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    Need some advice
    vjsmart posted:
    Hello, I am in search of some opinions. For the past month, I have not felt very well. Thought I was coming down this terrible flu that has been going around, but haven't yet. Just feel tired and yucky and cant get enough to drink. Well late friday night I decided to use my husbands glucometer and check my blood sugar to my surprise it was 345. I thought well that cant be and didnt think anymore about it till today, took it again and this time it was 284. All the doctors' offices are closed till monday. I know this going untreated can cause serious damage to my body. So thats why I am here. Any opinions or suggestions is really appreciated. Thanks.
    nutrijoy responded:
    It's way past my bedtime but I'll give you a few quick thoughts:
    If you aren't already aware of it,diabetes can be considered to be a disease of carbohydrate-intolerance. In the absence of medical help over the weekend, avoid eating processed foods and starches including breads, pasta and potatoes. Avoid drinking any liquid that contains calories and stick with plain water (drink lots of it); you can also drink tea and black coffee but avoid adding sweetening agents or dairy. Going on a fast for 24 hours could be beneficial as well unless you are already under-nourished or under-weight. If fasting doesn't appeal to you, make your primary food choices paleo-like and stick with meats and vegetables but abstain from fruit until after your doctor's visit and consultation. For snacks, try celery sticks, toasted nori (seaweed) with tuna, and other low or no-carb options but definitely abstain from processed food snacks. Others will be able to give more directed advice in the AM but this might at least provide a start. Your elevated BG levels are high but should come down with a fast or avoiding carbohydrates, processed foods in general, and caloried beverages. Don't forget to drink lots of water.
    Digm70 replied to nutrijoy's response:
    5:30 in the a.m. here fasting sugars 58 alittle wobble in the legs but can walk and type I'll scale back a little bit on the insulin (with docs permission)ate a snack and some oj(not Simpson)followed by some egglands best and oatmeal 1/2 cup serving.hopefully I can get to the point were I AM IN CONTROL,NOT MY DIABETES.Thanks everyone,talking to the Drs' today follow up after the paramedics from last week and another eye appointment,seeing(nice leadin pun)if cataract laser surgery might be an option (stage 4 cataracts) and also to see(love those puns)if anymore info on the retinopathy can be determined.Oh dont want to leave out important body parts(stew on that for a minute)...........legs got ulcers haven't split open ...yet,feet are awesome(except the neuropathy)no open sores,keep 'em clean cant feel anything so I make sure I visually(boy I'm on a roll(better call me butter)with these puns should've been in comedy)check'em.The "hammer" to the knee doesn't work (no kick response)and the "spiney tickle/poke your feet thing"doesnt work either.BSL is now at 122 I'll check again in an hour or two.Hopefully I can keep my left eye from having any problems(unlike the right)there was no issues with it except early stages of glaucoma(I know thats bad,but no retinopathy and no cataracts)been taking luetin and also cinnamon(I heard good things about those two,so what the hell).Now if the insurance will cover laser surgery that would be cool(not holding my breath)Thanks Dig'm70(pronouced Dig'em like the sugar smacks frog,its an acronym for the first letters of my first,middle and last name(the "i" is the vowel(thanks Vanna/Pat)things that stick with you from the second grade(well at least I got rid of the afro)
    brunosbud replied to Digm70's response:
    Thanks, Digm, for your sense of humor. I just finished my workout but I think I'll go back out and do another hour. You've scared the holy crp out of me...
    Digm70 replied to brunosbud's response:
    Well I think thats good if that scared you this is a gorefest.Went in to eye Dr like I said earlier and I had never heard a Dr use the "F" word before,but this slipped out before he thought.We did the eye dilated thing he shined the light in the right eye(mind you this is the first time he's ever looked in there)he was like WTF and he pulled back then went back for another look-see he's like we have some serious issues here,laser surgery will not work we are gonna have to replace it with a plastic insert and since you have seizures you are gonna have to be AWAKE while we do this,extremely doped up but awake.I almost tossed my cookies right there(I'm not much on things like that,very weak stomach).Left has cataracts now stage 2 on the 1-5 scale 5 being the worst.Glaucoma has come done to a 13 in left and 12 in right(thank you medical marijauna,luetin)gave me a prescript for zithromax to clear up an infection,also with some eye drops.With the help from some advice from everyone I didnt crack(unlike the right eye I have extremely cracked,like a broken windshield) 200 all day highest number was 163.Can anyone explain this,I checked my numbers 20 mins ago(10:30 pm),and I'm at 44 but I feel totally fine?Besides a touch of 80's "valley girl" speak I mean totally to the max,gag me with a spoon if your under 30-35 years of age you might not know what I'm talking about(yes I'm eating,I'm eating and drinking tons of water working on 5th 52oz ampm cup of brita filtered water for the day)78 and stablizing I'll check in an hour and see were i'm at.Thats what I mean some times I'm at 60 and I'm jellylegged like this morning,other times 38 and I feel fine doesn't compute.I dont want everyone to think I dont take this seriously cause I do I'm sick of being depressed so I bring a little comedy to the mix.My reg Dr didnt realize I didnt know how to determine my insulin useage he thought/assume I knew and didnt want to work at it.I was like wtf I told'em countless times I've had no insurance to afford reg Drs' visits or specialist plus my numbers are totally outta wack what would you think plus everytime I ask what to take I get the standard "well everyone is different,there're different variables blah,blah,blah"I'm like I understand that but at least give me something to work with.(To quote Dr Evil"will someone throw me a fricken bone here")So now we have a endo/nutr type person I get to consult with.I think the reason he thought I didnt care was my roommate/caretaker works at the clinic I go to and he's probably hearing her b@#ch about me and figured I dont care,she's been upset about my low BSL episodes.To change the subject does anyone know what a ketone is?Have a good night.Digm70
    NWSmom4g replied to Digm70's response:
    Digm70, I wasn't "out" for any one of my three cataract surgeries (had to have the first lens removed, had reacted to the material it was made of, and my eye encapsulated it). I might have snuck in a 5 mg Valium for the first one, but found that the local drops did a fantastic job. Don't worry, it's a piece of diabetic-friendly cake!

