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    Help!!! I am sick of being fat!!!
    momma2of3 posted:
    My name is Amy. I am a wife and mother of 4. I am very busy as my youngest daughter is a special needs child who keeps me on my toes to say the least. That alone should keep me trim right?? Sadly, no. I have several medical issues myself. In September of 2012 I had a full hysterectomy, so I am in the full swing of menopause at 32 years old. I also have PTSD stemming from a violent attack 4 years ago. I have battled with my weight most of my adult life, but having children I really packed on the pounds. I yo-yoed up and down from 150-198 through most of my twenties. After I married my husband I ballooned up to my heaviest weight of 212. Some may say that is not so bad, but on my petite 5'3" frame it is a lot. In April of 2012 I was at my highest weight and decided I needed to do something about it. I started walking and watching what I ate and that brought me down under 200 which made me feel better but I seemed to be stuck there. I talked to my doctor and he put me on Metformin which is a diabetic pill to help level out my blood sugar. That hasn't seemed to do much for me. I have tried changing my diet and exercising more and in different ways and intensities with no avail. Is there anyone out there that can give me some advice for something that works?? Help I am desperate!!!!
    cindigal responded:
    I am no expert because I have my own questions about diets and food. I also want to lose about 30 lb because i went to the docs office and was discouraged about my weight and not be able to lose weight. I am not diabetic though. I vented to him that I am goin to the gym, watching my diet, was makiing smoothies in the morning nearly every day. He told this to me.."stop making those smoothies". All the fruit in them are loaded with sugar. Immediately i stopped the smoothies and am foregoing the fruit for time being until I see some progress. I started to look at all food labels when I shop to see the sugars in food. This is no real gauge, but i am trying to buy foods that are under 10 gms (this is what I read somewhere).

    I also go the gym and and have exercise dvds that I do. I am making alot of salads with spinach with cucumbers and tomatoes. I only buy chicken breasts, boneless and skinless when I shop. I can get a bag of frozen breasts and that bag will last a long time since I live alone and take a fews breasts a time and cook them any way way but fried. Those are some of things that I am doing to watch the diet and also I drink alot of iced green tea, which is good anyway. I have a ice tea maker and buy flavored Lipton in the bags. I hope I gave you some insight and support.

    SharonNVirginia responded:

    Your life is filled with chronic low level stress. This situation results in your body anticipating famine and packing on fat.

    Menopause has been shown to make 40% of lab animals fat even when they didn't eat any more than slim animals.

    So, girl, you have a complete lifestyle issue here.

    You can't wipe out the stress in your life, but you can deal with it in a holistic fashion. A 30 min. walk at a time of day you find less hectic would work. Prayer and Bible study works for me. Petting my dog and playing with her calms me. Maybe some mom alone time in a nature setting?

    Then, look at your diet to see what stressors are there. Move to more natural less processed food. Less sugar, whole grains. Believe me it will all help. My life has been loaded with stress, like yours. It has taken me years to come to grips with it, but every step is progress.

    Wishing you all the best,
    NewPatty123 responded:
    Try the food and fitness program on web md. I just started it Sat. Today is Thursday and I have already lost 3 lbs. It is the best program I have tried. The hardest part is eating all the food you must eat everyday.
    You just say what you weigh and what your goal is. It will tell you how many calories you must eat. You log all your food and it keeps track of how many you have used.
    You also log that you went shopping, or you went swimming etc. and when you do it adds calories you must eat that day.
    You will never feel hungry. I love it.
    Good luck.
    cindigal replied to NewPatty123's response:
    I was looking for the link for the program you mentioned.."food and fitness program" and I couldnt find the link. You say its the best program you did. The only thing is you have to eat the food in the program. What if you are not that hungry, and just eat some of the foods...?? Does it give you recipes or list of foods you should eat.

    maywong responded:
    Hi there. I see your worries and frustrations. Perhaps, you might wanna try green coffee bean extract fat burner. You can read up more at
    HpsCleanse responded:
    Hello momma2of3 If you are interested in lasting lifelong change the healthy way please go to this website for personal step by step guided help for every health/diet concern you may have. Give it a try help is within your grasp.

