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    Heartburn Sufferer and High Cholesterol
    Frankie617 posted:
    I have had heartburn for many many years. I also have high cholesterol. I am trying to find a diet that combines both issues. As what is good for heartburn is not always good for cholesterol and visa versa. I am told all the foods I cannot eat for both issues but never many ideas for foods that I can eat. Just wondering if you would know of a guide that would be able to help me out. I would appreciate any help you could give.
    totallywiggedout responded:
    Hi Frankie, sorry it took so long to respond.
    When you get heartburn episodes, have you been eating greasy fried foods? Potato Chips or fried chips like Fritos? High fat meats like BBQ ribs , fried chicken, Pork steaks or roast beef cooked in its own juices(fats) ?
    Or do you get it when you eat plain tomatos, Plain green or chili peppers, oranges, or grapefruits , apples???
    If you could pinpoint some of your trigger foods I could help a bit more about foods to eat, recipes to fix.
    Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work --- Thomas Edison

    What doesn't kill us makes us stronger---Friedrich Nietzche
    brunosbud responded:
    When I was 40 lbs overweight, smoke a couple packs a day and was a weekend alcoholic, I suffered the following conditions...

    1. Hay fever, chronic stuffiness & runny nose
    2. Acid reflux and gas
    3. Wheezing (hock 'n spit)
    4. Bad body odor and oily hair
    5. Rashes around neck, groin area and insides of arms
    6. Constipation w/ occasional diarrhea
    7. Scaly skin on knuckles, knees
    8. Heavy dandruff
    9. Needed root canals, annually
    10. Extremely poor night vision
    11. Acne
    12. Chronic joint pain in left hip and neck
    13. Urinary tract infections & nocturia (2-3 times/night)
    14. Occasional heart palpitations
    That was several years ago, before, I quit the booze and smokes, overhauled my diet, stopped consuming massive amounts of sugar, soda and coffee, got tested for sleep apnea and Type 2 Diabetes and started a simple 20 minute walking program, daily...

    All of these problems dissipated and, eventually, disappeared in less than 18 months.

    Was it coincidence? Did I find lightening in a bottle? Was I blessed w/ good genes? or, was I just lucky?

    The man to our right, Henry S. Lodge, MD wrote a book with Chris Crowley (one of his patients) called "Younger Next Year". In it, they suggest that 70% of all diseases associated with aging...high blood pressure, diabetes, stroke and heart attack, arthritis, Alzheimer's, most cancers, depression, liver and kidney disease...can be delayed or avoided, entirely, by adopting healthy lifestyle habits. In other words, what the book suggests, is precisely what the medical community in this country wants to suppress...

    We possess the "power", not only to cure, but to reverse the clock!

    I suggest you do some reading, Frankie617...

    I think you'll find, as did I, that most of the answers you seek, you already know...

    You may not like 'em, much, but, you know.

    Note: I have high LDL (140) and my HDL:Total Cholesterol is 4.4. I will also be "younger next year". My doctor supports my refusal to take statins at this time, 100%.
    PetuniaPea responded:
    Here's a guide from of foods that don't cause heartburn (I hope it's within the rules to post this!):

    Ask your doctor if you can incorporate nuts, seeds, and avocados into your diet...some studies have shown that they lower LDL and raise HDL levels!

    Good luck!
    Frankie617 replied to PetuniaPea's response:
    Thank you PetuniaPea,

    I will check out the web site. I have already added almonds, sunflower seeds and walnuts into my diet. Not a fan of avocados though.
    Frankie617 replied to totallywiggedout's response:
    Hi Kim,
    If I eat greasy foods my heartburn would be a lot worse than what it is so I have been changing my food list to avoid all high acidic foods. In the past years I have really given up many foods such as tomatoes and tomato based meals, hot dogs, raw onion, garlic, all types of spices, wings, cream based meals, chocolate, sweets, cinnamon products, chips, etc. most of the time. I tend to go back to eating some of these foods as I cannot find enough variety to keep from craving these foods.

    I really enjoy sweet, salty and crunchy foods. I also like many different raw vegetables but I don't do so well on the cooked.

    Also, I am not a gourmet cook so I prefer fast and easy preparation meals but I tend to stay away from frozen dinners because of the high fat, salt, carbs and sugars.

