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    Healthy on Thanksgiving?
    Michael Dansinger, MD posted:
    I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving holiday! What's the healthiest food you ate? How about the least! Now that Monday is here is it time to get "back on track" or were you on track regardless of the holiday weekend?
    debs_bears responded:
    I had only 2 foods to contend with a turkey breast no skin and a small yellow potato.

    I didn't want to go to friends house to watch them eat. I had an ileostomy done in July and had to have it revised in Oct. So I am limited in what I can eat already.

    So how was your thanksgiving?
    betatoo responded:
    I posted in another strand that the family celebrations(2) have many more veggies for me to graze on. My wife also prepares some starches with no sugars, and these are low on glycemic index. I did well with the celebrations, and kept my weight at the norm or below. Hunting on the Monday helped also. However, I did have more starch while hunting as sandwiches are easier to carry.
    Michael Dansinger, MD replied to debs_bears's response:
    Hi Deb,
    I had a nice Thanksgiving. Much to be thankful for. Spent the weekend with my in-laws in Connecticut. I'm fortunate to enjoy them so much.
    Michael Dansinger, MD replied to betatoo's response:
    Sounds like a great weekend! Thanks for the update!
    auriga1 responded:
    Surprised myself. Good things: turkey and a garden salad. Bad thing: stuffing. Couldn't help myself on that one. Only three things. No appetizers, no dessert. Something's wrong with me. LOL.
    max9821 responded:
    I always bring my own food to family celebrations. Brought vegetable paella (rice, beans and vegetables), lentil loaf (lentils, oatmeal, carrots) , potato salad, vegetable salad, two different bean dips and finn crisp rye crackers, fresh fruit for dessert. No fats or oils in recipes. I make sure I have enough of my own stuff so I am never tempted to indulge in any of the other food. Well, ok, I admit to being tempted. Didn't gain an ounce and maintained fasting sugars in the low eighties. Love family get togethers. Looking forward to Christmas dinner.

    reneegigliotti responded:
    The worst was my apple kugel. It was REALLY good though. My best was steamed veggie mix of broccoli, carrots, califlower, and pumpkin. It was pretty good but the kugel was better.
    brunosbud responded:
    I stay well hydrated; water only...I never drink booze during holiday meals...I eat a large salad before actually driving to dinner. I walk extra miles the week before the holiday. I eat very light breakfast and lunch.

    "All men can see these tactics whereby I conquer, but what none can see is the strategy out of which victory is evolved. "[br>[br>"Invincibility lies in the defence; the possibility of victory in the attack. "
    [br>"Regard your soldiers as your children, and they will follow you into the deepest valleys; look on them as your own beloved sons, and they will stand by you even unto death. "

    "Opportunities multiply as they are seized. "
    General Sun Tzu [br>
    flutetooter responded:
    I know better, but after doing a lot of healthy Thanksgiving cooking, I decided to relax and eat some purchased "healthy" salads from the grocery store deli. Ha, Ha, and Ha again! Full of sugar even in the broccoli and crunchy veggie salad, and the kale and ham salad, and the roasted peanut slaw. 173 an hour after the meal. Live and learn - again. Tonight I had steamed Brussels sprouts, celery, and zucchini in chicken broth and ham soaked in water to remove most of the salt.
    If at first you don't succeed, try, try again!

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