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    Includes Expert Content
    I'm losing weight because _________________________
    Haylen_WebMD_Staff posted:
    Health? Looks? Doctor recommendation? Share your reasons here!

    furbabies4 responded:
    Because I was just diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes. I want to control it with diet and exercise eventually, but I have to drop a lot of pounds to get to that point.
    Worned responded:
    At age 57, I am losing weight to feel better and prevent health issues. I am hoping to get a great report when I visit my family MD. I have simply cut down on portion size and increased my exercise to three times a week. I lost 15LBs since February. I hate diets, and summer time has so many good foods. I admit I am a foodie so eating more fruits and veggies allows me to splurg evey now and then for ball park and summer time foods.
    firewife10790 responded:
    My daughters 8 and 3 years old need a healthy ( not necessarily "skinny" ) mom to look to for inspiration and hopefully they will make better choices in food health etc... than most people from my pre health conscious generation did!!
    An_202348 responded:
    I have bad arthritis in my knees and do not to get them replaced. I have Type 2 Diabetes, Asthma, GERD, Sleep Apnea, and 5 children whom I love. I need to do this for me, for my husband and for my children.
    dbmiller092956 responded:
    I'm losing weight because the last time I went to the doctor's I was too embarrassed to look at the scale. At age 55, it is hard, but I changed my eating habits and started excercising. As my youngest son says, it is not a diet, but a lifestyle change.
    I am going to Hawaii March 2012. I want to look great...for me!
    ReikiLadySD responded:
    In January 2010 my doctor told me if I gained 25 more pounds I'd be a candidate for a lap band. I decided that was not for me. My mother is so large she is probably morbidly obese, and she's already had one knee replaced and will probably need a second in the next year. She is 81. I do not want to follow her path. It's taken me 18 months to lose 69 pounds, and I have more to go, but I feel better, look better, and my self esteem knows no bounds.
    usavageu responded:
    I found out I was Diabetic and had to cut WAY DOWN on Carbohydrates.... Just by doing this I lost 30 lbs! I went from 236 lbs down to 206! And it really wasn't so bad at all....So many sugarless foods are now out there that actually taste good. That aftertaste we all remember from the old days is gone. If you're looking to lose weight, forget all the trendy names for the latest diet...just cut back on the carbs and I promise you'll drop some pounds!
    usavageu replied to furbabies4's response:
    Furbabies4, If you cut back on the carbs, you'll start losing weight immediately....I lost 30 lbs in just over two months when I found out I had Type 2 Diabetes just by limiting my carbs to 200 grams per day
    freefromsurgar1 responded:
    I have diabetes...and am deathly scared...its starting to sink in that at my age I cant say .."oh it will go away" or "I can control it". So I have to buckle down and start now and get myself in check!!! My whole family on my moms side are diabetic...and I have seen first hand what is happening to them. I dont want that..for me or my kids!!!
    freefromsurgar1 replied to usavageu's response:
    Omg 30 lbs in that short of time ...awesome fo you!!! I so need to get some willpower to cut the carbs!!! Bigtime!! Did you workout also???
    freefromsurgar1 replied to ReikiLadySD's response:
    wow!!!you are doing great!!! I am often told.."you should go to those seminars about the gastric bypass or lap band surgery" I have seen people who have had those procedures..let me tell you it is not all glory for them.
    lccox replied to usavageu's response:
    I am looking at carbs and wondered if you distinguished between complex and simple carbs or if you just tried to eleminate them all.
    jis4judy responded:
    Hi Hayden
    about 8 years ago I started on a journey to better health to help my body heal itself .. so I ate highly nutricious foods and the weight came off it was quite a nice surprise because it was a nutrition based plan I created for myself .. I was trying to help my eyes because I heard that the macular degeneration I was diagnosed with was made worse by sugars fats etc
    So in changeing my eating habits for my eyes sake I not only lost weight and I have been keeping it off for 7 years and my life long asthma went away My blood tests came back all great from my last physical and I am healther than I have ever been ..
    look pretty good too ..
    I am pretty healthy this was not a weight loss effort it was a get healthy effort that resulted in weight loss..
    Hugs Judy:)
    Sw 247 Cw 153ish remember the gold isn;t in the prize it is in the journey! life may not be the party we expected but while we are here we may as well dance!
    QuilterRN replied to furbabies4's response:
    Great reason and good for you!!

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