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    Boy do I need help and advise!
    colesmom63 posted:
    Hi Everyone as most of you know I am type 2 on Metformin 500mg twice a day and Victoza in the am. Well my numbers have been all over the board. Usually in the morning my numbers are good but then 2 hours after I eat BAM they are high and that usually happens in the evening. Sometimes during the afternoon they'll go high even when I haven't eaten. Yes I am overweight and am disabled (besides diabetes) so excerise is very hard for me. I know it's my eating habits it's the carbs. I canot seem to limit them. I tried, but even after I limit them I am starving, my stomach is literally growling. I cannot afford to go to a nutrionist. Any help, words of encouragement, advise is greatly appreciated. I guess I really need to know that I am not alone in this fight. Thanks, Sheri
    An_251051 responded:
    Adding fiber and protein to the carbs will help and also keep you from "starving". Eat smaller meals more often.
    nutrijoy responded:
    I have read a few of your posts and it appears that you need a lot more than just receiving assurance from forum members that you are not alone in your situation. Virtually all diabetics share many of the same problems dealing with elevated blood glucose levels and we also know, academically at least, what lifestyle modifications are required to bring things back into balance. Diet and exercise are the two main factors and of the two, diet is the more important. Adopting a healthy eating plan is essential and sadly, frequently is NOT adopted aggressively enough to prevent ongoing, progressive decline leading to the eventual development of serious complications.

    If you already know that carbs are a problem, you know that they must be significantly reduced in whatever eating plan you have adopted. Just paying lip service to the problem doesn't produce any benefit whatsoever. There is currently a free ebook offered on the Amazon Kindle website entitled The Amazing Girlfriends' Diet: 101 Foods from A to Z Most Likely to Cause Cravings . It is not a diabetes book per se but is targeted at general weight loss. Here's a brief description:

    This is the book that my girlfriends asked me to write. They'd seen me lose 60 pounds this year - and I'm in menopause. I first used this diet in my late 20's and lost 46 pounds in two months under the care of my M.D. This book is based on that and lists over 101 foods, trace ingredients and chemicals from A to Z that I didn't eat, avoided or reduced. This allowed me to lose weight easily and without starving. By avoiding these foods and taking the supplements listed at the back of the book, I was able keep my cravings in check. ... The best part was that I:
    o Didn't have to count calories or points.
    o Didn't have to weigh my food or buy 'special' meals.
    o Only had to remember four key types of foods to not eat.
    o Didn't take prescription drugs or hormones.
    o Didn't need a coach or diet mentor.
    I could eat as much of the foods not listed here as I wanted and STILL lose weight. I could even go back for seconds.

    As stated, it is not targeted specifically for diabetes but at weight loss in general. The primary focus of the book is the elimination of grains from the diet and all recipes make use of non-grain flours such as almond flour, coconut flour, rice flour, buckwheat flour, and others. Some of her sample recipes may still be too high in total carbs for most diabetics but the book does provide ideas on how to structure an eating plan that is more suitable to your own individual situation. This book is free today and you do not have to own an Amazon Kindle or tablet to be eligible to obtain the book (just download one of Amazon's free Kindle apps available for Android, Windows or Mac). It's never too late to start the adoption of a truly aggressive healthy eating plan but every day of delay also means one more day of continued glycation damage to precious cellular proteins. Each day's delay is also another day in the progress of the disease. IMHO, normalizing blood glucose levels is the only way to arrest the progress of the disease and prevent development of complications.
    colesmom63 replied to nutrijoy's response:
    Thank You Joy I guess I needed to hear it. I did buy the buy for Kindle PC.

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