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    Losing weight.
    An_258802 posted:
    I have been thinking about starting to drink a whey protein shake to help with losing some weight. I have copd and back and knee problems so there is very little excerise that i can do if any at all. Any help would be greatly appicated.
    jc3737 responded:
    Sound like a anti inflammatory diet would help....knee and COPD as well as losing weight..Check out the McDougall or Fuhrman diet.
    jc3737 responded:
    Here is a link to the McDougall messgae board.The experts there can help you with the diet.
    jc3737 replied to jc3737's response:
    Try this
    luiza1 responded:
    if you want to lose more weight and not to take after you need to try slimming pills as Xenical. This kind of pills are more used. If you need the pills i recommend you this site:
    Hope they will help.
    An_263368 responded:
    I have 2 articles for you. One is for can make smoothies and possibly add the protein to it. The other is a good protein...I think its the best i have had.

    Anyone taking weight loss serious should add vegetables smoothies to their lives. It increases energy and the balance nutrition allows your metabolism to perform at it's best. I personally use a nutribullet. Very useful. Helpful article attached here.

    nutrik responded:
    to help with the COPD it's essential to assure an adequate intake of protein cause it reduces the risk of infection. The most important source of protein in the diet are lean meats, eggs, dairy. But if you still feel you are missing some protein you can try to enrich your foods (soups, smoothies, eggs, cereals) with protein powder or skim milk that way you will also assure a good calcium intake. Peanut butter, cottage cheese, nuts, spinach can be a good source too and you can try to use them in your snacks. Cow milk is one the most mistaken foods it does not increases de mucus production there is very little evidence of that, drink enough fluid to keep secretions thin. Try to reduce you sodium intake cause it can cause fluid retention do not add salt t your meals, read labels (less tan 140 mg per serving). can be a very useful app for you there you can keep track of your foods, calories, exercise and NUTRIENTS that way you can be sure you are giving your body exactly what it needs to stay healthy and achieve your weight loss goals and also get help from certified nutritionists in case of any doubt.

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