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    fat not carbs the problem
    flutetooter responded:
    Dolores/anon615 - I have read all of your posts and recommendations. You said you have been on NO meds OR insulin for the past 22 years. Are you, in fact, a diagnosed diabetic at all? What is your fasting glucose and A1c if you are a diabetic. Also it would help to know your weight and exercise program.

    I have lately been reading a lot of Joel Fuhrman's books which favor a vegan diet. His latest called "The End of Diabetes" is mostly a repeat of his "Eat to Live" books which favor leafy greens and other non-starchy veggies and fruits to the exclusion of meats, most grains, dairy, and most fats and oils except for nuts.. He hardly mentions "diabetes" at all, except to remind readers to stay within their prescribed glucose allotment.

    Yes, I agree with having a lot of nutritious veggies, but the volume of those required to get enough plant protein overwhelms me and I still need the lean meat. My numbers (which are still in the pre-daibetic range) are coming down with more veggies but I am already at my recommended weight and can't cut calories too much.
    If at first you don't succeed, try, try again!
    anon615 replied to flutetooter's response:
    When diagnosed, my blood sugar was around 345. This was not fasting and a re test fasting was 245. Was put on a sulfonylurea but after a few weeks, without the doctor's permission stopped the drug. Used diet and exercise and a Pritikin type diet. I was (and am) most definitely diabetic. Went to the doctor originally because I was so fatigued I could hardly get off the couch, drank constantly, urinated constantly, had blurry vision. It was an easy diagnosis. First Aic was 9. Last year I was tested at 5.4. Have not always been compliant to good diet. Had a heart attack last year. Doctors did not believe I was diabetic. Went through cardiac rehab and lost more weight. Had hip replacement after falling in kitchen so exercise, except for hip exercise is curtailed.

    Blood sugar this morning, 78. Blood sugar yesterday (I took it twice) was 83 and 75. Yesterday I had oatmeal, banana and strawberries for breakfast. Only a banana for lunch as I was not at home. At four or so in the after noon had a huge lettuce and raw vegetable salad with beans and potatoes added. (No oil in the dressing) For dinner had lots of brown rice and butter beans with green beans and canned diced tomatoes.

    If something is working for you I wouldn't change it. My comments are only for those who find their meds increasing and who have erratic or rising blood sugar numbers. And maybe high lipids. I do not worry much about post prandials. My own can be high or low depending on what I eat, how much, exercise, if I have a cold or am stressed.

    More than twenty years ago the doctor told me I will never be cured of diabetes (which I believe) and that complications are inevitable. Since my MI I have been 100% plant based--no meat, dairy, oils, eggs etc. I am not real optimistic about heart problems because I allowed them to put a stent which unknown to me at the time was drug eluting. I am not confident about total recovery because I believe that the stents and plavix are bad news. We shall see. However, I have no neuropathy, retinopathy or kidney problems. No cataracts or macular degeneration. My ejection fraction is in the sixties--normal. Who knows what the future will bring? I have diabetic acquaintances who have undergone dialysis and amputations and friends who have had second by passes and 4 or 5 additional stents placed. Absolutely they refuse to give up meat, fat, dairy, eggs and believe in "moderation". If something isn't working why would you continue with it?

    One gets all the protein one needs as long as calories are sufficient. I do take B12. And as a sun avoider my D levels are ridiculously low. So I guess I should take D also.


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