact your doctor. You may need to have your throat cultured to determine if you have strep. It's highly contagious and you don't want to spread it to others.

    Plenty of fluids, soft foods, Tylenol and gargling with salt water may bring some relief. You should stay away from orange juice and milk. The OJ will raise your glucose and milk does nothing for a sore throat. I understand wanting OJ with a sore throat. If you really need to drink it, dilute it - water with just a little OJ for flavor and lots of ice.
    Diabetic since 5/2001
    Follow my journey at
    Smile and the world smiles with you.
    denial741974 replied to mhall6252's response:
    I feel better this evening, I don't think it was strep throat becaus I had before and I couldn't even talk, that's why don't things strep throat but anyway I feel much better cold starting to go away, how are you Michelle, you know I have a cousin Michelle reminds me haven't seen her for years. Yes I did have a fever earlier this afternoon, even I notice my blood sugar was not too bad a little hi 125 that's about it but I feel much better at one point I was thinking going to the doctors walking clinic but I was too weak to ride my bike to the clinic, so did not go.
    no denial anymore in my health, it's a learning experience
    denial741974 responded:
    web M.D. staff, please answer my question, when I login to type II diabetes bored logs to the full-page why it's bookmarked it, and I fixed that problem just wondering
    no denial anymore in my health, it's a learning experience
    denial741974 replied to DavidHueben's response:
    thank you David, I drink a lot of liquids soups tea, hot cereal and I feel better now, still have a slight cold but my throat feels much better thanks for the advice
    no denial anymore in my health, it's a learning experience
    denial741974 replied to NWSmom4g's response:
    that's the reason I did not go to the doctors a regular cold has to take its course I feel much better now
    no denial anymore in my health, it's a learning experience
    Haylen_WebMD_Staff replied to denial741974's response:
    Please send an email to about your problem logging in.


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