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    Need encouragement and support
    fatgalsam posted:
    Hello All,

    This may sound similar to some of the posts already in here... I am a 32yr old mother of 5yr old boy. I am trying to lose since last 2 yrs. Problem is I am not keeping at it. I do exercise for 2-3 months,don't see much results and then I quit with the feeling that if this is not helping why should I waste my time at exercising vs doing something I like better.I know its hurting me in the long run..
    I just started with a new routine from yesterday after I recovered from an Ankle injury. I don't want to do the same thing again and want to keep up with the exercise even if I don't see results. What would you suggest I should do when I hit that plateau and get the thought of quitting ?
    CW:182 GW:140
    edorina responded:
    think that you have to be more patient till you see some results.I would recommend you to not do the same exercise doesn't have to be painful, you can try dancing, just walking for fun, you can burn calories by just cleaning the house, you just have to be active. I also recommend you to try and eat healthier.since i started counting calories I am eating healthier. eating more vegetables and not junk food can make you feel fuller. don't do it just for the sake of losing a few pounds, do it for your health and to feel better.
    good luck
    fatgalsam replied to edorina's response:
    Thank you edorina ! I'll try that ... I just hope I'll keep at it
    shawnclark responded:
    Don't be disappointed keep continue with your exercise schedule and also don't force your body to work hard which may harm you so design your workout plan and stick on it, you will get result very soon and all its depend on body structure so everyone's body takes own time to show result so be patients and continue whatever you are doing...
    An_251835 responded:
    Not an ad! Based on my own personal experience with failing at getting a workout regime even started: this guy is the best...

    Richard R. Bradley III
    YumasGirl responded:
    Weight watchers works miracles. Honestly. My sister in law went from a 24 to a 9. I lost about twenty pounds in a month. However, I got off the bandwagon and I am trying to get back on. I know how it is. It is extrememly hard and I am back to working a lot and cant seem to find time for myself to take care of me. But if you can, get ahold of weight watchers, they have deals where registration is free or even your first couple meetings. You get a group of people supporting you and I know my sister in law has adapted a healthy life style, its not a diet to her anymore. Do it get on it girl!
    KiaraRoy responded:
    I am in the same predicament myself. After my second child, I had been trying to lose weight without any success. My exercise schedule went awry. A crash GM diet did bring in results, but the weight came back. 3 weeks back, think I found a sane solution that looks reasonable. I have been doing a limited calorie diet and 1/2 an hour of yoga. First, I calculated on the basis of how much I wanted to lose and set a goal for going on this 1300 calorie diet . The site has meal plans for a week and I try to stick to them, but end up making my own substitutions. In any way, I do not eat more than 1300 calories. Secondly, I have started having an early dinner.... very before 6 pm. If I get hungry at 9, I eat some fruit and go to sleep. Lastly, I am doing 1/2 an hour of yoga every day. I intend to make it last for an hour, but my 2 kids take up so much of my time. And finally - the results so far. I have lost 3 lbs so far, which mans roughly 1 lb per week. Since this is working, I plan to stick to it for a few months. I hope you find something that works for you too. Good luck!

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