    Again any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


    totallywiggedout replied to Frankie617's response:
    Frankie, sounds like you are doing really well about finding and kicking out the foods that cause your heartburn and to help with cholesterol.
    But I can see your dilemma when it comes to having enough variety to keep you interested in eating well.
    I'm not a big fan of "cooked" veggies but I do tend to like alot of em roasted. Roasting with saltless seasonings helps bring out some very interesting and inspiringly enhanced flavors in your veggies. If you use Grapeseed oil or Olive oil you get the extra pop of heart healthy fats.
    I'm hoping that you are getting enough Natural , food derived fiber.
    Oatmeal, Avocados, strawberries, whole grains(no white breads, white rices, or pastas), even super fiber rich cereals and those breakfast bars are all good choices.
    If you like V8, get the low sodium one, you can even heat it and have it like tomato soup.
    I don't know if you have tried Hummus. But if not. go get some, lol. The roasted garlic or the red pepper ones are really good and with raw veggies dipped in , will give you protein (it's made from chick peas, aka garbonzo beans), heart healthy olive oil(which hummus is made with), and great TASTE. I even go so far as to use it as a sandwich spread. The roasted red pepper hummus in a pita stuffed with sliced cukes is GREAT! lol
    The foods that you have tried to get away from are only the tip of the iceburg when it comes to what choices you still have.
    here are some sites for recipe ideas, plus the one from the 50-100 lb weightloss community , that I belong to. Our recipes blog is ongoing and ALL of it is blogger tested and approved. Most of them have little or no salt and all are big on flavor.

    Running to the kitchen and the clothes make the girl are mostly paleo diet recipes, as both of those bloggers are experimenting with that style. I have done at least 2 or 3 recipes from skinnytaste and a couple from the other two and they are all EXCELLANT recipes and are quite easy to follow with pretty basic ingredients.
    And I KNOW that the ones on the 50-100 sites blog are all good, we've tried pretty much all of em, lol
    hope this helps expand your culinary and dietary horizons.
    Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work --- Thomas Edison

    What doesn't kill us makes us stronger---Friedrich Nietzche
    JulaS responded:
    Dear Frankie,

    Yes, understandable as it can be hard to pick the right food sometimes when following a strict diet. My husband chose to change go for Paleo diet, because of some health issues. Quite a struggle in the beginning to cook the right food for him. Now we're following an 8 week Paleo recipe plan ( ) and it's getting easier every day.

    Frankie617 replied to totallywiggedout's response:
    Thanks for the info Kim. You have some great ideas that I appreciate very much for your time and effort.

    You mentioned saltless seasonings but a lot of seasonings tend to trigger my heartburn.
    Oatmeal - still trying different types that are not so high in fat and salt but taste good, I tried making my own but that was a disaster.
    Avocados - don't like.
    Whole grains - I am not a huge bread eater any more but when I do I try to go with whole wheat or grain breads now.
    Rice - I have tried a few other brands and types of rice but so far I have not found another rice that I like besides beef or chicken flavored white rice.
    Pasta - since I stopped eating tomato and creamy based meals I don't find I eat pasta anymore but if I did I can only do the Catelli Smart pastas not the whole wheat.
    Breakfast bars are either too high in fat but normally it is that they are too high in carbs.

    V8 juice - they are tomato based.
    Hummus - all have garlic in them.

    I will definitely check out those website for more ideas. I will also look for some roasting recipes for vegetables. Thanks again.
    Frankie617 replied to JulaS's response:
    Hi Jula,

    Thanks for the reply. My heartburn has been with me now for 19 years caused by cancer, which after the treatments caused GERD's , Barrett's esophagus and a Hiatal Hernia. About 8 years ago I had the hernia repaired and the heartburn went away completely. About 4 years ago the Barrett's got worse and I had to go through some treatments to fix it. Also when being treated for the Barrett's the doctors saw that my hernia had torn again. The heartburn started coming back gradually. Now I have been told that the Barrett's has been cleared for now but because of the hernia my heartburn has gotten extremely worse. The doctors do not want to operate because they say a second repair is harder to do because of the scar tissue and if I was older they would do it but because of my age they want to wait it out longer so I hopefully won't need a third repair.

    Then the high cholesterol comes in to play. This is caused mostly from heredity but my food choices have not always been the best either. My father had a major heart attack when he was in his early 50's but was able to get to hospital in time but my brother died of a massive heart attack at the age of 48 right on the spot. No warning signs at all for either of them but the high cholesterol. I am now 46 and if I don't get my cholesterol levels down now I could end up having the same fate as they did. I am trying to avoid their fate.

