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    Groin discoloration. Help please.
    millicentbash posted:
    I'll try my best to ask this simply. I recently developed a terrible rash under both of my breasts that hasn't responded to antibiotics, cortisone crème, antibiotic cream, powder. You name it.

    I noticed what I thought was a rash on my left inner thigh at the groin. Upon closer inspection, it looks like a long bruise. Lighter in the center and goes to dark purple at the sides. Someone I know mentioned that this could be a sign of adult onset diabetes (I'm 64). My doctor can't see me for over a month so I looked on the internet and tried to find a photo similar to what mine looks like. All of what I could find was more in the order of brownish lines. Mine definitely looks like a bad bruise all along the groin fold just on one side.

    Has anyone else here had this symptom before being diagnosed? What frightens me is that there are many mentions of it possibly being a sign of pancreatic cancer, gastro-intestinal cancer and other types of cancer if a bruised line like I have appears in someone older than forty. I have called the doctor's office to try to be seen earlier but no appts. are open.

    IF this were to be a result of adult onset diabetes, and I change up my diet etc., will this go away? It is really rather ugly looking. Thanks for any help.
    krhudson responded:
    Hi Millicentbash,

    Call the Dr.'s office back and be firm that you consider this an
    emergency with all of these skin problems. Who prescribed
    the Antibiotics and Cortison Cream and Antibiotic Cream and
    powder? Not a good Idea to try all of these items without the
    orders from the Dr. You may have seen someone about
    this once if you are trying all of this Medication and Creams.
    If you are on Meds for other conditions read about the side
    effects and see if any cause rash etc...

    If you have seen your Dr. in the past he/she should have
    monitored blood sugars to see if you are a candidate
    for Diabetes.

    Diabetes management is very complex and everyone is
    on individual plans that the Dr. discusses with you.

    Their is no way that any of us are able to tell you that the
    ugly bruise and rashes will go away if you change a diet.
    See a Dr. quicker and discuss all of your concerns and
    let us know how it goes!!

    millicentbash replied to krhudson's response:
    Thank you very much for your reply. Getting to see the doctor has been complicated. My regular doctor fell down a flight of steps and died about eight months ago. I had to find a new doctor who would see me on my regular health insurance and then see me after I transition to Medicare on Oct. 1. In other words, a new doctor.

    This problem with the rash on my chest showed up about 2 months ago. I wrote it off to heat rash under my breasts. I've had that before and since we don't have central a/c I wasn't all that concerned. I followed the treatment my former doctor had recommended. When that didn't work, I tried the various other methods I've mentioned. Not all at the same time. Anyway, nothing has remedied the rash and then I took notice of the painless bruising in my groin. It actually looks like the same kind of bruise my husband had when he had a stent put in via the femoral artery. But it stays the same, deep dark color and hasn't changed to yellow or what looks like a healing bruise. Once I saw that, I ramped up my search for a doctor for reasons stated above.

    I did call the doctor back and asked to be seen sooner because of this problem but they said that there was nothing at all open. They put me on the mythical "if a patient cancels list."

    I then called my dermatologist who operated on me for melanoma last year but she too is booked until almost October.

    It's very frustrating. I've never lived somewhere before where doctor's office staffs are under such strict orders not to 'squeeze' in a patient with a problem.
    krhudson replied to millicentbash's response:

    Where do you live that it takes this long to get in to see a
    Dr. for urgent matters? That is horrible.

    Maybe consider Urgent Care for the Diagnosis if it is covered
    by Insurance and they can tell you if it is a serious problem
    to worry about. If it is not, then at least you will know you
    can wait for a cancellation at the Dr's office or keep the
    scheduled appointment. You need an examination pronto
    in my opinion.

    millicentbash replied to krhudson's response:
    Thank you for your kind words. I live in Virginia. When I first moved here, I called at least twenty doctors before I could find one to go to. When she passed away, I only found out when I had to get a prescription refilled. Her office didn't notify patients.

    I have a 100 copay for Urgent Care and I think I am going to do that. I will call ahead and make sure they will do blood tests etc.

    Thanks again.
    krhudson replied to millicentbash's response:
    Just make sure Insurance cover's for urgent care services and
    find out what your cost will be besides the $100.00 co pay.
    Good luck, let us know if you want to share what the outcome


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