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    HCG Diet ? A New Concept in Obesity Treatment
    johnmarten64 posted:
    In a country like U.S, where obesity has increased up to 60% in last twenty years people are ready to go for anything to shed some inches from the flabby areas. HCG Diet is a new concept which has become popular for its effectiveness and hassle free usage. It assures one pound weight loss per day without exercise.

    Dr. A.T.W. Simeons', a British physician made the discovery in 1950s. He wrote a book "Pounds and Inches", where he explained the weight loss process with HCG diet. The Fat Loss program is based on regular dosage of Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) hormone ( found in the body of pregnant women during 12-14 weeks of pregnancy) and Very Low Calorie Diet (VLCD). The hormonal drugs are available in different forms which include injections, pills, oral drops, gels and sprays. The injections were the arliest to be developed. The other forms were added into the list quite later.

    Dr. Simeons' Protocol suggests three phases of HCG diet, viz. Loading, Maintenance and Stabilization. The Loading Phase includes the initial two days. In this stage, force feeding is done with all high calorie foods. This is done with a view to prepare the body to combat in the low calorie diet days.

    The second phase is the most important segment of the diet. It is the time when real work begins. The dieter has to restrict his menu into 500 calorie per day. Along with VLCD, one has to take the HCG doses as per the rules. The duration of this phase may vary depending upon the plan size.

    The third phase is the stabilization when the dieter slowly and gradually adds stuffs in his menu. However, he has to avoid starch and sugar. The weight tends to get stabilized during this phase. This phase lasts for varying period according to the plan size.

    Anyone above the age of 16 (who has attained the stage of puberty) can take the hormonal diet. The diet is prohibited during pregnancy. Even if someone plans to conceive in near future, she should avoid it. Moreover in the period days, the dieter should skip the doses. Instead, someone can extend the plan for 72 hours extra to complete the course.

    FDA does not approve HCG as a weight loss drug. This is due to the fact that HCG cannot stimulate weight loss without 500 cal/day diet. However, it permits the homeopathic oral drops to be purchased without prescription. There are numerous online outlets around the world where the sublingual drops can be ordered.

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    Louise_WebMD_Staff responded:
    Not exactly a new concept in obesity treatment. It certainly seems to be the current darling of the use money to shed weight marketers though.

    Please read:
    The Truth about hcg for Weight Loss
    The Weight Loss Cure "They" Don't Want You to Know About
    VLCDs and Obesity

    Dr Peeke has addressed the question of hcg in these threads:
    HCG Diet Supplements
    HCG Diet
    ~Louise Senior Community Moderator
    johnmarten64 replied to Louise_WebMD_Staff's response:
    In a country where obesity has raised up to 60% in last 20 years, people will definitely go after anything to lose a few pounds. HCG has become immensely popular in recent times. People's response indicates that there must be some success. Kevin Trudeau's "The Weight Loss Cure "They" Don't Want You to Know About" is adaptation of Dr. Simeons's original manuscript "Pounds and Inches". However, I have come across a lot of people who have gained some fruitful result with HCG and my wife is one among them.

    She took homeopathic HCG drops and experienced almost 20 pound weight loss in 15 days. During this course, she easily carried on her everyday life. VLCD does not make someone energy deficient as Vitamin B12 supplement is either premixed or taken separately. The diet targets only the localized fats.

    One can survive quite easily on 500 cal / day, if the menu is planned properly. I think, a professional dietician can help in this matter.

    Louise_WebMD_Staff replied to johnmarten64's response:
    If you look over the past few years, you have seen people with similar results from acai, chromium, various cleanses, etc. There is a new one every year.
    ~Louise Senior Community Moderator
    johnmarten64 replied to Louise_WebMD_Staff's response:
    Whenever someone plans to go for some medicinal product, the first thing comes in mind is that whether he would gain some result or not. Secondly, he must be very much concerned that he might not develop some harmful health effect from the drug.

    In most of the diet programs, people's experience show that they lost weight during they were taking the doses. But within a few days of completion of the diet, they start gaining weight. At last, they lose hope and get used to live with obesity.

    HCG works in manner that the user is able to lose weight permanently. It resets the whole metabolic process. When the hormone is induced in the body, it activates the hypothalamus. The body reaches to a condition quite similar to that of pregnant women. An immediate need of energy is felt. As the consumption is restricted to 500 calorie per day, the localized fats remain as the only source. The hypothalamus ensures that the body gets the additional energy by decomposing the fat bank.

    In this process, the body gets accustomed to burn fat rapidly. What the dieter has to do after completion is that practice some physical exercise and live a disciplined life. The huger mechanism is totally reset and that's why, he would feel less hungry than he used to feel.

