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    Have an icecream Bar and think it's Christmas!!
    brinerlady posted:
    Blue Bunny makes a smaller version of icecream bars. Name is "Blue Bunny Star Bars" and come 20 in a box. The carbs on each bar is >>>> 11 >>>. This is not a sugar free bar, just their regular icecream but smaller. It is wonderful and you think you're cheating but what a sensational snack at only 11 carbs. I have only found them at WalMart for about $5.00. I don't remember the calories and for such a treat, I'll sacrifice that part. It is a royal explosion of joy!!
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    glucerna responded:
    Thanks for the tip. Full nutrition information on the Star Bar is here: ~Lynn @Glucerna
    brunosbud responded:
    Ever gotten New Delhi Belly or Montezuma's revenge on a business trip or family vacation? Ever run out of dog food on a camping trip and fed your pups a different brand, cold turkey? Do you pop a lactaid before the Christmas dinner so you can have ice cream, afterwards?

    There are trillions of bacteria in your gut. Trillions. The things these "critters" eat and the metabolites they produce, afterwards, effect:

    1. Wound healing and clotting
    2. The effectiveness (or weakness) of your immune system.
    3. Estrogen and testosterone levels
    4. Enzyme production
    5. Cholesterol levels
    6. Hair, teeth and skin health
    7. Nutrition

    The food we eat determine what kinds of bacteria populate our gut. This is why eating the right kinds of food has a huge impact on whether you will be healthy or sick. How effective has the mantra, "(Everything in) Moderation" been against Obesity and Type 2 Diabetes in this country?...

    ...OK, now, back to our normal programming. "Ice cream" for diabetics? Yippee-Ki-Yay!
    bigred53 replied to brunosbud's response:
    Bruno I so enjoy your posts! You always make so much sense and show me how to think differently.

    I'm not where you are with food and exercise but I'm getting better and continue to lose weight. I have noticed that when I go off plan I don't feel so good. When I eat something I used to love it doesn't taste that good either. I think I'm finally getting smarter. At least my tastebuds are.

    Thanks again for being here!

    brinerlady replied to glucerna's response:
    So what is your take on this? It has not raised my BG one iota and 11 carbs is wonderful.
    brunosbud replied to bigred53's response:
    Too kind, Michelle. Thx!

    brunosbud replied to brunosbud's response:
    Oh, PS made my world famous Talenti Gelato and homemade azuki sweet red bean dessert for friends, lat night. It's killer with health benefits, too! But, again, whoever said "Variety is the spice of life!" was no diabetes educator. jmo, of course...
    bigred53 replied to brunosbud's response:
    Bruno just curious what do you use for sweetener? Knowing you it would have to be something natural and unprocessed.

    As many of us know processed sugars cause inflammation in the body - all of those things you listed above and I'm sure many more arthritis being but one.

    I realize that sugar/sweet cravings can be difficult to resist. I have my own although I can no longer blame them on my 'period' Lately I've been adding more magnesium and chromium supplements which seems to be helping a lot. Now if only I could get rid of my love of salty snacks. Btw my sodium levels are always within range when I have blood tests done and my blood pressure is good without meds.

    Brinerlady I'm happy to know that those ice cream bars don't raise your bs but in the long run wouldn't a piece of fruit be just as satisfying and ultimately healthier? Imo natural and unprocessed is always better.

    I often wonder why is it we feel that we have to have treats. I'm sure it goes back to our childhoods. If you're good you get a treat. If you feel bad or sad you're given a treat to feel better. So many of us as adults selfmedicate with food and/or sugar. I know I have and still do. Not as often as I once did but still too often to do me any good. The flesh is weak - and so is my mind. I'm getting much better but I still have a way to go even knowing what I know to be true and healthy.

    glucerna replied to bigred53's response:
    Your question about why we feel we need treats is really interesting Michelle. I'm guessing that many of us routinely eat not because we're hungry, but for other reasons.Instead of treating ourselves with food, perhaps we could do something else? ~Lynn @Glucerna
    bigred53 replied to glucerna's response:
    It does work but not for everything. I gave up full sugar soda April 12th. The deal was if I could go a month without any I could buy myself a new pair of smaller pants. So far I've got three new pairs. I do occasionally have a diet soda.

    My next big prize is an Anuschka purse when I finally get to onderland (under 200 pounds). I have about 30 pounds to go. Maybe by Christmas but if not it's still my carrot.

    auriga1 responded:
    Briner, I can feel your excitement and joy!

    I see absolutely nothing wrong with an occasional treat. I realize that we need to change our diets and lifestyle, but is it so wrong to tantalize the taste buds occasionally?

    Thanks for the info. I will have to try some myself. Pretty soon all we will be eating is grass and tofu the way some people preach to diabetics.

    Had some bites of those Magnum Ice Cream bars. To die for.

    My first A1c was 13.2 and it has dropped to 5.6, even with some wonderful treats. Keep active and eat right most of the time. There is nothing wrong with the occasional treat.
    glucerna replied to auriga1's response:
    Congratulations on reaching your first month goal Michelle! Setting goals with non-food rewards is a wonderful way to treat ourselves in a healthy way. Aruriga1 I love the way you're managing diabetes and occasionally enjoying a delicious treat. You both are inspiring! ~Lynn @Glucerna
    brunosbud replied to bigred53's response:
    Michelle, I like sweet just as much as the next person. It's just, now, I am less "sugar sensitive" than I was years ago.

    I often hear people on this board warn about eating too much fruit. I agree...if fruit is not something you eat, daily. I eat a variety of fruit with one caveat...I eat them, without fail, every freakin day! They are an essential weapon of my health strategy.

    Ditto for peanut butter, peas and sweet potato (more diabetes no-no's). These are foods my body are use to "seeing" and processing, everyday. It's developed a "sugar tolerance" (and a suitable bacterial flora) that aids in the digestion of these foods. Do I eat c.c. cookies, cream puffs and gelato, everyday? No. Does my blood sugar go into orbit when I eat them? No doubt! But, because I'm fit, now, it snaps back to normal levels within a reasonable amount of time.

    Because I don't eat "them" with regularity, I don't experience "orgasmic flavor explosions" like I use to years ago. Sugar-added foods are no different than cigarettes and beer. Once you quit, the taste makes you nauseous. I was once a donut-aholic. Now, they make me gag...Plus, I get the "runs!

    Sweet cravings are like fingerprints so, from my perspective, any discussion about "sweeteners" is kinda irrelevant. Just like diabetes...everyone walks the same highway but each person's at a different address. Good luck, Michelle. You're doing great!
    bigred53 replied to brunosbud's response:
    Thanks Bruno. I keep trying and imo that is the important thing. I'm not trying to be 'perfect' I'm trying to be healthier in what I eat and the things I do. BTW I still enjoy the occasional beer or dirty

    I've been eating sugar snap peas almost every day for the past few months. They are 7 carbs per serving. They provide the crunch I like and much better than

    As for fruit I usually have blackberries or blueberries. Since cherries are in season I've been having some of those too. I quit peanut butter a month or so ago because I felt I was eating too much of it at a time. I was under the impression that sweet potatoes were not so bad for us diabetics. Several years ago I was eating quite a few of them and they didn't affect my bs that much.

    I hear you about the 'orgasmic flavor explosions'. Things I used to love don't have the same lure they once did because they don't taste the way they did in my memory. That's a good thing imo.

    In the summer I do like the sugar free popsicles. Very refreshing. Artificial sweetners are not the best thing but.....

    Keep bringing on the exellent information and perspective.


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