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    A Diabetes Reversal Story
    Michael Dansinger, MD posted:
    Many people understand that they can probably improve their diabetes by eating right and exercising, but figuring out how to make it actually happen is typically quite challenging.

    In my three-part series "A Diabetes Reversal Story" I provide an example case of a type 2 diabetes success story that illustrates some of the barriers and some of the lifestyle changes that can make the difference.

    Many of you have already shared your own success stories, and I applaud each of you for your achievements and for inspiring others (and me). Feel free to tell your own story again and again.

    Michael Dansinger MD

    PS. See the links below for parts 2 and 3.
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    Michael Dansinger, MD responded:
    Part 2:
    Michael Dansinger, MD responded:
    Part 3
    LPolyphemus responded:
    Type2 remission in 21 days? After three years of looking for a magic bullet (supplements, exercise, etc...) and using diet & exercise only to deal with a1C ranging from 5.2 to 6.9, have used determination and 2 tracking tools to get average morning glucose from 128 to 90 in 21 days. Strategy: (1) measure BG frequently & record on iPhone app (WaveSense) (2) restrict calories to daily # suggested by iPhone app that creates 1.5 pounds weight loss weekly and record ALL calories with the app (Lose It!) (3) exercise a minimum of 30 minutes daily & record on Lose It! as it subtracts calories burned. (4) no food is off limits but coincidentally wound up using guidelines in your Eating for Diabetes Reversal, Part 7. Lost fourteen pounds in 21 days and saw the average of all BG readings drop from 122 to 105, today is Day 22. Ability to measure frequently with minimal hassle to stay on track makes this work.
    Louise_WebMD_Staff replied to LPolyphemus's response:
    Congratulations on the weight loss and better control! Thanks for sharing that the Eating for Diabetes Reversal Guidelines was part of that success!
    betaquartz responded:
    Diagnosed in May of 2009, devastated, FBG 137, A1C 6.7 weight at 5'9" was 167,34" waist, 59 years old. Dr. prescribed Metformin. I refused, back and forth with nurse to dr. for two weeks. Meanwhile started cutting carbs, and exercising everyday for an hour. I retired in June after 36 years of teaching Art-Ceramics in particular. Dr. relented so I met him one month later, FBG was 106, A1C 6.4, weight155, waist 32". Dr. believes that on the present road I will remain drug free. Last test A1C was at 6.0, FBG was 110, weight is 155, waist is 30". Oh yeah, I still wear a 42 coat. I test infrequently as he said that I didn't need to if I adhered to diet and exercise program. Now I exercise an hr every day still, and do side planks before bed, and 50 push ups in 5 minutes first thing in morning.
    DisHammerhand responded:
    I did not reverse my diabetes in 21 days because it took me a while to decide to give up grains.

    Once I got rid of the grains I think I was able to get off the glipizide in a month.

    I am 5'4"and my weight is stable at 120 pounds and I eat as much as I want -of green non-starchies. I eat fruit in moderation because of the sugar content and meat is limited to card deck sized portions. I often have nuts instead of meat.

    Most of my readings regardless of time of day are in the 90 - 110 range.

    I have been told by several of my friends that I am too thin and they worry that I am not eating enough. They haven't watched me eat. My 14 year old daughter cannot finish the salads I make!

    My last A1c was 5.4. I think I had been off my meds not very long when that was taken. Need a new one so I am scheduling my next check up this week.
    betaquartz replied to DisHammerhand's response:
    Good job! Hope I get there!
    ellena111 replied to Michael Dansinger, MD's response:
    Hi micheal

    my name is maria and i was told about my diabetes by my doctor but it is hard to loss weight and exercise
    kcslowrider replied to LPolyphemus's response:
    I am inspired by your comments. I have been diagnosed diabetic for over 2 years. I must confess that I have not been the best at following a regiment of diet & exercise. But I will start today using your methodology. I am 6' tall, weigh 243 (down 30# from diagnosis) and fasting BG this morning (7/7/2010) was 245. I am on a regiment of janumet 120/200 in the morning and 1 - metforman 100mg at night.

