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    Gastric Bypass
    ja4nate posted:
    I had gastric bypass in 2008 and lost around 200 pounds and everything was great. I would sometimes eat too much and paid for it with the awful feelings that can accompany it.

    Since Thanksgiving, I seem to be doing nothing but gaining. Has a lot to do with boredom (I work parttime and find I do much better when I work), holidays and family gatherings, and just a feeling of "wanting it".

    I have recently started the Special K diet and hope to lose arount 15 pounds. After weighing 368 pounds, I want to get back to around 160 pounds.

    Any advice will be greatly appreciated. Janice
    brunosbud responded:
    Knowledge is power. But, how and where we acquire knowledge can radically affect the decisions we make and change the course of our lives. I'll give you three examples of what I mean...

    1. I'd been working with a guy for 12 years and I knew his family rented. So, one day I asked him, "Have you ever thought of buying instead of owning?" He said, "Of course, but I don't qualify..." I made a quick call (to my realtor) and in 4 months, he and his family moved into a new home.

    His knowledge was correct...12 years ago. Unfortunately, it was worthless, today.

    2. People's "knowledge" about money...Their "knowledge" tells them, "If I make more money, I'll be happier". Everybody who has no money, believes this premise, with absolute certainty...Yet, most who do have money will tell you there's really no correlation between the two, whatsoever.

    3. Car won't start; no click, no crank. Your mechanic says its the starter. $400. Two weeks, later, car won't start, again, so you take it back. Mechanic replaces the starter for another starter. Two weeks, later, guess what? Car won't start. This time, you take it to another mechanic who cleans your battery posts; no charge. Car starts up, problem solved...

    Two different "knowledge", thus, two entirely different solutions & two different results...

    You view weight gain as the "problem"; that's your "knowledge", but...

    What if the weight gain is not the "problem" but, instead, the "byproduct" or "symptom" of another problem(s), entirely?

    In other words, what if it's not the starter?
    brunosbud replied to brunosbud's response:
    sorry, "Have you ever thought of buying instead of owning renting?"
    jacqueline67 responded:
    You must ask the question why I'm I bored and using food to comfort me when I should be doing something to distrack my thougths to a positive feeling. A friend of mine use utube web site for exercise and she does it for 10 minutes a day. Do u have problems working out.
    acorn3102 replied to jacqueline67's response:
    Jacqueline67 - Although I have not had the surgery you speak of, my sister and my friend have, so I have been through a lot of discussions with them. I also have weight issues, but due to a lack of insurance coverage, this surgery is not an option for me. I guess if your problem is boredom and you use food to fill that void, you need to get out and about. My sister travels for a living so exercise is a challenge as she can't go to a fitness center. She uses the Leslie Sansome walking dvds and has had great success with them. They can be done in the living room during inclement weather when you can't walk outside. You also may want to do research on what you are eating, because if you're eating carbs to fill up on, your body is likely lacking in the all important protein that you need. Check on line for bariatric weight loss websites. They can really help you if you're at a "crisis" point of putting weight back on.
    acorn3102 replied to acorn3102's response:
    My apologies - I should have addressed my reply to ja4nate. I've never done this before, so I guess I've learned from this experience too

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