    I will definitely look at the Paleo diet for some ideas. Thanks again,

    totallywiggedout replied to Frankie617's response:
    Sweety, I do my Quaker Old Fashioned Rolled Oats in the Microwave. Use 1/2 cup of oats to about 3/4 -1 c water, sprinkle in a packet of stevia and some pumpkin pie spice, to taste(note here, cinnamon is supposed to be good for hearburn AND for high blood pressure). Microwave on high for about a min, then stir, microwave in sets of about 30 sec watching closely , and stir after each. WATCH as it thickens though, because it tends to "GROW" out of the bowl, lol. But when it is your desired consistancy, bring it out, top with 1/4 of a chopped apple, some raisins and/or dried cranberries(heart healthy), and 2 T of Original ALL BRAN, not the buds but the reg "sticks" of old fashioned all bran (LOTS of fiber, lower sodium and sugars than the buds)
    Add the All Bran because you need fiber, and lots of it to help scrub out your arteries and lower your blood pressure. REMEMBER , Fiber LOVES water. So drink at least 64 oz of water a day, this helps the fiber bulk up and move through your system slowly to give the best hearth healthy benefits AND to keep you fuller longer.
    Oatmeal can be eaten Sweet or SAVORY. Look up Savory Oatmeal recipes and see if some of those may interest you. These savories are a much healthier side dish choice along with your meats and eggs than something like bread or potatoes, because of the fiber rich benefits.
    Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work --- Thomas Edison

    What doesn't kill us makes us stronger---Friedrich Nietzche
    totallywiggedout replied to Frankie617's response:
    Frankie, I also wanted to point out that with avocados, there are more ways than one to eat em. The reason I'm pushin them is that they have such huge amounts of fiber and hearth healthy fats.
    On that "recipes" blog that I posted for you, the 50-100 weightloss clubs(?) check you the Big Green Meanie smoothie. Its avocado, and some Pistachio pudding mix and Almond Silk or lowfat milk. SUPER good and good for you, and you won't even realize you are eating avocado, I promise.
    As for your rice.... NOT GOOD. That stuff is SO high in sodium I'm surprised you don't just drop over dead while eating them. lol
    Try making your rice with low sodium , low fat chicken broth, and BROWN RICE. Throw in some frozen peas n carrots and a few slivered almonds and ,voila , you have pilaf!
    As for hummus..... make your own. If you like it, it's pretty easy. Chick peas rinsed and drained, Olive oil, a very tiny bit of peanut butter, and roasted red peppers or you could add some olives, as long as you rinse and drain them first to get some of the salt off. Puree it till smooth, adding olive oil as needed.
    Do you take a daily antacid for these problems?? I should hope so.
    Also, it sounds strange, but gout sufferers have to follow low acid diets too, you may want to google diets for gout, or recipes for gout sufferers , as these will tend to be without stuff that also causes heartburn.
    Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work --- Thomas Edison

    What doesn't kill us makes us stronger---Friedrich Nietzche
    PetuniaPea replied to totallywiggedout's response:
    TWO, I agree that you should try foods that you think you don't like again, and in a different way, possibly.

    For example, I didn't like kale the first time I ate it...I sauteed it and thought it was bitter and icky. Then six months later, I decided to try kale in a fruit smoothie with a pinch of stevia, and I loved it!

    Now I put kale in my veggie soup and sometimes bake kale chips. Put bite sized kale on a large oven pan, spray oil oil spray and just a pinch of Morton Lite Salt, a pinch of pepper, and maybe a pinch of turmeric (I gave it a try last night and it was tasty). I say "pinch" because the first time I made them I put on so much salt, it was unedible. Remember, the kale leaves shrink, so only use "pinches" of salt and spices...I didn't know that Anyway, put it in the oven for approx. 10-15 mins on 350 degrees (give or take, each oven is different...just check occasionally till you reach desired crispness.)

    I'm not a bread person either, Frankie...but I eat whole grains such as brown rice and quinoa ("keen-Wa"). Let me know if you want to experiment with quinoa and I'll give you a couple fun recipes that I enjoy
    uunbccvg replied to totallywiggedout's response:
    hi fat bbq and sometime tomatos sauce not tomato stop eatin bbq rribs but yesterday i tryed and paid for it

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