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    Olive oil versus Canola oil
    Pamela Peeke, MD, MPH, FACP posted:
    Both oils contain healthy monounsaturated fats but canola actually has less saturated fat than olive oil. Canola is more versatile for cooking. It can be heated to a much higher temperature than other oils before it smokes, and it has a mild flavor for baking and salad dressing. The bottom line is that both are great oils and when used in moderation in your diet, they provide high quality fat calories integral to healthy nutrition.
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    An_201893 responded:
    Hi Dr Peeke,
    Canola oil is not truly a good oil, Made from the Rapeseed.
    I use nothing but extra virgin olive oil first cold pressed and lots of it. I don't concern myself about the fat content. I know people who drink the olive oil, many are overweight, but at the same time these family members and friends are well into their 80's and still going strong. Might I add the majority of them with cholesterol levels of 250 up to 300. So much for the cholesterol myth. As we both know, more than 50% of heart attacks occur in people who have or or normal cholesterol levels. I fight Big Pharma everyday, was up to them, they would have the entire world's population on statins. When they say it's not about money, you can bet your sweet potatoes it's about money. I find it amazing how naive most doctors are about alternatives and or nutrition. Then again, doctors can only go by whatever RIGGED studies are done by Big Pharma to promote their killer drugs. Example, the barbaric chemo only helps 2 to 4 % of cancer patients, yet Big Pharma touts how successful their chemo drigs are, what a sham! I can say much more, but I'll stop for now, and appreciate you taking the time to read my input.
    Thanks and God Bless!
    Philip Gatti
    aka:The Guardian of Justice
    dtz008 replied to An_201893's response:
    Dear PG, thanks for pointing that out. I read that Canola is not a plant, not a vegetable, it stands for Canada's manufactured oil. Also, oil from rapeseed is used for industrial oil. Coconut and Virgin Oil or even unsalted butter are better oil. Yes, the MDs seem only know to prescribe drugs which is always toxin. Not too sure if there is a legal liability issue that they cannot prescribe nothing but drugs. I found that the NDs (Naturaopathic Doctor) are much more trained and knowledgeable regarding alternatives and nutrition. The Dr. Oz show has been eyeopening. I propse that the insurance companies should be more supportive paying for preventive nutritional and alternative care. It truely will reduce lots of chronic deceases due to life style issues.
    Antoinettemin responded:
    What about the poisonous mustard seed that Canola oil is made of? Emails about this are doing the rounds. Please inform us about the truth behind Canola oil.
    All_is_One replied to An_201893's response:
    I agree that I too have heard that canola oil is not healthy at all, but quite the opposite. For lunches at work tonight, I have a bean mix of small red, kidney, black, and lentils boiled in water that wasn't salted down. I usually drizzle some olive oil in my beans but I forgot tonight. I'm also eating some raw carrots, radish, zucchini, and asparagus as veggies. For fruit I have some cherries and pineapple.

    For people worried about gaining weight because of oil, I still suggest strongly to just go ahead and be more liberal with olive oil because its poly- and monoUNSATURATED fats, which are excellent for heart and cholesterol health. If you see UNsaturated, you're good to go! Don't let people tell you fats are bad for you. Unsaturated fat is quite necessary for our bodies to function properly.
    KennyCrox responded:
    Hi Pam,

    As Philip Gatti pointed out in his post, Canola Oil is NOT a good oil.

    Johnny Bowden (PhD in nutrition) blast canola oil for being a very poor choice.

    Fred Pescatore, MD refers to canola oil as "can-ugly" oil in his book The Hampton Diet.

    Mary Enig (PhD) is a "biochemist and nutritionist best known for her pioneering research on healthy fats and oils"...

    As per Enig, "Canola oil is a poisonous substance, an industrial oil that does not belong in the body."

    With that in mind, how did you come up with pushing canola oil being healthy?

    Kenny Croxdale
    Louise_WebMD_Staff responded:
    Canola Oil Benefits in Cooking

    Canola Oil May Affect Breast Cancer Risk
    ~Louise Senior Community Moderator
    TotallyDAFT replied to dtz008's response:
    Quite honestly the mantra that doctors don't know is 20 years behind the time. They are as literate as many others, regarding diet and nutrition. I guess if you continue to go to the same old time country doc, and believe the hype that naturopaths and others give, great, but it is not the same at big schools where docs are continually learning. What these guys do is to refer you to a specialist in nutrition and/or a physician who has had extensive studies in these things. For a good 25 years our family has gone to university doctors, and yes, you pay more for going to specialists, but you get a clearer picture of what is needed. My daughter has migraines, aside from alergist and neurologist, labs were done to figure out deficiencies as well as other lab tests. Vitamin deficiencies were addressed by the neurologist before treating anything else. If I need specifics regarding my particular disease entities, I look at the doc, read up on what foods/activities are also adding into it and tweak them while taking medications prescribed IF that is what is necessary. Sad thing is I have known many people who rarely went to docs, and followed people like you giving advise and they're dead, or like one of my friends, needs a heart transplant. Doctors don't put any fears in me, friends who were stupid about their own bodies scare me. So before running to someone who can get an online degree without any state regulation, I'll go to the best of the best and live well and longer. (My grandfather remarried at 97.)
    TotallyDAFT replied to Antoinettemin's response:
    Rapeseed honey is also sold, and it is pricy in comparison. I'm not dead yet from eating it.
    Anon_229796 responded:
    We use olive oil for baking primarily. We have stopped frying just about 100%. We will keep this tip in mind. Thank you.
    Thinkinpositive responded:
    I have read that the ONLY oils that can be heated to a high temp without turning carcinogenic are coconut and palm.
    An_247009 responded:
    Canola Oil is a GMO.
    Olive Oil isn't good for you either when they use a chemical or enzyme to excrete the last of the oil out of the pomace, on the second or third time it's pressed...
    Extra Virgin Olive Oil or Cold Pressed Oils are the only way to go.
    Buy local & don't have it shipped in (from another country) to confirm that you are getting what you paid for.
    I don't need to go into detail on the above... Looks like the readers already know their stuff.
    Educating Ourselves is the only way!
    brunosbud responded:
    Dr. Peeke, it's been 3 years since you wrote this post...

    Has your opinion changed on the use of either Olive Oil or Canola Oil? Thanks

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