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    Burning more fat than calories
    penjo posted:
    I have a question is there any way to burn more fat then calories?
    Looking for answere if anyone has the answere.

    healthynhappy2 responded:
    I was in a 10 week Resolution Solution program with my health club, combining activity with eating healthier. I actually dropped 2 dress sizes, even though I did not loose much weight. the trainers told me I gained muscle which weighs more than fat. With family crisis, I have lapsed since the program ended. I feel having a buddy to vent to may help me to stay on track more.

    I hope this helps you.
    shawnclark responded:
    Fat is one form of calories. The other two are protein and carbohydrate. Fat has 9 calories per gram, and protein and carbs have 4 calories per gram.

    So its depends on you on what way you are going for, If you burn more fat calories count also big reduce.

    they are depend on each other
    AntonioPablo responded:
    the thing you are asking, is quite impossible !!
    calories and fats are one and the same thing in maximum areas, except water weight - but it is temporary.
    PetuniaPea responded:
    Based on the replies, you can see the all the confusion...because your question was confusing! Your question doesn't quite make sense.

    Do you mean fat on your body, or calories from fat?

    Do you mean burn more fat on your body than calories consumed?

    Or did you mean to write "muscle" and ask if you can burn more fat rather than lose muscle?

    Anyways, calories are a unit of energy. We constantly need to consume calories from food, and we constantly burn calories to survive and function.

    Exercise burns calories. Daily activities like walking, sitting, and cleaning, burn calories. Digesting food, maintaining heartbeat, brain function, etc, uses calories as well. We should typically consume enough calories on a daily basis to maintain our weight.

    And if you consume less calories than what it takes to maintain your weight and if you burn more calories through increasing your exercise, weight loss will follow. And yes, fat loss is included in that weight loss equation! Hope that helps!
    penjo replied to PetuniaPea's response:
    Thanks for the advice! Sorry I meant fat from your body again thanks.

    penjo replied to AntonioPablo's response:
    Thanks for your advice!

    penjo replied to shawnclark's response:
    Thank you for the tips!
    penjo replied to healthynhappy2's response:
    Thanks for your input it helps to know whats happening my weight has not moved much but I feel like I've lost weight and looks like I did. So maybe I should not be hard on myself about weight not dropping right away. I'm not patience when it comes wo weight not moving. If need anyone to vent to I would be glad to help.

    Poul1986 responded:
    Yes, certainly there is.. You can improve your metabolism and try building some muscles because your muscles can burn fats even if you're at rest.. Include some veggies and fruits on daily routine, and regular exercise.. They may quite be simple steps but they always work... The key is just to enhance overall metabolism.. You can also try reading some info from this blog:

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