    All the Best
    HpsCleanse responded:
    Hello mom2of3 Please try this website for a lasting change with a real life advisor to walk you through a natural healthy cleanse and restoration of your body. Help is within your reach.

    All The Best
    SharonNVirginia responded:
    click on the "living Healthy" tab above. Go to bottom right click on" track your diet and fitness progress here." Don't fall for the buy this extract or that supplement and lose weight easily scams. You are overweight because of stress. See "you on a diet" by Drs. Roizen and Oz at your neighborhood library. It explains the biochemistry of your body in straightforward terms any one can understand with funny illustrations. It will help you sort the truth from hype in fat reduction. Also see "Why We Get Fat And What To Do About It" by Gary Taubes, science writer for the New York Times. We are bombarded with messages that say "It's easy to lose weight, just eat less and exercize more." But if that were true, we wouldn't have the obesity levels which exist in this country. How many people do you know who are disciplined, hard-working, moral and FAT? The truth is that some of us can't eat the Standard American Diet (SAD) WITHOUT becoming obese. I ate in the way Taubes, Roizen and Oz recommend through out college-the only time in my life I was at a steady weight. After college, I was too busy to make my old choices and went back to SAD. The past month has been a revelation to me as I feel better every day. My hunger is manageable. I have more energy and I am more hopeful.

    Don't believe the scam artists. Fat loss is not a matter of a pill or a juicer. It's a matter of changing your eating choices for life. A better life.
    Meeshel25 replied to cindigal's response:
    This sounds great, I am going to try the green tea and more pprotein in my diet. Thanx for sharing
    72ndstreet responded:
    Hi Amy, very sorry that it as to be this way. But don't give up. It's all about WANTING TO LOOSE WEIGHT, get your mind set to be willing to, than you can get encouraged to do so. this site ( )helped my niece getting to loose some weight after changing her eating habbits.

    I'll hear from you.
    brunosbud responded:
    The metformin's (aka glucophage) a "bandaid".

    If you research "under what circumstances would a physician prescribe metformin to a patient with no diabetes" than you might understand.

    FYI, this is how metformin works:

    "...Its main action is to decrease the overproduction of glucose by the liver. This action helps lower blood glucose levels particularly after fasting but also after meals. Metformin also increases the uptake of glucose by your muscles. All in all, metformin decreases insulin resistance and improves insulin sensitivity, thereby helping the insulin your body still makes work more effectively..."

    The problem is this. What good will metformin do for an overweight patient who eats a preponderance of High Glycemic index foods?

    Diddly squat. How do I know that's what you eat? You said you have "4 kids", didn't you?

    Nothing reverses insulin resistance except a diet high in Low- Glycemics (vegetables, low sugar fruits, lean proteins, and whole grains) & daily exercise. Not surgery, not green tea, not green coffee beans and no drug. There might be "things" that may subdue appetite, but it won't do jack about insulin resistance which is at the very core of the problem. All the people who argue they have no diabetes, don't you think its a wee bit odd that doctors prescribe the leading diabetes drug for weight loss?????? Everybody whose overweight walks the diabetes "spectrum"!

    This is why weight loss is very, very difficult. If you don't know a thing about why you overeat, you'll never stop over eating.
    momma2of3 replied to brunosbud's response:
    First off I do not appreciate being talked to like I am a five year old. I am a college educated woman. I have done my research on all of the medications that I am on. I am not going to blindly ingest something just because a doctor tells me to. My doctor also did a full blood panel on me. Just because I am over weight does not mean that there are any insulin resistance issues. It is also VERY presumptuous of you to assume that I eat poorly just because I have children, or that I would allow my children to eat poorly. For the record we eat very healthy. Lots of fruits and veggies. I do not buy candy or other various junk. My children and myself would rather have a piece of fruit or some veggies rather than that junk. Perhaps you should know a little more about things before you just assume things. The biggest issue I have is that I am menopausal and with that comes a whole host of challenges weight loss being one of them. Also, having PCOS is also something that will cause problems with weight loss. I am just trying to get healthy. I asked for some pointers from others who may have some of the issues that I do. I did not however ask to be ridiculed and treated like a child.
    brunosbud replied to momma2of3's response:
    Sorry, Amy, for trying to help. I'm not college educated...that must be my problem...

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