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    jc3737 posted:
    Dolores,I have a few questions if you don't mind.Before you coded:

    Were you on a low sodium diet?

    What was your average pulse rate?

    Did you sleep well? many hrs a day?

    What was your A1C?

    What was your average blood pressure?Did you have blood pressure problems?

    max9821 responded:
    I am having a hard time remembering exactly. I think I did not use salt from the shaker but may have been using only tobasco or chipotle sauce or red devil sauce or some other hot sauce with salt. Bread has salt in it. Beans do even after you rinse them off. And so on.

    My pulse is very low. It was in the forties at this last doctor's visit and is usually in the fifties.

    Unlike when I was young, I sleep three or four hours a night but usually nap in the afternoon. And doze off when watching tv. When I visit my brother he asks what movie I would like to sleep through that evening. Then when I go to bed I am wide awake.

    My average blood pressure varied. Oddly, mine is always higher first thing in the morning when everyone else's is low. Of course I have probably been up for a few hours before getting out of bed. I would guess around 140 systolic with a low diastolic. Therefore a high pulse pressure.

    jc3737 replied to max9821's response:
    Mine is also highest in the morning.I don't necessarily buy the pulse pressure seems just another way of saying isolated systolic hypertension is a risk factor....may have nothing to do with the difference in the two pressures.... it simply flags high systolic pressure,and with high systolic pressure and normal diastolic you get a large difference which would show up in studies as a risk factor.

    I cant sleep thru the night due to prostate issues... have to get up twice in 7 hrs.Before I started betasitosterol it was 3-4 times a night.

    Grape seed extract,garlic,and olive leaf extract have lowered my blood pressure....that and no salt/sodium....about 20 points beans or anything from a can or package.....only sodium/salt I get is from whole foods.....I make a pot of dried beans and freeze them in small containers.
    max9821 replied to jc3737's response:
    Once I wake up after three or four hours I cannot get back to sleep.

    I hate to say this because no one will believe me but if I eliminate too much salt my blood pressure gets higher. It was 130 systolic until a few days ago when I decided to eliminate even the hot sauce to get it lower when I saw the cardiologist last thursday, and instead it went up to 150. I added back in the hot sauce and sure enough it is back down. But if I have too much salt it goes back up. Can't figure it out.

    While garlic and those other items might lower blood pressure do they do it because they are correcting whatever it is that is raising your pressure or are they more like meds which lower pressure without getting at the root cause of why it is high in the first place?

    ps I am happy to report I do not have prostate issues.
    jc3737 replied to max9821's response:
    I don't know if they attack the root cause but at least they don't have side effects that meds would have.Those of us on a diet high in potassium(lots of vegetables and potatoes)have a decline in blood pressure.....but then i think foods are much like the herbs ....they don't necessarily get at the root cause.I guess thats because garlic and herbs are food....but I think over time less pressure may help the blood vessels to heal.

    I would discount the reading the cardiologist got....may be white coat hypertension....unless you get the same reading at home.
    max9821 replied to jc3737's response:
    I am still experimenting but I could swear that my bp is lower when I drink a third of a cup of pomegranate juice in the morning.


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