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    jambeaverton posted:
    Hahahaha-I must laugh, for most of us search for loopholes to easier recovery. I myself went vegetarian, then vegan..I feel much better, but, alas, the bottom line is=it doesn't matter so much what you eat, or even how much you eat-it's how much you EXERCISE!!!!. I know, it sucks, I tried so many things before a dietitian clued me in to this main fact; If you exercise-even getting a pedometer to count your steps-amd get off your ass 2x a day to walk 15 minutes-that's 1/2 hour out of each day-you'll start seeing results immediately. You start kicking parts of your physiological components that have been waiting since the last time you broke a sweat to come chugging back to life-endorphins flow, the sun shines, ohhh life is getting better. You know what's right to eat, and what's wrong-once you start exercising, the healthy food helps, and the fat begins to come off. Listen, I know it's tough, and there will be setbacks-but we;ve all over-indulged ourselves in food-use that same mindset to indulge in movement. I have a knee that blows up like a grapefruit-hard to walk-but, once I do, the damned thing stops hurting, and alot of the fluid drains from that area. Drink lots of water, (even diet ice tea), quit drinking any carbonation drinks, and flush the poisons. By the way, quitting cheese, eggs, mayonnaise, and all animal based foods has made me feel 100% better. I jump out of bed. I only sleep 5-6 hours a night, and feel good all day. This started only a week or so after becoming vegan. Get used to making veggie dishes for yourself. It's harder, but the feeling is wonderful-I don't want to go back to cheese, etc., ever again. No more meat, for and then I get a hankering for some steak, but only when I'm BBQ for the family. (They say I cook meat BETTER now that I'm vegan...perhaps it's become an art-form...) Anyway, I don't know if anyone will read this, but if your sitting on the couch at home, sad because you can't stop eating, your old clothes don't fit, you're tired all the time....stop eating dairy (yes, ice cream too!!!), get on some comfy walking shoes, put on some tunes, and get your butt out there walking....I GUARANTEE it will eventually make you feel better-and if you keep it up, you get rid of type 2...and THEN what will you do with the rest of your days? (hint-shoot your TV!!!!) BTW-I'm just like you-I need to lose lbs-I know of what I speak. GOOD LUCK!!!!
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    Anon_527 responded:
    How has your chosen lifestyle improved your Diabetes control? What was your latest HBA1C and what are your average fasting blood glucose readings?
    mustang37b responded:
    I would like to lose 10 to 15 pounds if I can, I've been exercising not riding my mountain bike too much but walking. I see a little improvement but I'm still heavy at times if that makes any sense. I think it's what's I eat during the day makes me feel that way fatter or thin and notice what I wear like shorts me feel fat, but genes at times make me thin, you get the picture I'm 150 and gain some weight this week. The bottom line is it's what I'm eating. Why does some junk food taste so good even if it's very bad for us, the other day I had two bags of cheese doodles, and a mised soda. Yes my sugar was very high that day was over 200, but when I went to bed that day then I took my medication metformin and my sugar was 108 means the metformin really works.
    jambeaverton replied to Anon_527's response:
    The point of this rant-exercise is the most important, and easiest (?) way to bring it all back into control. It takes a few days, but when I don't walk, my levels go up, Generally, my 1C and ave postings are in target levels since I started moving more. The diet makes it easier...but really, all I'm saying is movement definitely helps the processes...funny how hard it is to just lose some weight and keep it off. I'm hoping this might give some incentive to others with the same situation, and give a little my friends down south say..."It ain't nothin' but a thang...."
    jambeaverton replied to mustang37b's response:
    If you eat badly, then depend on meds to even it out, it's like bending metal back and forth-pretty soon it's gonna break. That is a recipe for losing toes. Stop eating crap....carrots, celery, c'mon-you've already done the junk-try the veggies-talk to your Dr. about cleaning out your system with just veg juice for 2 weeks-then start a veg diet....I GUARENTEE you'll feel A LOT better....just sayin'...good luck
    auriga1 replied to jambeaverton's response:
    Jam, just want to say that you are so correct when you say "easiest" (for those who can still do it) is movement. Any type of movement. Does not matter. Some of us can stick to a strict daily regimen or some sort of organized exercise. Others cannot.

    All said, just MOVE!!! I have eliminated insulin injections at lunchtime because my job requires me to move constantly for three hours at a time, five days a week. At first, I thought, can I really keep this up? Yep, I can. Muscles hurt, but they get stronger. One day at a time. If you think you cannot go one other step, put one foot in front of the other and DO IT. Now it's done.

    I've repeated this over and over and some are probably sick of seeing this. My A1C at diagnosis was 13.2. Not unheard of, but truly ugly. Now I am at 5.7. The physical activity has helped tremendously.

    For those of you who can move, please do so. You will keep yourself healthy and sane.

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