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    Lantus Side Effects
    bunny30 posted:
    Would like to correspond with others who take Lantus. I've been on it for 4 months now and would like to hear about side effects, if any, people are experiencing.
    krhudson responded:
    Hi Bunny 30,

    If you go on to the Lantus website the side effects will be
    listed. I have been on it for a very long time and the biggest
    side effect listed of course is a low blood sugar which is why
    the Dr. should prescribe correctly. I take it before bedtime and
    other mealtime insulin as needed. Others take Lantus twice a day,morning and evening depending on the bodies response
    to it.

    Everyone responds differently to the amounts of insulin they
    take whether it is short acting, intermediate acting or 24 hour
    acting like the Lantus. Lantus is a basal insulin like a base
    line to set a level blood sugar for your body for 24 hours.
    Some people that are type 2 do very well just on Lantus
    with the correct diet and exercise rather than pills which are
    not Insulin. The diet and exercise are the number 1 and 2
    things that will help you stay near or at your baseline blood

    Are you experiencing any side effects from Lantus? I have not
    had any side effects. If I felt different in any way besides an
    occasional low blood sugar during the night I would check the
    Lantus sight and read the list and call the Dr. to discuss the
    dose I am on. If I have a low sugar during the night it is
    usually because my mealtime insulin works for 5 hours
    and still can reduce my blood sugar 50 points in an hour
    which is why I check my bedtime blood sugar and if it is
    100 or less I have a carb snack. If it happens to many times
    I cut back the Lantus just 1 unit to help avoid that lower
    blood sugar during the night because it still has a moderate
    peak time just not a dramatic peak like the meal time insulin.

    Let us know if you feel you have had side effects besides
    a low blood sugar. It would be interesting to know.

    auriga1 responded:
    The information sheet that comes with the vial and/or pens list all the possible side effects.

    As with any insulin, the most common is low blood sugar as krhudson mentioned. I've been using it for seven years now and the low blood sugar is the only side effect I have had.

    The low blood sugars correspond with physical activity and the amount of carb intake. It's a balancing act daily.

    Many doctors start out at the lowest possible dose to see if the blood sugar will stay normal throughout the 24-hour period. The amount of physical activity, a person's weight and what they eat can affect a person's blood sugar while using Lantus.

    If you are experiencing something strange, call your doctor.
    bunny30 replied to krhudson's response:
    Thank you for your message. I take 14 units of Lantus at night, Metformin 2x's a day and Glipizide 2 times a day. I have lows from the Glipizide but never from the other two meds. I've been extremely tired since being on the Lantus and just wondered if that was a normal side effect.
    krhudson replied to bunny30's response:

    Be sure and check your blood sugars often. When they are
    on the high side it can cause you to be tired. On the low side
    the same thing. I only feel super good when my blood sugars
    are tightly controlled throughout the day and eating right
    and getting enough exercise .

    You may want to mention that to the Dr. as well to be sure
    no other problems are happening. Even stress can ware a
    person down.

    I am not sure where you live but this hot weather in Las
    Vegas with humidity which is unusual for Las Vegas is
    causing me to be real tired. Be sure to drink a lot of
    water in case you are slightly dehydrated from the weather.

    brinerlady responded:
    I have been taking Lantis Solostar Pen insulin for over one year now. Each pen comes loaded with 100 units of insulin. You set the pen to what you were told by the doctor and work from there. I started out on 25 units when I was 500!! And now I am down to 8 units in the evening. I can adjust my own amounts now, having been on it for so long. Sometimes I take 10 units if we go out to eat for our Friday fish fries. I don't actually see any side effects at all. NOTHING. No side effects. I also take Metformin 500 mg. 2X a day.( 1 in the morning and 1 at supper time) I think using the Lantis Solostar Pen is so simple!!!! Painless too. You change a new needle with each usage and the needle is about 3/16th of an inch. Tiny tiny. What have you been experiencing?
    krhudson replied to brinerlady's response:
    Hi Brinerlady,

    Bunny 30 said in her post that she has been extremely tired
    since being Lantus which was her response to me asking
    her to tell us if she has had any side effects she can think of
    besides a low blood sugar.

