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    is it necessary to follow any diet?? if i have to lose weight.
    gloriamyers1980 posted:
    just searching curiously ..for losing a 7-10 lbs weight. i am a lazy person avoid exercise and i love food . food is the the thing that i can not avoid at all, whole day on diet ha!!! i searched on the internet find the diet with low fat or diet which help in improving my metabolism.

    here i have 3 queries to my friend

    1.should i follow any diet for losing weight?. paleo diet can be the right choice because there is lot of content and recipes out there in the market and i found a review on which i made a decision here
    there are many others but this convince me to take a look at this realy works?

    i'm a bit confused this is only the diet "paleo diet" i found people believe blindly so i asked here!!.

    thanks in advance
    engineerguy responded:
    Hi GloriaMyers1980,

    Nice avitar, by the way.

    So, "Should I follow any diet for losing weight?"

    Great question. Your goal is to lose 7-10 pounds. As time goes on, the weight usually creeps up. Studies show that, for people who do lose weight, a 5 year followup shows that only 3% of those people keep the weight off. So, whatever most people do to lose weight, it typically does not work in the long run.

    Well, let me give you my perspective, and you can decide if it is helpful to you.

    Of all the many diets available, how can one choose? My choice is to follow the program with the best results(1). I beleive the program with the best results is the Fuhrman Eat To Live diet. It has certainly worked well for me, and thousands of others.

    "The best results" here means easy weight loss, and prevention, and reversal of many serious health issues, such as heart disease, diabetes, and hypertension. Improvements or elimination are achieved for allergies, asthma, and autoimmune diseases. Cancer and dimentia risk reduction are strongly supported by published medical literature.

    My daughter, in her late 30's, has recently taken up the Eat To Live diet, and she loves it, loves the energy she feels, and loves the inches off her waist. WoW.

    So what's the catch?

    Dr Fuhrman has designed his diet to use foods with the most nutrients, and the least calories.

    This diet includes lots of vegetables, fruit, nuts & seeds, beans, and whole grains. Meat and animal products are reduced to 10% of calories, or excluded entirely, for people wishing the best health results. So, this diet is harder for many to start (such as myself), because it may be quite different from all the foods you are used to eating. Some people find it very easy to convert to, but I found it difficult to start, because I lived on sugar previously, and it was a big change.

    So, a down-side of this diet is that being on it fully takes a few weeks of dedication for most people. If your family or friends are not supportive, that can make it much more difficult, also.

    What are the up-sides? It has the best improvement to your health. I believe, without a published study to support me, that this is the best weight loss plan. Once you are on the diet, it is not a will-power based diet. It is a knowledge based diet. Staying on the diet is easy and preferred. After being on this diet, and sometimes going back to the The Standard American Diet (SAD), while traveling or social occasions, the SAD is seen to have addictive qualities, and disease promoting qualities. Trying to lose weight while eating addictive SAD foods, is like trying to convince an alcoholic to drink smaller drinks. When I try to eat SAD foods in moderation, I typically fail miserably. And even if I could eat SAD foolds in moderation, my diet would not be healthy enough to be as healthy as I wish to be.

    One of Dr Fuhrman's success stories, Charlotte, bought Eat To Live, and went from over 300 pounds to 150 pounds. One of her friends asked her how she did it. Charlotte described the diet, eating veggies, fruit, nuts, seeds and whole grains. Her friend said she didn't have the will power to do such a diet. Charlotte answered, "If I had will power, I wouldn't have weighed 300 pounds in the first place!". In other words, this diet eliminates those rich SAD foods that have the addictive triggers to urge you to overeat. Also, the body wishes to eat until the body senses nutrition. The high nutrient food of this diet, tends to satisfy the appetite. Many people report rapid weight loss with no hunger.

    Perhaps you may wish to read Eat To Live for inforation sake, for the time being.

    engineerguy replied to engineerguy's response:

    Oh, the Paleo Diet. This diet is good, in that, if one actually follows the diet, people will be eating a lot more veggies and fruits. This diet is bad in that it says meat is unlimited. Many people take the Paleo diet as an excuse to eat all they want at their favorite barbeque restaurant.

    Best regards, EngineerGuy (Stacy)

    (1) Other similar programs are also very successful. The success of one supports the success of all. I believe Dr. Fuhrman has improved upon these other programs.
    gloriamyers1980 replied to engineerguy's response:
    Big thanks to @engineerguy for your kind reply and suggestions.

    max9821 replied to engineerguy's response:
    I just watched a debate between Neil Barnard and Chris Masterjohn and two other guys. The meat eater who discussed the ethics and environment part of the debate said he agreed with the opponents in that he was totally opposed to factory farmed meat and praised his own pastured livestock operation as being healthy. Never mind the fact that in New Zealand animals are pastured and not given hormones or antibiotics and the rate of heart disease is similar to ours, but I cannot imagine the average family being able to afford grass fed beef and pastured fowl and wild caught fish. (In a market near me the wild caught salmon is between 24 and 28 dollars a pound.) If you do it using these "natural" meats, paleo is enormously expensive and one paleo promoter even said it was doable universally only if the population was a tenth of what it is now.

    nycjudy replied to max9821's response:
    It's quite an interesting world when livestock left on the range to eat costs more than those fed with grain that had to be purchased! Go figure. The grass-fed livestock is only more expensive because it has become "hip". Anyone near a livestock farm can get grass-fed meat for very reasonable costs. I know. That does nothing for the rest of us. Perhaps, if demand grows and more people raise it, the price will come down. Unfortunately, the model seems to be that once something is more widely produced, quality if compromised.

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