    I was also bothered that my wife might not start gaining weight again. That's why, I suggested her some light workouts. She was not at all interested in physical exercise earlier as she did not feel it comfortable. But now with lesser weight, she is able to carry on exercise.

    The concerns of side effects are there with HCG as well. People have reported headache, pain in abdomen, fever, swelling of the injections spots, breast tenderness (in women). But, these are not so serious and can be cured.

    In case of Homeopathic Oral HCG drops, the fear of side effect is almost nil. Over the years, homeopathy has gained people's confidence by their side-effect free effectiveness. Even the FDA rules permit the drops to be purchased without prescription. The result may come at slow rate. But I believe it is a safer option.
    erint67 replied to johnmarten64's response:
    I am 42 and have been overweight for almost 6 years; I have struggled with my weight most of my adult life. I lost 50 pounds about 10 years ago, by starving"026only eating one piece of chicken and a can of green beans"026it took 6 months of this kind of diet to drop the weight. I have spent the last year on one diet pill after another; killer workouts and I continue to fight the bulge. The diet pills caused cysts and tumors on my ovaries and uterus resulting in a full hysterectomy that took place about two months ago. After the hysterectomy, I started eating much less and was able to drop ten pounds, and then I started the HCG diet. I first did a ton of research on the product, and talked to my doctor about the product. His advice was that it was safe. So I started the diet. I have lost 14.6 pounds in 16 days with no ill side effects. The only problem I have had so far is I am struggling to eat the 500 calories. I do get hungry when it is time to eat, I eat close to the same time each day which helps, and I only eat what is on the diet, following it as close as possible. I have read all the bad things people are saying, and I don't think what they say is justified. The diet pills cost me dearly and I lost no weight taking them. I would highly recommend HCG to anyone that needs to lose over 25 pounds. Your body fat just seems to start melting away. And it's not a starvation diet like everyone says. I have done the starvation diet, and you feel like crap, this doesn't make you feel drained or cause pain in your muscles. I am also Hypoglycemic, so I was very skeptical, afraid that this diet would be very hard, because my sugar level runs so low anyway, and cutting all sugar and starches out of my diet would make me feel sick, but just the opposite has happened. I feel that my sugar level is more regulated and I don't get the jitters from my sugar level bottoming out like I thought would happen from not eating much. If on occasion I feel that I need a sugar lift I just drink about 4 oz of non-sugared all natural grapefruit juice, which levels me out. This diet is like nothing I have experienced before. I do light muscle toning work outs on my ball a few times a week, although it is not recommended to work out. I am hoping to lose an additional 13 pounds on this round. I have planned on doing three rounds of HCG. I have a total of 46 more pounds to lose to match my weight to what everything says I should weight but I will be happy at a heavier me at an additional 36 pound loss, making my total weight loss on HCG of 51 pounds. If you are thinking about trying HCG talk to your Dr. and do your research, and make sure you can adhere to the diet plan.
    johnmarten64 replied to erint67's response:
    There are numerous reports of failures with HCG diet. However, in most of the cases 'cheating' has been the main reason. People consciously or unconsciously over crossed 500 cal per day diet and as a consequence, they could not get satisfactory result.

    It is quite natural that obese people feel more hunger than a normal person. There is some sort of psychological compulsiveness in such kind of appetite. Sometimes, they justify themselves that a slight quantity would not do much harm. In this way, they just cross the limit. This type of things mostly occurs in restaurants or while with friends. So, it is better to be careful.

    Overeating can happen unconsciously as well. People are often ignorant about the calorie values of the foods. Sometimes, they might just carelessly don't follow and consume whatever they get. It is always advisable that one should read the ingredient table (calorie count) before buying a packet of food. It is a smart idea to have a digital food scale at home which can help to measure the calorie of your edibles.

    People often forget that fat can get into body not only by eating but through some other ways also. Using oil based cosmetics can be reason for fat deposition. During the diet period, one should avoid these products and apply only the water based cosmetics. It is sensible to wear latex gloves while cooking some fatty edibles or oiling some other's hair.

    It is tough, no doubt, to stick to 500 calorie diet, but never impossible. What is required is proper planning. A professional dietician may help in this matter. There are HCG cook books which offer a huge list of recipes for various phases. Almost all brands of HCG avail such cook books free of cost. These are very good as they cover almost all types of recipes and suggest how these can be prepared in a diet friendly manner. One should drink plenty of water and other fluids during the low calorie days. Tea and coffee are allowed but without sugar. Stevia drops can be used as a sugar substitute.

    The key of success in HCG diet is disciplined life style. One has to be really focused to achieve fruitful result in the weight loss program. It is always recommended that one should carry out thorough research before starting the diet.

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