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    Pre Diabetes
    Cheff posted:
    I was diagnosed with Pre Diabetes. I need to get on track.
    I love fruit but need to know what fruit can cause me issues with the sugar intake. I hear that apples are good, what about oranges, pears, pineapple and grapes.
    I stopped eating all kinds of leavened breads. I will eat a 1/3 of a tortilla to eat with my egg whites in the morning. I also have hot peppers with my whites. I drink coffee with skim milk as well as 1/2 packet of artificial sweetener.
    What effect will honey give me?
    betatoo responded:
    Lifestyle change is a big issue here. Many of us dealing with T2 have gone to a lifestyle that removes all white starches, and severely limits orange and brown starches. This along with some fruits, lean protein and major amounts of vegetables in the colorful ranges helps to fill out our menu. Snacks usually include nuts.

    On the other hand there are those out there that say fats are at fault along with animal proteins. They follow a vegetarian diet, that is heavy on beans, vegetables and starches.

    If this seems confusing, it is. In the end, it is based on two things. What changes are you willing to make, and what works for you.

    Personnaly I follow a low starch diet that includes very little grains, now white starches, and very little root vegetables as they are high in carbohydrates. Most of this based on glycemic index and load strategies. I eat lean protein including fish and chicken and occasionally a steak(once a month maybe). I snack on fruit(mostly berries, apples, pears, oranges) but limit it to once a day. I also snack on nuts for crunchy. My numbers due to this lifestyle have dropped to where I am able to do without medication. I exercise regularly, and have lost 20 lbs from my earlier base weight of 170 for a 63 year old male.

    What you do is up to you, but once a diabetic always a diabetic, and you really don't want to ignore the prediabetic diagnosis. Make lifestyle changes now, and stick to them.

    What yo
    Cheff replied to betatoo's response:
    Thanks for the reply,
    I just started taking Cinnamon Oil caps as well as Fenugreek as well as Grape seed Oil.
    I have discontinued all Sugars and will use Stivia in 1/2 teaspoons measures for tea.
    I cannot find cereal with zero sugar or zero carbs.
    I ordered from the "Fig Man" in New Mexico dried fig leaves to make an elixir. Drinking this can also help reduce the insulin as the cinnamon does.
    A Raw vegetable diet will also work. I start that Monday. 3 meals a day with snacks. My calorie intake is 300 calories a meal including snacks totaling 1,800 a day.
    I started 300 calories a day just this past monday and find a hugh difference in my overall body.
    I need to drop 40 pounds. It may take me a year but I am determined to do this.
    Exercise is so important with a diet. If I work my large muscle groups the fat will burn and transform into muscle.
    The trick is to burn fat that has the sugar in it before transforms.
    I will let all know how I do. Thanks for the response. Stay well.
    Tuffy60 replied to Cheff's response:
    Try taking a concentrated water extracted cinnamon product called CinSulin. There are different formulas, but all of them contain the key ingredient - concentrated water extracted cinnamon (CinSulin). Because the cinnamon is water extracted, it is safer. Because it is concentrated, you don't have to take as many. You can buy the Healthy Weight CinSulin at most GNC stores. All formulas are on The water extracted cinnamon in these products was shown in 5 human clinical studies to lower fasting blood glucose by as much as 10% and improve insulin sensitivity.

    Good luck!
    Mary_57 replied to Cheff's response:

    Concerning diabetics, my sister & I tend to our parents health care. Keeping them at home is a challenge, as they both have different health issues. They like to feed each other, which turns out to be bad for the opposing spouse. Lol! My father is the Diabetic. Therefore, my recommendation for a good, healthy cereal is "UNCLE SAMs CEREAL". This is a low glycemic cereal and only has 0.9 g sugar, 8.8 g Protein and Amino Acids, with lots of vitamins & minerals. When you subtract the fiber count from the carb count, it gives you 25g of ca, which promote brain health and energy. See the website above for this cereal listing . Hope this helps. Good luck.
    auriga1 responded:
    Fruits do contain a lot of natural sugars. Look at the glycemic index to see where the fruits you mentioned stand. Berries would be the best. Apples on the index are 25. Oranges 44. Grapes 46. The softer the fruit, the higher it is on the glycemic index.

    Honey is fructose, glucose and water as wll as some other sugars. Not good for diabetics.

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