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    The Hunger Fix Meal Plans
    heatherforever posted:
    I've been reading The Hunger Fix by Pam Peeke with great interest, as I have no doubt that I am a food addict. I weigh 316.8 pounds. However, I was saddened to find that the food plans are "one size fits all." How will these food plans work for BOTH a sedentary person half my size, and me, an active morbidly obese person who easily burns 4000 calories a day (and more if I deliberately exercise)? I know for certain that I can't go below 2000 calories without losing weight WAY too fast (like 5 pounds a week).

    I want to follow The Hunger Fix plan, but I don't want to restrict my calories so much that I set myself up to fail.
    brunosbud responded:
    You've just revealed the very reason why you're in the predicament you're in...You fear to fail too much.

    The world works in opposites! The most successful people in the world, fail the most.
    PetuniaPea responded:
    Hi heatherforever,

    Are you exaggerating when you say you burn 4000 calories a day?

    Most highly active people barely burn a fraction of that, unless they're doing heavy construction all day long!

    It is harder to burn calories than one thinks, especially when our metabolisms aren't working at their peak.

    I would "guess-timate" that in highly active people like yourself, "activity" calories burned for the day is probably more like 1,000. So if your resting metabolic rate is 1500 (an example as I don't know your height) and you're doing 1000 calories of activity, you can consume 2500 calories to maintain weight. That means you may be able to lose weight by reducing that slightly and adding a bit of exercise...which means you're in luck, I think you can still lose weight by consuming more than 2000 cals! Especially if you're tall!

    I think you can tailor your situation to the book by adding more food to the food plans if you deem necessary. I agree, food plans are not a one size fits all!

    BUT, as you start to lose weight, recalculate every so often, because as your body mass goes down, so does your caloric requirement. So eventually, as you become more svelte and just need to lose those "last 10 pounds," you may need to go below 2000 calories to get to your goal weight.
    heatherforever replied to PetuniaPea's response:
    Did you see the part about me weighing over 300 pounds? Heavy people burn lots of calories because we are larger. I'm 5'10 and early 30s, if it matters, and I have lots of muscle in my legs. I wear a device that tells my calorie burn. Sunday, I wasn't feeling very good and slept most of the day, and laid around watching TV the rest of the day. I burned 2800 calories, which is the lowest I've ever seen for me.

    Further data: in the past, when I've followed a strict 1800 calorie no sugar diet, I lose over a pound every two days without exercising, or 60 pounds in 100 days. I was about 30 pounds less the last time I started such a diet. So, at my current weight. I do not think under 2000 calories per day is advisable.
    PetuniaPea replied to heatherforever's response:
    I agreed with you in my first post, about you not having to go under 2000 calories to lose weight...and I have to agree with you now, after what you just stated! You are tall and have more mass due to your current weight.

    Even at 5'10", when you get closer to your goal weight, you probably don't have to reduce calories below 2000 if you maintain a high activity level. Unlike me, who is very short at 5'0", to lose those last 5 pounds to reach my goal weight, I consumed approximately 1600 calories per day, had a medium activity level, and lost it slowly but surely.

    Warning, I'm stepping on my soapbox! This "1200 calorie" number that most people try for, no matter what their weight is, is just crazy and unrealistic! It's because "experts" say that it is the lowest you can go, "safely," and people have just taken that number and ran with it and are abusing it to the extreme, going on long term "diets" at 1200 calories per day! Crazy!

    It is better, in any circumstance, I believe, to lose weight slowly. You are very wise to want to do that. Most people are looking for a quick "Biggest Loser" fix, and that's just not realistic. People who lose weight fast tend to regain it just as fast, and then some!

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