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    crying I don't want to have diabetes anymore
    mustang37b posted:
    hello group, please give me support. I don't want to be a diabetic anymore. I want to eat anything I want to. I chef for ID lots of cans. I eat that all the time. People tell me I have to change my habits. But the problem is I don't listen to anyone my mom my doctors. Even if my doctors told me I'm gaining weight and your sugar 6.8. I still do the things that I want. I'm given up I don't want to die but he and I don't want have diabetes . When I was 18 I eat so much and never gained weight but that, was more active. Yes I managed to exercise but I don't gain or lose I just stay at a plateau is that good or bad. Like you all set to make in the past and David. We can do for you your mom if there is ever going to give me suggestions but the main thing I have to do it. Or I will die. My eyes are starting to hurt and see blurry my left leg is getting worse and I still don't change my diet. I have given up after my car accident. I don't care anymore.Den mustang
    An_245101 responded:
    We have supported you. We have made suggestions. We have told you once a diabetic always a diabetic. We have told you what changes to make. We can't do these things for you. You have to do them.

    You don't want diabetes any more than STOP EATING THE JUNK FOOD so that you can lower your numbers.

    There isn't anything I can say that will help you change. We have told you many times over but you do not want to listen. What kind to support can we give you - you said yourself you quit and that you don't want to change so I don't understand what kind of help you want.
    mustang37b replied to An_245101's response:
    I was in a bad mood when I wrote that post. I'm not giving up all try to eat less junk food okay group. So you take care.
    Debsbears replied to mustang37b's response:
    Den it sounds like you are crying WOLF again. Either you want help or you don't - which is it?

    From your A1c of 6.8 you are not eating right and not taking your Metformin. You need to be on it if you are going to eat the way you do. Having you car accident was about 2 yrs ago that does not have anything to do with your sugars so please stop talking about it.

    Eating the wrong foods, not taking your meds and not exercising can and will cause your sugars to go up not your car. Please go back to see your doctor and get the help you need. We can't change you - you can. Deb
    I shall wait upon the Lord and renew my strength.

    brunosbud responded:
    I want to eat anything I want to, too...You know what? I have diabetes and I do (eat anything I want to)! But, I'm 5.4 because I walk, walk, walk, all day long, and eat mostly fruits and vegetables (w/ some "kettle" chips), all day, and I have salmon for dinner three times a week. To be honest, once I quit pizza, cheeseburgers and Mexican food, I kinda lost my appetite and, now, I really don't think much about food, anymore. It just doesn't excite me like it use to.

    Oh well, hope you're in a good mood, now. Good luck.
    betatoo replied to brunosbud's response:
    Yes, T2 diabetics are "closet epicures". Yeah I would love to have a slice of pizza, or garlic cheesy bread, Tacos and burritos and enchiladas, but you know now that I have gotten the way I am-tons of veggies, lean protein, seeds and nuts, a little fruit-I'm fine. And Den, or Mustang, or whatever you call it, I'm getting tired of the same old broken record-suck it up, one way or the other, but stop whining here about it, make the decision for life, live a healthy diet, and learn to LOVE it.

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