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    New numbers.
    rocketbob posted:
    Today was my best set of numbers since being diagnosed over a year ago. Except for a high bg of 142 this morning my bg remained below a hundred for the following five test between ten this morning and ten tonight. This should be all good but for the fact that I have felt sore all day and my left big toe hurts on the bottom even though there would seem to be nothing there to cause it. Twice I have had a candy bar today because it felt like I had a low comming on because of the glipizide I am taking. However my numbers never dropped below 86 sso who knows is they might of fallen more had I not had the candy. Also, I didn't notice any real change after the snacks. Overall it has been a poor day which I hope to not repeat tomorrow. I wonder if instead of grabbing a snack I should have just waited another hour and then tested again to see if my bg was really headed south. I just know I u was getting unusually anxious which in the past has led to chills. Any suggestions would be welcome.
    davedsel57 responded:
    Hello, Rocketrob.

    Can I ask why you are testing five times per day? I looked through your past posts and did not see where you are on insulin, just glipizide. Usually only insulin users test that often. Also, make sure you are testing no less than 2 hours after eating anything, even a snack. That may help your anxiety as well as testing less frequently if possible.

    Anyway, congratulations on the great test results!
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    An_245101 responded:
    One suggestion would to test only when you have those symptoms before eating the candy bar. It is best to test first then treat.
    auriga1 responded:
    As Anon said, you should test to see if you are low before actually consuming anything. Your best bet IF you are low is to take a glucose tab or 4 oz. orange juice or some sort of juice. The candy bar will bring your BS up, but quite a bit if you eat the whole thing. And it most likely has fat in it. The OJ works faster, too. The 4 oz. would have about 13 grams of carbs which is all you need to bring it up above 70. There is no fat in OJ.

    Anything below 70 is considered low. I don't even take anything unless I fall to 60.

    Again, don't consume anything until you have tested. You really don't know what your number is regardless of how you feel. I thought I felt going low, and I tested. I was 90. It was just hot and sweaty in the kitchen were I worked.
    rocketbob replied to davedsel57's response:
    Hello Davedsel57.

    I usually test three times a day since starting on glipizide, but I test more often when I am not feeling well. My primary wants me to keep track so as to adjust the dosage. Things have been a little out of kilter since a fall from a ladder at work a while ago.Anyway, my bg was 86 when I retired and 191 when i got up which is much higher than its been since i started the glipizide a month ago.I have read all the reasons for this but little of solutions to high morning numbers. That is to say any that have worked on me thus far. thanks for your responce.
    rocketbob replied to auriga1's response:
    Thanks for the responce. I should point out I had candy bars cause thats what was avaiable at the time.There are better choices and I agree I should test before treating.
    betatoo responded:
    Remember that your body adjusts to expected glucose levels. If you feel sluggish or so, you may be having a low for your body, but not for a normal person, Try to deal with it without feeding it, more of a balance snack would help, maybe a handful of nuts and half apple.

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