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    Calories in a banana - healthy breakfast for all ages
    greatar4 posted:
    As we know banana is one of the staple food of India. It is found in all corners of India. And calories in a banana are very rich source of energy. It is the best natural supplement for weight loss and instant energy booster. It has a good taste as well as full of nutrients. And it is considered as cheapest fruit since its easy availability and as the production is surplus hence, amount its price is also too low so can be afforded by every class of the society. It is also the third most popular fruit in the world after apple and orange.

    Origin of banana - Some of the archaeological proof tells that banana was first cultivated around 5000 B.C to 8000 B.C in Papua and New Guinea. From there it traveled to Philippines islands, and slowly got spread all over the tropics. It finally reached India up to 3000 B.C. and it reached Madagascar up to 1000 B.C. And from there it took 500 years to reach in whole Africa. It reached South America until 300 B.C. At last, it reached Europe in 200 B.C. In addition, by this it spread all over the world and became so popular all around. Now we can find different types of bananas in different part of the world.

    Nutrients in banana - It has almost every nutrient in a perfect amount. You will be surprised to know how many calories are in a banana . Here is the exact data for the nutrients available in it.

    · Iron -0.3 mg,
    · Magnesium- 34 mg
    · Manganese-o.3 mg
    · Protein-1 mg
    · Vitamin A-81 IU
    · Vitamin b6- 0.6 mg
    · Vitamin c- 9mg
    · Potassium — 450 mg

    Benefits in banana - As we know how many calories vitamins and all other nutrients is there in a banana so we can easily figure out that it is really a very helpful for our good health apart from that it also has got many other benefits such as:-
    • Presence of high level of tryptophan helps in overcoming from depression.
    • It protects from cramping of muscles while workouts.
    • The presence of calcium in it makes our bone much stronger.
    • It is helpful in avoiding type 2 diabetes.
    • It also helps in aid of weight loss but you should consult a doctor that how many calories are in a banana.
    • It also helps in strengthening of muscles.
    • The presence of vitamin B 6 in it helps in producing more and more white blood cell.
    • It also helps in protecting us from anemia because of the presence of sufficient amount of iron in it.
    • It is also considered as best medicine for blood sugar as the presence of huge amount of potassium and a very low amount of salt.
    • It also prevents kidney cancer, and protects our eyes from macular degeneration.
    • It has a high amount of antioxidant, which helps us to fight from chronic disease.
    • It is also a natural antacid, which helps in keeping control of acid level in our body.
    • It is also useful in losing weight for overweight people as presence of high calories in a banana .
    • It is also useful for the patient who suffers from constipation.
    • It helps in lowering down of body temperature while you are suffering from fever and in a very hot day.
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    brunosbud responded:
    Bananas are not only a fantastic source of quick energy but, as you so beautifully explain, here, it's powerful "medicine", too!

    Most people subscribe to the notion once they lose weight, they'll become healthy.

    That's "bass-ackwards"!...Once you become healthy, then, you will lose weight...automatically...easily...naturally

    This is why a diet of "real", fresh, whole foods are essential for people who are obese. Obesity is a disease. It's "treatment" requires very specific "medicines" to prepare the body to shed fat. Bananas are a perfect example of this concept of weight loss.

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