    brunosbud replied to Digm70's response: Dr. Evil would say, "You're my special boy!"
    rohvannyn replied to Digm70's response:
    Hey Digm70, quick question for you. What did you mean by this?

    "With the help from some advice from everyone I didnt crack(unlike the right eye I have extremely cracked,like a broken windshield) "

    I ask because one of my eyes has this wavy branching structure inside it that casts crack like shadows across my vision. I'm trying to figure out what it is while I save up for an eye appointment.
    rohvannyn replied to brunosbud's response:
    Here's an answer to the ketone question:
    Digm70 replied to rohvannyn's response:
    I didnt crack(go over)200 bsl for the day
    An_245101 replied to Digm70's response:
    Excuse me but how did VJSmart 's need for help all of a sudden become all about digm70.

    This is called hijacking of someone's post.
    cookiedog replied to An_245101's response:
    The lack of a moderator is going to be a real problem.

    Some of the most reliable posters have already fled.
    mrscora01 replied to cookiedog's response:
    I don't think a mod would have helped here. People hijack all the time. It is up to us to keep these threads on topic. Digm - if you want to talk about something other than the original post,, please start a new thread.

    T1 1966, Dialysis 2001, kidney transplant and pump 2002, pancreas transplant 2008
    brunosbud replied to cookiedog's response:
    Then, thank god for those less "reliable"...
    Digm70 replied to brunosbud's response:
    Thank you brunosbud I have decided to take the "low road"because of my deteriotating medical status my roomies"voted me off the island" I'm going to "Nickelsville" a homeless area in Seattle as of Friday the 31st.I will take 150 units of insulin r with 100 units of lantus.I am content and of depressed and sound mind 42 years is good for me I'm not going to be President,come up with a cure for cancer,or walk on the moon.At least from one aspect(my family) IT WILL END WITH ME.Thank you Derrek aka"digm70"Miller

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