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    diabetic meds
    mytimeistoday posted:
    Is it possible to control diabetes SOLELY through medications (incl. insulin)?
    davedsel57 responded:

    Why would you want to try to control your diabetes with only medication? Why would you not also want a lifestyle change - healthy diet and activity?
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    Debsbears responded:
    Let's see here um... I was told if I want to beat diabetes and take control I needed to eat healthier and exercise and take the medications as the Dr ordered.

    My diabetes is still in remission no medications for almost 3 yrs. This could change as I get older but for now I eat to live not live to eat. There are people on here that need to have medications/insulin just to keep diabetes in check along with the proper diet and exercise.

    Why would you want to SOLELY take medicines/and insulin instead of doing the right thing and get healthy?

    I don't believe anyone can control diabetes solely by medications/insulin without any changes to the diet or adding exercise. Unless you are willing to consume large amounts of pills and insulin. I can't see why anyone would do that.

    Make a lifestyle change and go healthy and save your life.
    I shall wait upon the Lord and renew my strength.
    Come follow my life's journey at:

    betatoo replied to Debsbears's response:
    Yeah Deb!

    If one looks at the downside of trying to control diabetes with only medication, we look at-constant bg testing, balancing ups and downs of bg due to over/underdoses, constant carrying of supplies beyond test equipment, frequent pharmacy stops/mailings, side effects of improper control as in eye, heart and limb disease, possible amputations and so many other inconveniences. Considering all of this, why in ?>)(&^% would one not want to do everything, and I mean everything possible to control this disease? No brainer to me, so I eat no white, lots of veggies, lean protein, and don't test. A lot easier than the above alternative!
    pdank replied to davedsel57's response:
    Excellent response DaveD. One year ago I was on the max dose of both Lantus and meformin and still had an A1c over 7!!! With a simple lifestyle change, eating the right foods and my attitude toward diabetes, I now am off all meds completey! I even stopped my cholesterol and blood pressure meds from simply changing my diet. I know some say a lot of diabetes is caused by genetics but I used that as a crutch for 28 yrs as most of my family are diabetic or "pre-diabetic". Goggle the ph diet and read about it, it worked for me and I have "coached" 3 others who have diabetes and it is already making a difference in their lives too. Just keep in mind, that a lot of these sites are trying to sell you a product but I buy none of these so called miricle supplements. . They are not needed, simply eat according to their long list of good foods and stay away from their list of bad foods.
    pdank responded:
    . Let me answer your question, it is possible but why would you want to do this? Diabetes is the result mainly of your lifestyle. This lifestyle is also is causeing you or will cause you heart , joint, mental and many more physical problems later in your life if you don't confront the causes! The main reason for diabetes is the S.A.D. (Sad American Diet) which consists of mainly corporation prepared foods loaded with salt, preservitives and sweeteners (sugar, high fructose corn syrup, AND artifical chemical sweeteners). We as a nation consume more sweeteners than any other nation and the obesity rate shows this!
    1 year ago I was on Lantus and metformin (max dose of each) and I changes my lifestyle of eating and now am off ALL meds for diabetes, blood pressure and cholesterol! SIMPLY by changing my lifestyle of eating. Google the PH diet (we followers prefer to call it a lifestyle as diets don't work) and look at the readoning behind it! I am not cured YET, but my insulin resistance is curing itself little by little as I follow this diet. I have "coached" others into this lifestyle and it is working for them too. Just don't buy the products they advertise as eating properly you will not need them either.
    davedsel57 replied to pdank's response:
    Hello pdank.

    Your posts sound very much like an ad/spam to me, and I have reported them as such to the moderators. Your motives may in fact be sincere, but I for one am suspicious.

    I did search for 'ph diet' and came to a site with information. It appears the focus is on green vegetables. Not everyone can follow such a diet for reasons due to health issues other than diabetes. I fall into that category.

    If you are not here just to promote a ph diet, then your input is appreciated. As I said, not everyone can follow this diet and we each need to find our own lifestyle choices that help us manage all our health problems.
    Click on my user name or avatar picture to read my story.


    laura2gemini2 replied to pdank's response:
    Where are you finding information for a "max dose" of lantus? As far as I've seen there is no such thing as a max dose. Just like there is no max dose of any other insulins.

    I too believe you are spamming our boards.
    Former_Paratrooper responded:
    No exercise and portion control are also important.
    georgiaboy replied to AskVal's response:
    Why buy stuff? Someone sent me a link to a site that was all natural. The so called ingredients that they did show weren't tested and proven on humans, and that's only what they did show. Who knows what kinds of crap for ingredients that weren't shown? I personally don't trust any of that stuff. I'll stick with the medication from the doctor, follow the diet plan my dietitian gave me and exercise. Works for me. Losing weight, watch what I eat, and don't take stuff that's not been proven. Nor do I follow fad diets.
    Debsbears responded:
    To mytimeistoday, How is your diabetes control going?
    I shall wait upon the Lord and renew my strength.
    Come follow my life's journey at:

    mytimeistoday replied to Debsbears's response:

    not too well; my last A1c was 10.0, which is mainly due to being off my meds for about 1 insurance, no cash...(when i say no insurance, i'm speaking of no medicaid!)

    To all who replied, one thing that needs to be mentioned is that healthy foods are much more expensive than the unhealthy or less healthy foods. I don't use sugar nor added salt to my meals; i eat wheat bread, but not whole grain b/c of its costs. I, do however, love my it cake, ice cream or candy bars...
    i am also disabled and walking is difficult for me. On top of all these issues, I was just diagnosed w/ Parkinson's....which, for those who don't know, causes uncontrollable tremors, in my case, w/ my hands...try measuring things while your hands are bouncing all over the place!
    Recently though, my medicaid was reinstated...until next May, when Medicare kicks in, so I'm back on my meds--although it is at a reduced level (Medicaid won't cover my insulin pump supplies, so I'm back to taking shots.) Try measuring needle doses w/ constantly shaking hands! I try to 'shake in rhythm! lol! but, as i try to keep believing: you live the life you're dealt, w/ as much humor as you can.
    davedsel57 replied to mytimeistoday's response:
    I'm glad you replied with more details.

    I am also disabled. I try to be as active a possible for several reasons. My health and my family are the top two motivators for me.

    I understand about the cost of healthy foods. What will ultimately cost more is having complications due to the diabetes. You need meds, yes. You can find ways to eat healthier by just watching your portions. I'm sure you know all this, just wanted to emphasize how important the healthy lifestyle is in addition to taking your medications.

    Keep as active as possible. Keep doing your research. Keep a positive attitude.
    Click on my user name or avatar picture to read my story.


    auriga1 replied to mytimeistoday's response:
    I applaud you mytimeistoday. That's great that you have been able to get your medications. Hope it stays that way.

    It might be different with Medicare and the coverage they provide. I hope so for your sake.

    Each state (Medicaid) varies in what they will pay for supplies. I was just wondering regarding your insulin. Do you use the vial or the pens? The pens "might" be easier as you need only to turn the knob to the correct dosage. No measuring required. I switched from vials and needles to the pens. It cost the same through my insurance. As I said, I do not know regarding Medicaid payouts.

    Completely understand regarding food products. Much cheaper to buy mac and cheese, rice and potatoes and that gooey, soft white bread.

    Pinch yourself when it comes to that chocolate, though. You certainly would like to get that A1C down as much as you can. My first one was 13.2. Nearly fell out of the chair in the doc's office. Had no idea I had diabetes because I had no symptoms. Tall and thin and always active. My mom had it along with several members of her immediate family.

    Keep up that sense of humor. When you smile, they always smile back at you (usually - LOL.)

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