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    How many people are aware of support Diabetes World Day?
    Healthyannie posted:
    Diabetes type 2 is rapidly on the increase and I would be interested to find out how many people support Diabetes World Day?

    Take the Poll

    Diabetes World Day November 14 - do you plan to raise awareness of it?
    • Yes I plan to support Diabetes World Day.
    • No I am not going to support Diabetes World Day.
    • I am not concerned about Diabetes.
    View Poll Results
    betatoo responded:
    Gee, sounds like a great cause, one I will support. I only have one problem with what I have seen of the site link.

    problem is that almost all the fat which we consume turns into sugar, as most of us here know, this is an invalid statement. Fats are digested differently than starches. starches go to sugar.
    brunosbud replied to betatoo's response:
    Diabetes is not a disease of "sugar". It's a disease of glucose. Fats are not catabolized into glucose. Interestingly, starch and sugar are catobolized into glucose and then anabolized into "glycogen" (a special form of fat) which can be re-converted back to glucose and used for energy during periods of fasting. This elegant system protects us from going hypoglycemic and falling into a coma when we go prolong periods without eating.

    Another misconception that needs to be hammered home is that many diabetics know enough to steer clear of added- sugar foods but consume way too many sodium-added white starches like white rice, white potatoes and white pasta. As a nation we have gradually become white starch addicts.

    As for Diabetes World Day, anything that increases public awareness to the growing catastrophe that Diabetes presents is a good thing. Maybe someday, everyday will be Diabetes World Day.
    betatoo replied to brunosbud's response:
    Don't blame me for the message. I was only pointing out that the information on the web site for the diabetes information was invalid. Any time you put information out there in support of a cause or event, make certain the information is valid and relevant. I did not believe that the web site did either even though their cause is important.
    davedsel57 responded:
    This post looks like ad/spam and I have reported it as such.
    Click on my user name or avatar picture to read my story.


    brunosbud replied to betatoo's response:
    I wasn't "blaming" anyone; I understood you were correcting a misleading statement made by the website about fats. Just forgot to add the word, "Agreed". Sorry.
    dteresa replied to brunosbud's response:
    Brunosbud, white rice and white pasta are refined versions (in the case of white rice) and refined and highly processed (in the case of white pasta) versions of wholesome,whole natural foods. But despite their color, white potatoes are simply a whole vegetable that happens to be white. I eat them all the time, Potatoes sustained whole civilizations.

    betatoo replied to dteresa's response:
    Yes, the white potato is a whole food, but it is a hybrid. In the long run the meat of the potato is almost straight starch becoming glucose in the system. There are some potatoes that are nearer to mid point in glycemic index, but white is not one of those. Most people here will find that a potato of medium size will raise their numbers. Now if you are to eat the skin and forget the meat-different story.
    brunosbud replied to dteresa's response:
    I eat white (rose) potatoes, too. They are an excellent source of good nutrition. But, I don't eat them fried, I keep portion size low and I take walks after almost every meal. Since 2007, I've logged more than 10,000 miles. But, most importantly, despite all my diligence and precaution, I know it's coming...I'm working my "a__" off but I never stop looking over my shoulder. For those who prefer to deny, T2D is relentless in its pursuit.
    dteresa replied to brunosbud's response:
    Sorry. Deny what?


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