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    What Should I Weigh? Do You Have a Goal Number?
    Haylen_WebMD_Staff posted:
    Here's a post from Dr. Beckerman, the expert for WebMD's Heart Disease Community. (He's cute!)

    What's Your Best Weight?

    Do you know yours? Is it a number you keep in mind?


    p.s. My weight is realistic compared to what I wanted in college - what was I thinking? I would have been a skeleton!
    Tomato05 responded:
    Oh, I definitely know precisely what I want to weigh. For me it's easy, because I've been at that weight before.

    That number is the weight where I look and feel at my best. When I eventually reach it, those clothes that are now hanging unused in my wardrobe will fit me perfectly again.

    Even though I'm at a good body fat percentage, I'm still heavier and bigger than I want to be. I know I can have the same body fat percentage at the lower weight if I exercise hard and eat correctly. I can be smaller and muscular, instead of bigger and muscular!
    AllyK1969 responded:
    I was 110-112 pounds in college. So when I found myself weighing 316 lb one day, the desirable number was 110. My weight is 130 lb right now. And I look good and feel good. I would probably like to lose 4-5 lb but not more. I'm not 20 yo any more, I'm 41 (42 in a month). It's ridiculous to wish size 0 now. :) I would look unhealthy.
    Haylen_WebMD_Staff replied to AllyK1969's response:
    Ha! I'm not 20 either - I think my weight today would look different on a 20 year old - and it will probably look different when I'm 60 or 80!

    I've heard interviews with actress/model types - they have to constantly "diet" to stay skinny - I can't remember who it was that had to gain weight for a part (Kim Cattrell maybe?) She said she is miserable b/c of food restriction and was never happier when she could eat like a "normal" person...

    Tomato05 replied to AllyK1969's response:
    I view it differently - I think there is no reason not to strive for the college weight.

    My goal weight is the same as I was in my twenties (I'm 46). In fact, I was at that same weight until my early forties, which was when I gained the weight (simply because I ate too much, no other reason). And in my forties I looked good at that weight.

    I reached my goal again at the end of last year, but unfortunately became careless about keeping up the good eating habits, and now have about 8lb to lose again. So I'm aiming to get down to that once more.
    jean4u replied to AllyK1969's response:

    How did you lose all that weight? Good for YOU!!!

    jean4u responded:

    This is an interesting topic. I started here over 1 yr. ago. When I 1st came here I was a yo-yo dieter. So, I had one goal, to keep the weight off and not keep re-pounding.

    Even when I lost 5 lbs. and saw that by eating healthier and exercising more, I was not re-pounding that 5 lbs., like I did in the past.

    Now, that I weigh in the 130's and keeping it off, I am thrilled. This lifestyle change thing is working. I started at 170.

    So, I think 130 is good for me.

    AllyK1969 replied to jean4u's response:
    Hi Barb,
    Sorry for not responding promptly. I was on vacation. When I was 316 lb I was offered a bariatric surgery. I had 2 kidney surgeries before and kinda didn't want to cut myself again. But I also realized that I have too many health problems and have to do smth. with my weight. I couldn't sleep waking up approx. every 30 min. because was unable to breath. The scariest part was I had a dream (a nightmare!!!) that my favorite nephew who I love crazy is choking me. And keeps laughing while choking. I was also depressed about the fact that being not so old I keep wearing awful shrugs (and always dark colors) instead of beautiful clothes. My doctor kept insisting on surgery. Well, I decided it was time to go to another one. I can't say new doctor helped me a lot but at least he said that diet can help me.
    So I eliminated all sweets, bread, sodas and ice-cream. Started cooking lean protein and lots of vegetables. I finally started eating salads! :) I also started walking every evening. First I could do like a 20 min. walk (puffing and face turning red pretty soon) but eventually increased my walks up to 2 hours.
    And here I am 4 years later! I was always too shy to go to gym thinking of how people gonna laugh at me if they see such a big and clumsy cow as I was. But last year I plateaued at 165 lb for several months and let's say Biggest Looser finally convinced me to join gym. And I'm very happy about it. The same time I found this community. I didn't register untill last February but was here almost every day reading different stories and advices. All this helped me to say "good-buy" to unwanted pounds and thank you all very very much!!!
    I do eat bread again but whole wheat. I lost my passion for sweets and absolutely happy about it. I love dark chocolate but one 100 gr bar is enough for 1-2 weeks for me. I don't like ice-cream any more. But after buying ice-cream maker started making frozen fruits desserts (yummy!). Smth like sorbet but no sugar. There's lots of sugar in fruits any way. I love cooking now!
    Well of course I thought that for the rest of my life I will eat healthy and keep fit. But in February my mother died and I found myself depressed, not cooking but eating junk food. Really couldn't do anything with myself. This chaos lasted for 2 months when it hit me: I spent 4 years getting my life back and now flushing it to the toilet just because it's more comforting to sob with potato chips. Oh God, I'm so ashamed! But I'm back on track now. :) I registered for 4 m run this Sunday (May, 8). Hopefully I'll be able to finish. He-he!
    jean4u replied to AllyK1969's response:

    Thanks for sharing your story. Aren't you glad you didn't have any surgery for weightloss? I know several people who have complications and can't eat some foods and have nutrient deficiencies.

