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    Newby - High BP and High Sugar
    Paul_1111 posted:
    Hi and thanks in advance for any replies!

    I was just diagnosed with diabetes last week. Saw my Dr the week because my vision had suddenly changed and was very thirsty. During that visit my BP was very high 170 / 110 so she subscribed lisinopril hctz which I've been taking for 10 days. On my follow-up visit my BP had decreased to 120 / 90.

    During that visit (about 4 days ago) I found out I have type 2 diabetes and was put on metformin and victoza (0.6). My sugar was 366 and tested 151 last night and 200 this morning.

    Today I was sort of light headed and checked my BP and it was 90 / 51.

    Just looking to see if others have experienced this and what they did. Could be I'm just freaking out about my new condition, but everything is so new and I'm not sure what is normal and what isn't.

    Thanks, Paul
    abbysmomma responded:
    I read your post right after I posted. I know how scary this is, even though I saw my dad go through it for 40 years, it still is kind of hitting me kinda hard. I am on the pills too.I havent been able to check my sugar yet, there were no directions for the finger poker! I am going to the pharmacy today to see if they can show me how to load it.
    I do know that when my dad was diagnosed, his sugar was 400 and they put him in the hospital. They said he was in the comatose range. The lower the number the better. My blurry vision comes and goes. Very strange. I've worn reading glasses for about 16 yrs. But it seems that the strongest arent strong enough anymore. I have to go to the optometrist, Doc wants to make sure there are no changes in my retnas. I'm kind of afraid that there are changes. I know my dad had vision surgery, and it saved him from losing his eyesight. I think you and I are both going to go through some real changes in alot of areas. Please feel free to email me back at [email protected] . Abby is my dog, and she has the cutest, dainty paws I have ever seen.
    Paul_1111 replied to abbysmomma's response:
    I saw yours too... Yep a little scary for sure. The timing on mine doesn't help either. My wife and I made plans to come to Arizona and I've been here a couple of days by myself. She arrives 12/26 so I'm battling this by myself for a few days.

    I had questions about the poker too and went online and found lots of resources, even a YouTube showing how to use it. Google the name of your tester and see if you can find something similar.
    davedsel57 responded:
    Hello and welcome.

    I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes in September 2001. I am currently on Metformin and Glyburide, plus also take Lisinopril for high blood pressure and kidney protection.

    You can call your doctor and explain the low bp. I'm sure he will recommend reducing your Lisinopril dosage. The pill can be cut with a pill splitter. Make sure you contact your doctor and discuss this before doing anything.

    Read through this community. I'm sure you will learn a few things.

    I hope you can get all this in control soon with help from your doctor.
    Click on my user name or avatar picture to read my story.



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