    I will report out weekly to keep all (who are interested) informed on my progress.

    "Today is the first day of the rest of my life"
    Mikelion replied to kcslowrider's response:
    I take 6 x 500mg metformin a day. started off at 2 per day 4 years ago and gradually had to increase. Next step will be insulin my doc told me. I try to stick to right food but I am not rigid. unfortunately I am not good at diet.
    RealityBytes replied to Mikelion's response:
    For those who hate or are unable to exercise, in my experience even slow walking has a good effect on BG levels, expecially after meals.
    Jcsflyboy responded:
    I would like to share my story. I kicked Diabetes out the door and told it never to come back! I've been told I am unusual because of the speed that things went for me. You CAN get rid of diabetes, here's how I did it:
    In June of 09, I was 5'6", 196lbs (big belly) when I got a food allergy. Went to a clinic, they gave me steroid shot, didn't work, went back, gave me steroid pills. Two days later, admitted went to ER cause I couldn't swallow food and heart was palpatating. The ER doc came in and said we're admitting you to ICU because your BG is 604. (not a typo, 604!) In the next 5 days was diagnosed type 2 insulin-dependant diabetic and they said my A1C was 13.2!
    Well, I fly airplanes. It's what I love. An insulin dependant diabetic can not fly...period. That was my insentive. The day I got home from hospital, I donated over half of my cupboards to a shelter and dived into any information concerning healthy lifestyles. I went on a low-carb diet. I slowly started a workout routine. I was diagnosed to give myself pen shots 3 times a day, but I stopped after 5 days - my BG was staying within 80-120. My doc chewed me out for taking myself off, but for me it worked because I did my homework. When he pulled out his prescription pad, I told him absolutely NO prescription meds! I would do what it takes without them.
    3 months later, my A1C was 5.6 and my doctor said congratulations, your no longer a diabetic! I had to give up the low carb stuff because I was becoming hypoglycemic.
    Now, I still workout 5-6 days per week, started kickboxing and novice bodybuilding. I eat 5-6 times per day, healthily. I now weigh 170, but am lean and muscular and the ladies notice me!
    It's hard to start exercising, but once you start seeing results, it motivates you to do more. It requies alot of self-discipline, but I'll tell ya one thing - I can fly airplanes again.
    (sorry so long, I tried to be brief)
    xring replied to Jcsflyboy's response:
    Contratulations, Jcsflyboy,

    I had a similar experience although not quite as high sugar; mine was 491. I was started on 2 diabetes medications & was handed an 1800 calorie/day diet (with drug ads on each page). I did some research & found that just because a doctor says you need drugs, doesn't mean it's true. I've been following an eating & lifestyle program I found on the web ( ) & haven't used any medication since 1-09 & have lost the extra 70 lbs I was carrying. My high blood pressure & high lipids also became normal in 3 months & my A1c has been at 6.0 ever since.

    In my opinion, too many doctors assume their patients don't have the self discipline to make changes & besides, writing prescriptions makes for a much shorter & simpler visit.
    Jcsflyboy replied to xring's response:
    Very true xring, and congratulations to you as well!
    Even before my diabetic scare, I was against taking regular prescription meds. My cousin, only 4 years older than I (I'm 42), is over 300 lbs and takes insulin and 13 other meds twice a day - half of his meds are to counter act the other meds! Pharmecuetical companies are making a ton of money each year on things just like that. They won't be getting any of mine!
    For my research on healthy eating/exercise I visited WebMD, as well as and - alot of good info and I did very little of listening to diabetic doctors. When I told my doc to put his prescription pad away, he said, "oh, your one of THOSE...."

    And your right, is alot easier of a doctor's visit without prescriptions!

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