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    Can a bananna before bed spike my sugar count?
    jasononsweets posted:
    I had one small bananna before taking my Lantus and going to bed and had a reading of 178 this morning. I try to eat something before bed but is this bad for you. I would think the Lantus and 8 hours later the count would be lower. I know that banannas have some natural sugar but thought it should be out of my system by day break along with the 30 units of Lantus... any thoughts?
    Debsbears responded:
    I do not eat banana's either because I am allergic to them but I do know they are a high carb fruit.

    If you have to eat before going to bed (in my opinion) one would eat small carbs not usually fruit and equal amounts of protein.

    I have to eat before bed because I get Dawn Phen. my sugars soar in the AM if I don't eat so I have 3 to 5 whole wheat crackers with 1 oz of Swiss cheese and my morning numbers are in the 80-90 range. I hope this helps. Deb
    I shall wait upon the Lord and renew my strength.
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    davedsel57 responded:

    A small banana has 23 grams of carbohydrates, 1.1 grams of protein and 90 calories. A snack should not exceed 15 grams of carbohydrates according to many sources.

    Many diabetics can not eat fruit without seeing their blood glucose readings rise, especially bananas. You should never have any type of carbohydrate without a lean protein. Try some whole wheat crackers with peanut butter or string cheese with a slice of lean ham as a bed time snack.
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    jasononsweets replied to davedsel57's response:
    So even 8 hours of sleep and a Lantus injection would not compensate for the bananna?
    jasononsweets replied to jasononsweets's response:
    Actually the night before I had a bowl of Life cereal and awoke to a 158 count but when I eat Tuna it comes to 128 or less. Hard to figure why Tuna has that affect...
    davedsel57 replied to jasononsweets's response:
    You need to see a Certified Diabetic Educator, Dietician or Nutritionist to help you know what foods to eat. Cold cereal is also taboo for may diabetics. Yes, even after insulin and 8 hours your readings could still be high. Tuna is high in lean protein and should not raise blood glucose levels. To be honest, you are playing with fire here and that is why you are getting burned.

    A wise move for you would be to discuss this with your doctor and see if you can get a referral to one of the health professionals I listed.
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    Debsbears replied to jasononsweets's response:
    Jason the reason your numbers are lower in the AM with Tuna is because it's a protein not any carbs with it.
    I shall wait upon the Lord and renew my strength.
    Come follow my life's journey at:

    auriga1 responded:
    Yes, your sugar is going to spike eating a banana or any carb. Lantus does not bring down your BS if you eat something with carbs in it. It is a 24-hour insulin designed to keep you blood sugar stable within that time period. Eating any kind of carbs is going to raise your blood sugar.

    Just curious: why do you eat something before going to bed? Are you hungry? If that's the case, eat a protein mixed with that carb.

    A ripe banana has a lot of natural sugar. They are known to spike blood sugar as soon as you eat them. A less ripe banana has less sugar in it. Take a look at the glycemic index. Foods near the top of the list are higher in carbs than those lower down. Stick to carbs with a lower glycemic number. Complex carbs.

    Lantus will not lower your BS once you eat carbs. Rapid-acting insulins are designed for lowering BS once you ingest carbs; Humalog and Novolog are just two of them.
    jasononsweets replied to auriga1's response:
    I am always hungry before bed. Last night I ate 2 ham sandwiches and woke up to 170.... guess I'll go on a tuna diet and see what happens.
    Debsbears replied to jasononsweets's response:
    jason the sandwiches or should I say the bread not the ham that caused you to go high this time.

    What kind of bread did you have? How much carbs in a slice, how many slices did you have?
    I shall wait upon the Lord and renew my strength.
    Come follow my life's journey at:

    auriga1 replied to jasononsweets's response:
    Jason, have you talked with a dietician and/or certified diabetes educator? I don't what your doctor has told you regarding carb intake, if anything.

    170 is too high in the morning and I think you know that. You should be watching your ingestion of carbs throughout the day.

    Did you check to see how many carbs were in those four slices of bread? Usually, a sandwich is two slices of bread with whatever in between. I don't know if you had two halves. Most bread is carb-loaded with very little fiber. There are breads out there with more fiber added which may slow down the absorption of glucose into your bloodstream.

    I was an uncontrolled diabetic at diagnosis. Very bad A1C. My endo sent me to a dietician and diabetes educator. They both surveyed my records, looking at my BS readings and my A1C. I was given intensive insulin therapy management sheets to help keep my diabetes in line. Had to record everything I put into my mouth, the amount of carbs in those foods, my BS before I ate and my BS two hours after I ate.

    The dietician also recommended 35-45 carbs per meal. The bread we have in the house for the family has 19 grams per slice. 38 grams of carbs just for two slices of bread if I want to eat a sandwich. I have pretty much given up on any kind of bread. If I decided to put anything else on that sandwich containing carbs, there was a good possibility that I would have gone over my allotment of carbs.

    What these sheets indicated is that any ingestion of carbs raised my blood sugar. I had to cut way down so my blood sugar wouldn't go up on me.

    You need to watch your carb intake. Eat more lean protein and veggies. If you change you diet a bit, you may see a reduction on your numbers.

    This is a lifestyle change. It helps diabetics control their blood sugars.

    Deb is right in that the bread raised your blood sugar numbers. Maybe if you made a garden salad and put the ham in there, you might have had a normal blood sugar reading.

    You really should take your blood sugar two hours after a meal and see what raises your blood sugar. You would have to eliminate that food or cut way down on your intake if you don't want your blood sugar to go up.

    When you ate that tuna, a protein, your numbers didn't go so high.

    If your doctor hasn't indicated a limit of carbs at your meals, ask him or her.

    Sorry about your "hungry before bed." I have the opposite problem. I'm rarely hungry. It actually poses a problem because I will go low during the day while working because I haven't had enough carbs to eat.
    DavidHueben replied to jasononsweets's response:
    Are you serious? Two ham sandwiches before bed.

    You need to get help and soon. Going on a "tuna diet" isn't going to do squat.
    We sleep soundly in our beds because rough men stand ready in the night to visit violence on those who would do us harm.

    - Winston S. Churchill

    betatoo replied to DavidHueben's response:
    Gees, do we ever get tired of T2's that come here after a binge desiring absolution for their sins!
    davedsel57 replied to betatoo's response:
    Amen to that. No one is perfect, but we must learn to do the best we can. It seems that when most Type 2 Diabetics post here that they are having trouble controlling their numbers it comes down to diet and lifestyle.

    When we stumble and fall, we need to just pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off and start all over again.
    Click on my user name or avatar picture to read my story.



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