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    Type II diabetes
    paulaford58 posted:
    When I found out I had type II I also found out my thyroid wasn't working either. I started out at 222 lbs and am now 155 lbs. is there a chance that I can get off meds for diabetes or will I have it forever. I have no insurance anymore and can't afford the blood test ( does the American diabetes foundation help with paying for test) I'm at my wits end and this causes me more stress. I have changed my eating habits and no longer drink alcohol or soda. I do drink tea with artificial sweetener and plain water gags me so I drink a lot of tea.
    brinerlady responded:
    I think you can contact the county in which you live and get help there. Just call the number, explain your situation and ask to be transferred to the right department. Assistance in all aspects of your needs could possibly be there or they can refer you to the proper place. On the internet you can get free meters, but not sure about the test strips. Anyway, try this first. Good luck, and let us know how you do.
    paulaford58 replied to brinerlady's response:
    Do you know what department I need to start out with. Thank you for your reply
    brinerlady replied to paulaford58's response:
    Call the main number for your court house and explain you need some financial help with your newly-diagnosed diabetes. You cannot afford the necessary medications and doctor bills that need to be had. Could they please direct you to the right department. I am sure they can take you from there. In your phone book there are probably many different departments from which you can choose. I am sure any of them can direct you to the right place. Hope this is enough for you to get started.
    An_251837 replied to brinerlady's response:
    I would think that contacting the Social Services department in your city, town or county would get you to the right place for assistance.

    Good luck.
    paulaford58 replied to An_251837's response:
    They pretty much help the elderly and pregnant women or women with small kids
    paulaford58 replied to brinerlady's response:
    Thank you guess I need to do more research on help. Will let you know how it goes
    brinerlady replied to An_251837's response:
    Social Services is part of the court house people. At least in our court house.
    Anon_320 replied to paulaford58's response:
    In most communities, you can dial 211 and get referral information for almost anything, particularly anything having to do with health, mental health and services for the elderly.
    auriga1 replied to paulaford58's response:
    Start with Health and Human Services for your county that you live in. There's another place that can be helpful. Where are you registered to vote? Your ward or district may have a clinic(s) available at deeply discounted prices.

    I live in a large city with a large county. They have a hospital and clinics for those who cannot pay. See if there is anything around like that. There are places out there. I've used them myself.

    As for your question regarding getting off of meds, it is entirely possible. Many people do if they lose the weight they need to lose and keep active. These two go hand in hand in obtaining remission from diabetes. Physical activity is the best thing in reducing blood sugars. I can attest to that. I've reduced the amount of insulin I take dramatically by being active. You don't have to formally exercise or join a gym. Just be active. Start walking. You can take cans of food to use as weights to use those muscles you have. Don't have to buy serious equipment at all.
    auriga1 responded:
    Just came across an article at . Part 1 of 2 in which it offers several resources for you to try.

    Good luck to you. I have been where you are at. I don't have insurance until March of next year because of job loss and pre-existing condition(s).
    SherrillDenise responded:
    Paulaford58 - I test my blood each day. A friend of mine told me test strips can be out ragious, SO, if you go to Krogers, HEB, and maybe even Walmart (haven't checked there) the monitors are about $20 AND the testing strips are about $20 for 50 test strips. The lancets aren't high either. If you go with Lifestyle and big name brands, I was floored to see that thier 50 test strips were $80! CRAZY! So that is a thought, you can test yourself at home. I was recently tested 267 at a screening, with high protien/green veggie diet, lotsa water, walking 5 days out of the week for 30 minutes, I lost 8 lbs, my number dropped in 2 weeks from 267 to 164. My blood pressure dropped as well.I haven't been to my dr. yet, I called $135 just to see me and then the cost of test he would run, I don't have ins. either. I checked with our County family clinic, office is $75 as first time visit and $50 after that, so it is worth check what your county or city may offer. In all my searching, I got a free mammorgram performed too! Hang in there. Prayers!
    SherrillDenise replied to SherrillDenise's response:
    I meant the Kroger, HEB Brand Monitors!

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