    Sorry about the loss of your mother, that is tough, but food doesn't cure, just a temporary fix.

    BTW, how do you make the frozen fruit desserts? What brand ice cream maker do you use? Also. share a recipe.

    One of the best things I got, is an air pop corn popper. Uses no oil. I make a batch to have on hand. I got tired of those 100 cal bags because they use so much salt and weren't popping but were burning in the micro.

    I love getting the support and tips here. We all go through bumpy times when it is so easy to go back to those old habits and that is why I come here. I'm a stress and boredom, oh and don't forget "if one tastes good just think how good another will be" kind of eater.

    You will do so good on that run! Tell us about how good it felt to be able to do that. You have changed your life!


    Happy Tuesday!
    An_202291 responded:
    Well, that is a good question for me. I changed my lifestyle (no dieting here) and I have lost about 45 lbs. It took me a 1.5 years but that is fine w/ me. I'm not in a hurry. My goal is not weightloss, my goal is to be healthy.

    So since 1.5 years ago, I went from about 250 to 205 lbs, size 20 to flirting w/ a size 16 (not 16W). The best part of all of this is that I can now jog at 5.0 on a treadmill for 2 miles, then ride a bike for 10 miles and still have energy to do other things. My Cholesterol is 180, Triglicerides <40, HDL high, LDL low. Resting B/P 90s / 60s, resting heart rate 60s. I eat no fast food and have decreased my alcohol intake to 1-2 beers a week (I like beer).

    My goal weight is 160 and I don't mind if it takes me 5 years to get there, but it seems like no matter how much I exercise, even with variation, I am finding it difficult to get to the less than 200 point. I have been stalled at this weight for months.

    I am menopausal (hyst 2 years ago) but on hormone tx and I feel better than ever. Do you have any advice for me? My thyroid is good, values w/n normal range, but I am stuck. I journal my food and rarely go over 2000 calories, which I need because of my activity level. What do you think??
    prettygirl62 replied to jean4u's response:
    I'm so happy to hear that you to people didn't get any weight loss surgery, it has to many complications to it. I feel that's the easy way out now, not to sat that somepeople really do need it to live, but now it seems everyone wants to get it so they don't have to diet and exercise, now and day's everything is computerized and people don't move aroung so much any more, especially our kids.. obesity is everywhere, no matter who you are. We all have to slow down and exercise, wether it's walkimg or playing with your kids,nieces,nephews, your spouses anyone.-HAVE SOME FUN- WHILE TRYING TO GET HEALTHY
    jadidd responded:
    I would love to see 170 on my scale, but I can tell you it's misery seeing 235. I have NEVER been so heavy in my life and 51 years young is not the time to start. I have sleep apnea and no insurance for treatment as well as Hoshimotos Thyroiditis and had a full hysterectomy 6 months ago. I crave sweets constantly and although I've always had a sweet tooth, it's way beyond that these days. What are the odds I will ever see my weight go down?? I can hardly look at myself in the mirror and wouldn't wish this on anyone...
    Tomato05 replied to jadidd's response:
    51 Years is a very good time to start! Right Now is the perfect time to start at any age...

    The odds are excellent that you will lose weight, provided you force your calorie intake lower. In a year's time you can be well below 200lb and most of this misery can be gone. Go for it.
    An_202292 replied to AllyK1969's response:
    How did you do it. I do well for about four months and then loose momentum. Im at 175lbs and need to get to about 125. I read what to do, do it for a little bit and I do loose. But then i get discouraged because im not eating what i really want to eat then i binge. Im a bit discouraged.
    Risher74 replied to An_202292's response:
    I started at 217 & have made it down to 180 since 1/1. I am doing it slowly, reading articles/tips on WebMD daily to stay motivated & knowledgeable about the right kinds of food to eat...little did I know I would love things like Greek Yogurt & Quinoa! I am also using a food journal app on my IPhone which keeps me cognizant about what I am putting into my body, and I religiously record every morsel, even the bad days. When I weigh, I see positive results when I have eaten well & negative results when I occasionally splurge on a not-so-healthy food choice. This feedback I feel is completely responsible for my success thus far. I was always an avid exerciser/jogger, and couldn't understand why the number on the scale kept increasing. Using the food diary, I found out I was eating WAY too many calories. My app deducts for exercise, but I aim for 1200-1600 nutritious calories a day. I know it will be slow weight loss, but the benefits are already felt. My self-esteem has drastically improved, my total Cholesterol went from 278 in Dec. to 168 this April/LDL from 202 to 103, Triglycerides from 120 to 80, Sugar from 99 to 86. Just seeing these results has shown me not only do I feel & look better, but I am helping my health as well. I will definitely continue this endeavor, my goal is 150 by next year & I'm well on my way. Thanks WebMD, Lose It app (free!), and learning about ways to eat that I can live with, not a "diet" that I can't.

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