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"Scientific Evidence for HCG Weight Loss": Diet Debate - Support Group
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    Scientific Evidence for HCG Weight Loss
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    BethGolden posted:
    The words "scientific evidence" are being thrown around a lot recently in regard to "DIETS" and while those words appear to be "Medically Sound", what does "scientific evidence" really mean?

    I read all sorts of rebuttals mentioning there is no scientific evidence that HCG Diets work or there is no scientific evidence that Homeopathic HCG works, however these statements often leave one believing that other forms of weight loss, like diet and exercise, have 'scientific backing" and make HCG Diets invalid.

    Traditional weight loss through diet and exercise has a 95% FAILURE RATE within the first year.

    That means that out of 100 people who will start a "diet and join a gym" January 1, 2011, a whopping 95 of them will fail! People who try this method end up more frustrated than before with more body fat come Spring of this year. I think we need to look further at this type of antiquated weight loss program and put it in it's proper perspective. The 'scientific evidence" IT HAS is that DIET AND EXERCISE FAILS MISERABLY FOR THE MAJORITY OF PEOPLE.

    Having worked with and witnessed the successful results of weight loss with HCG with 1000's of clients since 2007, I have seen that it works for approximately 98% of people! Compared to the fact that "diet and exercise" only works for some 5% of people should be proof enough which program works best.

    The key with any HCG Diet plan is to maintain the weight loss. If a clinically proven, sound program is followed that rebuilds the underlying deficiencies, the results can be extraordinary!

    My concern is not so much about what is "scientifically proven or not scientifically proven" but more about affiliate marketing websites that do nothing other than sell "hcg drops" and "diet-hype". There are no clinicians or clinically history behind these websites nor any medical training, which is apparent from the redundancy of the cloned information that gets copied from website to website. There is a LOT more to HCG Dieting than a diet and a $69 bottle of hcg Drops!

    MY TIP OF THE DAY: If you've failed to lose weight with diet and exercise, learn about the underlying effects the HCG Diet has on the function of the body and the positive effects it may have for you when done correctly. Dr Beth Golden. HCG Diet Plan
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