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    Migraines and sugar
    An_260852 posted:
    I am a chronic migraine sufferer. For the last 15 years I've had no less than eight migraines a month. I have tried the migraine elimination diet, preventative medication and even Botox injections. Recently, I started a high-protein low-carb diet. In the last six weeks I have only had three migraines. First migraine was the day after Christmas after eating cookies and candy. The second was the day after New Year's eve after eating lemonade and a piece of chocolate cake. The third was hormone related.

    I am going to continue to avoid sugar in my diet. I have been willing to try anything to stop the painof migraines. I can't believe I have suffered this long and not been able to figure this out. I am disappointed that none of my doctors ever recommended a modified diet.

    Has anyone else seen improvement in their migraines after eliminating sugar? Has anyone read the book "suicide by sugar"?
    engineerguy responded:
    Hi An_260852,

    Many folks on (Dr. Fuhrman's diet, most recent is "The End of Dieting") report an end to their migraines on the diet. I have been following the diet for 7 years, for heart health, cancer risk reduction etc. A similar diet is His most recent book is "The Starch Solution." There are plenty of side effects, all beneficial.

    The high protein, low cab diet appears to be the least sustainable of the diets. Dr. Atkins died obese, and had heart disease. His family disputes that he had heart disease. They say he had a virus that attacked the heart. But when he died, the family went to court to prevent an autopsy or public disclosure of the coroner's report, which is otherwise public. So, the family purposely prevented an opportunity to prove to the world that Dr Atkins did not have heart disease. Then the family turned around and sold the Atkins name of hundreds of millions of dollars, as a healthy diet, and they called others unethical for releasing some information that Dr. Atkins had heart disease.

    Jimmy Moore wrote a book about the high protein diet that he followed, and went on a nation wide tour giving speeches about the diet. Then Jimmy gained all the weight back!

    I know other people who lost 50 pounds on a high protein diet, but I don't know anyone who kept it off.

    Best regards, EngineerGuy

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