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    Weight loss experience
    UrsulaBeneth posted:
    Hi, dear members of this community!
    I want to buy phentermine , because I'm really tired of constant dieting which gives me nothing. Please, give me some suggestions about this pills.
    jukels responded:
    Hello, instead of getting phentermine, why not try out our Clean-9 pack?
    shawnclark responded:
    seen both phentermine and clean-9 weight loss pills on amazon having lots of negative reviews so check it before buy it may not suits you
    joemerchant123 responded:
    want to share my weight loss experience with you. i lose weight with raspberry ketone. it really works.

    for more information:
    brunosbud replied to joemerchant123's response:
    Is your name really "merchant" or are you just a real honest Joe?
    flmike responded:
    Most of the pills are just a short term fix. You really need to change your eating, not constantly dieting. Go here and watch this short video on a paleo diet that I've had success with. it works and it's not really that much of a problem.
    ukecom1 responded:
    Hi Ursula,

    I haven't heard good reports from my friends who have taken phentermine, have you tried Acai Berry supplement yet, this is all natural, and proven to increase weight loss quickly, i've been using it for the past 2 months and really happy with the results so far

    You can try it for free at

    Good luck with your diet
    AntonioPablo responded:

    i have read a lot about phentermine,
    some saying that it increase hypertension and bursts heartbeats, some saying its the best appetite suppressant !!

    well now i have decided to review it and then i will put it down here !!
    PetuniaPea responded:
    Here's what I wrote on a similar thread last week:

    If you are sensitive to caffiene, green tea, and guarana, which contains caffiene, your heart will definitely go haywire and you'll have serious tachycardia (fast heartbeat; palpitations)! If you are not sensitive to caffiene, looks like you can CHEAPLY have one or two cups of coffee and green tea for the same effect of the pill.

    As far as raspberry ketones, which is one of the ingredients, currently, there isn't proof it induces weight loss in humans.

    As far as cayenne pepper, another ingredient, you can reach into your spice cabinet and put cayenne pepper on your food for the same, CHEAPER effect.

    And L-tyrosine is an amino acid that is readily available in many foods.

    So, I believe it is a waste of money. Here was my source:
    PetuniaPea replied to AntonioPablo's response:
    I agree, with that amount of caffiene (phentermine contains 100mg caffiene, PLUS the guarana contains an unknown amount, PLUS the green tea extract contains an unknown amount!) hypertension and palpitations are sure to come. Not to mention j i t t e r y feelings! Not to mention, people will take this pill and still have their Starbucks latte and dark chocolate and tea! Caffiene overdose! Not good...

    P.S. Also, caffiene does not increase metabolism as much as people believe. Not sure of the specific number, but I can speculate that maybe up to 50 extra calories a day are burned by using caffiene? Is that worth people's hard earned money? One can do a hundred jumping jacks and burn those 50 calories that way!
    PetuniaPea replied to PetuniaPea's response:
    I wanted to correct my mistake from a couple weeks ago, I was writing about herbal phentermine, which is a waste of money.

    I DO NOT recommend prescription phentermine as there are a myriad of terrible side effects and it is dangerous.

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