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    Vegetarian diet/ weight loss
    Improve posted:
    Is a Vegetarian diet efficient for weight loss? I am not currently a vegetarian and the thought of becoming one never crossed my mind until I did some research on diets and found a decent number of articles claiming that a vegetarian diet is not only good for loosing weight but also for keeping it off (obviously if the lifestyle is continued). But of course I also found articles against it. What have you guys heard? Also,Not necessarily a vegetarian diet but what about a diet that restricts the quantity of meat or that only allows quality (lean) meat? Does lean meat only mean fish? There is more than one question here but to some it up:

    1. Is a Vegetarian diet efficient for weight loss?
    2. What about a diet that restricts the quantity of meat or that only allows quality (lean) meat?
    3. Does lean meat only mean fish?

    Thank you
    jis4judy responded:
    Hi the amount of food is more important thing to remember
    I know very little about vegetarian diets but did have a buddy that gained weight as a vegetarian ...
    so I think changeing your life style to include proper portions of healthy foods really is the way to go here .. any plan you cannot do for the rest of your life is a bad plan .. create a plan for yourself the thing to avoid is proccessed foods
    I eat lean meats chicken no skin and porkchops with fat removed around the edges...also lean cuts of beef . it isn;t so much what meat you eat it is how much you eat 4 ounces is a proper portion of whatever meat you choose..
    a meal can have a starch a green vegie and any meat a side salad too it is the dressing that ruins salads plain oil and vinager would serve you best light on the oil a bit more on the vinager..
    I hope this answers some of your questions
    Hugs Judy:)
    Sw 247 Cw 149ish

    remember the gold isn;t in the prize it is in the journey!
    life may not be the party we expected but while we are here we may as well dance!
    Pamela Peeke, MD, MPH, FACP responded:
    Hi and thanks for your posting. Great questions so let's answer them for you. People become vegetarians for a variety of reasons. Religious (7th Day Adventists) or political (not interested in eating animal products), or health (plant based diets are more natural and healthier), to name a few. People have now customized their vegetarian diets to include fish only, or occasional fish and poultry but no red meat, etc. In other words, people are individualizing their own types of diets and you can as well.

    A myth is that all vegetarians are reed thin. Wrong. That's because their diet can be quite fatty (triple cheese pizza no meat) and can also be filled with refined sugar. Not so for vegans, who have a highly restrictive dietary intake and as a result may have reduced omega fatty acids as well as B12 in their diet.

    The best dietary intake for weight reduction is a balanced diet that includes high quality protein, fat and carb. You can do that as a vegetarian or not. Avoiding refined and processed foods is absolutely critical across the board for the healthiest and most effective way to control your weight.

    Check out the WebMD Food and Fitness Planner today. It has a terrific plan to help you customize your own nutrition and activity strategy.

    Good luck and let us know how you're doing.

    Dr. Peeke

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