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    Includes Expert Content
    Never give up
    Gerryca posted:
    There are many articles and books about avoiding having to count calories. But in MY book (LOL) counting those little darlings is the ONLY way to go.
    Online help at is the best, it has a graph where you can plainly see the downward trend. However WEBMD also has a tracker that I am using, I like the food search.
    I am drinking at least 48 oz of water a day. I am only 5ft.2.
    When you count, you will be amazed at how fast you reach your calorie goal. Mine is 1000 a day. Some say this is to low, but if I go any higher I quit losing my 1.5 pounds a week. I feel fine. I am not hungry and am energetic.
    Some days I walk for 15 minutes. The rest of the time I just keep active at home.
    I am a senior and hate that I get wrinkly skin when I am losing, but maybe I have enough collagen left that this will tighten up some time
    Weigh-in once a week is enough. Any more often can just get discouraging with the fluctuations.
    Discouragement must be met with only positive thinking over the long term. Also vary your strategies to keep things interesting.
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    Pamela Peeke, MD, MPH, FACP responded:
    HI Gerry and thanks for your posting. You're 5'2" and I'd love to know what your weight is as well as your age which I assume is over 60 years "senior". Here are thoughts:

    1) As you drop fat, you will notice that your age-related decrease in skin elasticity will show up. Yes, you may see more wrinkles. However, you'll see a lot less of them the more physically active you are. For instance, at your age it is imperative that you do some level of strength training at home. It's easy and it pays off. Your muscles will give you a better overall body shape and you'll have less problem with the skin hang, unless you have over 50 pounds to shed. Please walk more than 15 minutes per day. Get out and do 30-45 minutes every day that you can, and split it up any way you want to.

    2) You're dropping 1.5 pounds per week but that won't last if you're only eating 1000 cals per day. If you're more physically active, you can eat 1200 cals as a minimum and do fine. If you undereat, then at some point your metabolism will drop and you'll come to a grinding halt.

    3) Staying on top of your weight in general is good, and once a week is wonderful. The more physically active you are, the more real changes in your shape (inches) you'll notice. Also, it's not just about weigfht. Your strength and stamina will improve if you combine eating a healthy nutrition plan with whole foods in combination with regular daily physical activity. Also, those cals you burn with your activities of daily living are important as well. Stay up and activie as much as you can in your "senior" years. It's so easy to lose muscle. Remember you want to do anything you can to avoid frailty.

    Dr. Peeke
    Gerryca replied to Pamela Peeke, MD, MPH, FACP's response:
    Thank you, great advice. Now that the snow and ice are gone, I'll walk more.
    Soon I will know if I stop losing on 1000 cals! I have tried raising that so many times, and failed, even with more activity. Right now it's working. If with walking more and I start losing, say, more than 1.5, then I'll raise it a couple of hundred calories.
    I'm 73, 152 pounds, aiming for 136.
    I hate exercise, but will see what I can do with weights at home. I have some barbells. I'm stronger than most my age.
    jean4u replied to Gerryca's response:

    I am 65 and started here in Jan of 2010. I have lost and kept off 30 that time. I was 167, now I weigh 136-137 at 5'4".

    This is a process. When it gets to be a way of life, then you are taking control.

    I read Dr. Peek's blogs and keep some of her quotes in my head, "There is no finish line" is a fave!

    Really Dr. Peeke, you have given us so many "tools" in your thoughtful articles. Thank you!

    Gerry, I used to hate exercise, too. But now that I see the benefits I have to do it.

    About the sagging skin.....mine actually seems to be getting tighter. I can tell in my midriff and neck areas. It didn't happen right away. I think eating healthy and hydrating and exercise takes it's toll just as not doing that takes it's toll.

    Oh, BTW, weightbearing exercise IS necessary to maintain our bone strength, so, even if we don't like to do it, NOT doing it is NOT an option.

    So, Gerry pick up those weights and let's get going and show these young-uns that we still "got it'! LOL

    healthytype1diabetic responded:
    I agree. i am finding that counting cals is the only way to is only day one for me and i have a headache and am starving. how did you get used to starving? tell me it goes away.

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