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    An_255366 posted:
    Hello, looking for some tips on resisting snacks and only eating when I'm actually hungry! Thanks!
    barteeverts responded:
    In the morning make 1,5-2 liter green tea. Keep dringing green tea all day, as many as you can, especially when you want to have a snack. Try to avoid unhealthy food which has "sugar replacement for example diet coke". Many peaople think that this kind of food is good for their diet, but they are wrong. Foods which has sugar replacement traps your body and makes you starving for more sugar. Check out this page for more information about to resist snacks
    katellawellnesscenter responded:
    Yeah green tea is best. Actually green tea is made from UN-Oxidized leaves and is the least processed type of tea and therefore contains the most antioxidants and beneficial poly-phenols.
    merckore10 responded:
    Hello An_255366!
    If you are just starting out, then of course initially allowed starvation one day a week and drink only water, but thoroughly monitor condition of your body.
    Then gradually move to a more convenient and comfortable mode of nutrition.
    To be honest, the whole point of losing weight do not to follow certain a diet but nevertheless understand most importantly - skillfully and intelligently to combine the foods to achieve the goal - good assimilation their by your organism.
    Proposed Healthy Nutrition Methodology that allows you to live without diseases, any medicines having side effects and doctors ' visits, while retaining a lot of nerves, money, time, and most importantly-great mood as well as high resistance of your body to any diseases.
    This methodology - not some is abstractness, but she was experienced by life and by time REALITY, which effectively works, if its are used in the life. But we add that this methodology must be built and be corrected under the concrete person; therefore only you will be able to create our own methodology HEALTHY NUTRITION on the basis of the needs of your organism, but being based on THE GIST CORRECT NOURISHMENT. Moreover, YOU will be able to gradually get rid of the slags in the organism, which will lead to THE PURIFICATION of the BLOOD and to the WEIGHT LOSS.
    Thus, you RENEW your life. And it's REAL!.
    You can receive more detailed information on the website in Section HEALTH with access to directory by Healthy Nutrition.
    brunosbud responded:
    When overweight, the worst thing you can do is severely restrict calorie intake. If you read any of the threads, here, you will hear this phrase hundreds of times..."I've had weight issues my entire life." The reason? Life-long dieting. They've destroyed their body's natural metabolism.

    If you want to speed-up the aging process the best way is to starve yourself. That immediately sends an emergency message to critical regulators in the body to do two things: 1. Burn fewer calories (hypothyroidism), and (2.) Stop building muscle (insulin resistance & eventually Type 2 Diabetes).

    The advice given on this board is insane, most the time, because advice providers seldom address "AGE". A person whose obese at age 20 has a chance to rebuild their body and recover. A person at age 50 and beyond? That's an entirely different ballgame, now, because they've already entered "andropause". They're producing (and in some cases, ceased producing), key essential proteins like estrogen, testosterone and human growth hormone. Trying to lose weight without these critical hormones is like salmon swimming upstream. Unless you're performing at least one hour of moderate to rigorous exercise, each and every day, forget it. The scale just aint going to budge, honey.

    These people who push gastric bypass surgery and supplements that suppress appetite (HCG, etc) are selling one way tickets to hell. They do so, innocently...They're clueless, desperate people who want to "help" (profit from) other clueless, desperate people. But, the fact of the matter is, if there was one "magic pill" that, safely, worked, don't you think Costco and Walmart would be selling pallets of the stuff this very minute? I mean, don't you think you'd see "Pfizer", "Merck", "Novartis" or "Johnson and Johnson" on the package label, somewhere???? C'mon, are people really that stupid and gullible to not know when they're being ripped off?

    Since, you did not mention your age, I will assume you're 20 and tell you this. If you're overweight, you body has some serious, beautiful muscle under all that fat. It is your friend! Guard it at all cost! Do everything you can to preserve it, please. Just take a couple 20-30 minute walks, every day, with your dog (in perfect posture to prevent injury) and stop eating processed food, please. Lose the weight like you did when you gained it: One pound a week. You'll be OK and you will have protected yourself for the future.

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