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    meat and cancer
    jc3737 posted:
    meat consumption and cancer risk
    heretk responded:
    Look at table 1. Meat and fruit consumption was similar in the cancer group and in the control group but alcohol and cigarettes were twice the amount than the control group, and 70-90% cases were men! (Except breast cancer)

    Since the difference in fruit and veg that they focused upon, was so small, while the other factors that they tried to subtract out of the analysis, are so large, chances are the results are just some residual noise rather than the real effect.

    Show me the beef!

    jc3737 replied to heretk's response:
    Did you mean to say "Where's the beef?"
    anon9876 replied to heretk's response:
    It looks like 7 to 10 ounces of meat and at most 16 ounces of fruits and vegetables combined. This is not a lot of fruit and vegetables. This could be a couple of apples and and orange or an apple and about half a bag of frozen broccoli. Or similar. So the difference between fruits and vegetables and meat seems to be large if you consider that calorie wise, the amount of fruits and vegetables would come to, on average, probably less than 200 calories per day but the amount of meat figuring an average of around 80 calories per ounce would come to between about 600 and 800 calories per day. Even if some of those vegetables included some potatoes the number of calories would still be fewer.

    I am surprised that for a country that eats a lot of meat that the amount of meat was not larger but these were low income people. One night out at Sizzler here possibly provides more meat than those people ate. And the three times a day meat habit in this country could mean more meat than that is consumed.

    I believe that the Japanese, who smoke like chimneys, have very low rates of lung cancer, possibly because of their high vegetable diets.


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