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    When did your weight concerns start?
    Haylen_WebMD_Staff posted:
    I was looking through family scrapbooks this weekend and realized that my relationship with food/weight/body image started early.

    I was sad to see photos of myself in 7th grade and remember thinking I was "fat".

    Did you only become concerned about weight after a "late-in-life" gain or have you had a "life long battle"?

    totallywiggedout responded:
    I'm a "lifer" here Haylen.
    I have kindergarten photos to prove it. By the time I was 8 or 9, the greasy, sugary foods that I preferred had already created breakouts of acne.
    I know , from my mom's accounts, that I was a lap sitter. Every time she sat down, I wanted to be up in her lap. I think that stopped around age 4 because that's when I started getting too heavy. At first, not obese, just heavy. But it got worse very fast. By the time I was in 4th grade, I was the heaviest child in school. Terrible feelings going along with it too. I can remember my mom trying to get me to eat healthier stuff like salads and be balking. To this day, I'm not a salad eater. But I do , and have always, liked finger foods like baby carrots, sliced cukes, sliced tomatos(cherry and grape tomatos), stuff like that.
    But my dad, lol. He was a "feeder" an "enabler" , he loved me with food. He was always, ALWAYS tall and skinny. He could eat anything at all and it would just go to pure energy. But the things he liked, peanut butter and jelly crackers, icecream, candy bars, etc.... he shared. God bless him. But I wish he hadn't been so giving.
    Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work --- Thomas Edison

    Losing weight healthfully isn't going to be easy or fast, but it WILL be worth it
    Haylen_WebMD_Staff replied to totallywiggedout's response:
    Thanks for sharing Kim!

    I'm surprised at how sad I felt seeing those photos and remembering all the pain that came with my high school/college weight issues.

    I'm raising two daughters - we eat very healthy but I am also not restrictive. I think that can backfire. We NEVER talk about looks in relation to bodies, only health.


    p.s I love the Edison quote! I might have to steal that for my personal facebook page!
    totallywiggedout replied to Haylen_WebMD_Staff's response:
    Thanks Haylen. As for the quote, have at it. I have very little room to say anything since I obviously pilfered it too, lol.
    You are raisin your girls right. It really is all about how healthy you are and not your physical beauty that is going to count in the end. Although, when from the pic I saw of your daughters on , I think, the first day of school. They aren't slouches in the beauty arena either. LOL. They do look healthy and strong.
    And Happy. Big cudos to you and your hubby.
    Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work --- Thomas Edison

    Losing weight healthfully isn't going to be easy or fast, but it WILL be worth it
    brunosbud replied to totallywiggedout's response:
    When I traveled, abroad, places like Japan, Thailand, Singapore, Sweden, the Netherlands, I would often walk the streets of cities with my jaw dragging the ground...

    The look of good health and fitness is devastatingly. Sometimes, the women looked like "aliens from another planet", they are that beautiful.

    To look (and feel) this way is within everyone's grasp...You just have to stop eating like an American, that's all...
    LR2012 responded:
    I didn't have any weight problems until after I had my son (I was 24 yrs old) and that got the ball rolling but then I was diagnosed with Bipolar II and started meds for depression (and a few others such as for seizures) and then the weight REALLY piled on. But I'm not EVER going to stop taking my meds - just have to work hard to get this weight off.
    3point14 responded:
    I was fat as a youngster, then when I went to high school I got really serious about exercise. I walked everywhere! I never really learned about healthy eating, though, so even though I was relatively slender I had absolutely no definition, my skin was a wreck.

    Senior year I "went vegetarian" which meant eating fried potatoes and popcorn every night with my (no joke) 500 lb. boyfriend. Needless to say, health was not a huge priority. Over the next four or so years I put on about 40ish pounds.

    Then about two years ago, I got sick of punishing my body with fatness. Got sick of wearing ugly clothes to mask my body. Got sick of not being able to hike or swim or dance unself consciously.

    I'm now within 5 lbs of where I was in high school, but now it's muscle-y! My skin has improved immensely, and my level of physical activity is through the roof. As I've gone through college I've gone from wanting to be a PTA, and now thinking I want a degree in exercise science so that I can do sports rehab or maybe help run a gym. If you'd asked me five years ago where I ever saw my life heading, this was not it. But I couldn't be more happy with the progress I'm determined to continue.
    jis4judy responded:
    Hi Haylen
    I am I guess a different case when I was small and through my teens a bit too skinny and everyone was trying to fatten me up
    I didn;t have any weight problems till after I had my 2 children one right after the other 1 year 6 weeks apart I accually can;t blame my pregnancys because I returned to normal weight after each one .. I gained about 40 pounds in my 30s took that off before I was 40 stayed slim up until menopause thats when i gained the weight and kept it on for 10 years it was a combination of loseing my mother menopause and buying into the old age thing ..and increase of 100 or more pounds
    I realy convinced myself that it was impossable to remove the weight ... one morning in 2003 I woke with the realization that the very least I could do for my body was to eat healthier and avoid the sweets I had been overeating on . wasn;t even trying to remove weight because I had allready decided that was impossable .. well after a few months it started to show and I was very delightfuly surprised,,, still following my healthy eating plan
    Hugs Judy:)
    Sw 247 Cw 149ish

    remember the gold isn;t in the prize it is in the journey!
    life may not be the party we expected but while we are here we may as well dance!
    Haylen_WebMD_Staff replied to totallywiggedout's response:

    Thank you! Not slouches in the beauty arena - hahaha! Love that.

    This discussion is really great - thank you to everyone who has chimed in with personal stories and observations.

    Please do stick around, start your own discussion and support scared, frustrated, discouraged newbies. Your support CAN make a difference for those seeking a healthier life.

    (((hugs))) to you all!

    ghost_ryder responded:
    I was a skinny kid all through school and most of early adulthood. At 33, I ruptured a disk in my back and 35 I had my first stent put in. At 33, I was 220 pounds but was not a grossly high number for me. I am 6'3" but I have a 31' inseam. I am all upper body (thick mass). I worked in a job were I walked up to 2 miles a day and lifted 2000 pounds of ice cream everyday. Burned a lot of calories. When I ruptured the disk, I was put behind a desk and thus began my rapid decent to obesity.

    Now, I am looking a bone on bone arthritis oin both knees and the inability to exercise the way I would like to exercise. It is very disappointing since I know full well that the knee pain I feel is directly attributable to the weight I now carry.
    Wrightn221 responded:

    I picked up in my late 30's. I was a perfect hourglass shape prior to that. I gained 30lbs in. 5 years but finally got 20 off and working on last 10. Had I not exercised for over 20 years, I would've gained more.
    Haylen_WebMD_Staff replied to Wrightn221's response:
    Hi Wrightn!

    Congrats on getting that 20 off and working on the 10. I hope you stick around and share your experiences with others here.

    Whenever I think of a perfect hourglass shape, I always picture Barbara Eden. I was in a Halloween store this weekend and an "I Dream of Jeannie" costume. I think the ship has sailed for me to pull that off!

    Haylen_WebMD_Staff replied to ghost_ryder's response:
    ghost_ryder - I encourage you to visit our Fitness & Exercise Community . We have an excellent expert there who can help you find exercises that can work without causing pain or more injury.

    I went from an active job to a desk job about ten years ago and BAM. It doesn't take much for the weight to creep on.


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