    Do you ever feel extremely tired since starting Lantus?
    Bunny 30 wanted to know if that is a side effect of Lantus. I
    do not think it is.

    krhudson replied to krhudson's response:
    Sorry Brinerlady,

    I read your post again. You are not experiencing any side
    effects!! I just saw that you had asked Bunny 30 what she
    has been experiencing which if why I mentioned her previous
    post to me stating that she was extremely tired since being
    on Lantus. The bottom line here is that neither of us have
    had side effects to report to Bunny 30

    auriga1 replied to bunny30's response:
    No, tiredness is normal side effect of Lantus.
    krhudson replied to auriga1's response:
    Auriga 1,

    On the Lantus Web site and the instructions stating that
    tiredness is a side effect? If it states that it may mean that
    the low blood sugars can cause fatigue? I will double
    check. I remember once I looked it up because I was
    very tired and I am trying to find out which one of my meds
    would cause that and Lantus was not the one.

    I agree with your point about the number of carbs eaten and
    physical activity done would contribute to being tired but the
    drug itself I doubt. I will double check. I may be mistaken.

    krhudson replied to krhudson's response:

    I just went to the Lantus sight and the only thing I found in
    a quick view was Confusion and Drowsiness from
    Hyperglycemia just explaining symptoms of high blood
    sugars and not a side effect of the drug itself. Let me know
    if you find it. If you do then the Lantus would be the med
    that causes me to be tired fairly often and we can confirm
    the answer for Bunny 30 of whether being tired is a side
    effect of Lantus.

    I think it gets back to what our blood sugar levels are through
    out the day. If those are moving around to high and to low
    and not even enough we are going to have ups and downs
    of being tired.


    auriga1 replied to krhudson's response:
    Kr, Bunny's question was: Is this a "normal" side effect of Lantus. It's not. That's not saying Bunny could experience this from Lantus. All I was saying is that fatigue is not normal for most patients using this insulin. You are right in that high blood sugar would cause confusion and drowsiness. Experienced that myself. Was not a good feeling. This went away once my BS was under control.

    Bunny never did say what kind of readings she has been getting or what her A1C might be. She may have been experiencing some highs with the two meds she has been on, so the doctor added Lantus to help her get better control.

    When a manufacturer lists possible side effects of medications, including insulin, the most common ones are listed first. The Lantus leaflet lists hypoglycemia as first, then hyperglycemia (not using enough and/or eating too many carbs), allergy, and skin reactions. My pharmacology book also lists the same side effects. Fatigue is not mentioned.

    Your last paragraph says it all. There might me highs and lows going up and down all day long. This would definitely cause tiredness. Hopefully, Bunny is testing often to get to the bottom of this.
    krhudson replied to auriga1's response:
    Hi Auriga 1,

    You are exactly correct on everything in your response.

    I had viewed your previous post that mentioned No, tiredness
    is normal side effect of Lantus (see above, may be a typo)
    and what you meant to say would be that it is not a normal
    side effect of Lantus like this last post states at the beginning
    when you clarified what you meant.

    auriga1 replied to krhudson's response:
    Thanks, kr. No, tiredness is not a normal side effect for most using Lantus. I wish Bunny luck in that she can find some answers.

    It really is a horrible feeling. My tiredness was caused by highs, like between 450-500. I almost had to pull over in the car one time, because my eyes were drooping. Opened all windows and blasted the radio. Thank goodness for insulin, because I have never felt better in my life. Seriously. I have great control with my BS. Now if only I could give up all sweets. LOL. Now that I'm not supposed to have them, I CRAVE them. Funny thing about that is that I was never a sweet eater. Go figure.
    krhudson replied to auriga1's response:
    Hi Auriga 1,

    That is one thing about insulin. We can eat what we want
    but mostly the healthy foods and then have sweets when
    we work out a lot or when we factor it in to the dosage. I
    never like to cheat a lot though that way.

    I do have small items of sweets for when I need them such as Trader Joe's tiny chocolate chip cookies (I will have 2 or 3 of those for a sweet tooth), Dark and Milk Chocolate covered Almonds (two or 3 of those with coffee) and last but not least,
    only if working out in the next half hour after eating, would
    be a frozen dipped ice cream cone. 45 minutes of the
    bike reduces my blood sugar 75 - 100 points and no weight gain.

    All the rest of the food I eat is fruits veggies, light on protein
    and whole grains. As long as we work it away it is ok.

    I would not recommend it for type 2s not on insulin but even if they eat these items in moderation as they test how their body reacts, it could work. Best if they do not have a craving for sweets though, only in moderation


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