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    Talk about motivation....
    Foreverinyoureyes2 posted:
    First a little update.

    I am admitting to being a New Year's Resolution-er.

    Normally I don't make resolutions, but this year, my husband was really wanting to start eating better and working out after the Holidays, so we decided to do the resolution thing.

    As of Jan 2nd was our first official weigh in, and I started at 159 lbs. As of today I was at 152 lbs. I always drop quickly the first month. I set an aggressive goal to be at 149 lbs on Feb. 1st, and I just might make it! In the following months I will be lucky to do 5 pounds a month. So that is my goal. I would like to reach my goal of 30 lbs lost by June 1st.

    Yesterday my determination and motivation got a little kick into high gear. My dearest friend from childhood (we have been best buds since fourth grade) lives about 2 hours away from me. We make it a point to see each other ever 4-6 weeks for a weekend together. She is a very fit, active person, so when we are together we always do something active. She found the deal of a lifetime on Living Social for a trip to Costa Rica, and we have decided that we are doing it!

    We have not tied down exact dates yet. We are working on that today, but it will likely be in June.

    I am beyond excited, and my resolve to get to the gym no less than 4 times a week, and to eat clean and healthy at least 80% of the time, is seeming less like choices and more like a good game plan.

    I am not worried about looking good in a swim suit on the beach. I am recognizing that I seriously have to 'train' for this vacation. My friend is in such good shape that I don't doubt that a large portion of this trip is going to revolve being very active. I forsee hiking, zip lining, climbing, trekking, swimming, scuba diving or snorkling, and any other crazy adventure she can dream up for us...

    Please wish me luck, and Pi, could you please call me out if you don't hear from me here or in other venues. That usually means I am slacking!
    3point14 responded:

    Oh mah gawd, I am so jealous for your upcoming trip!!!!! You are going to have SO much FUN!!! And you're going to get to do so much stuff, and so easily because you'll be in such great shape...And hey, even if you don't care, you know you'll look smashing in any swim suit you pick up for the beach.

    I had a bad December foodwise, when I did my first weigh-in just before the new year I'd ballooned back up to 156! Yeah, devastation, crying, self-loathing, all that junk....This morning...145.8! So I feel ya on the quick loss at the start, and the more gradual eventual loss. It's just a matter of keeping up your motivation on the eventual, and I'd say the trip and having your husband on board should just about do the trick, huh?

    Your friend sounds so cool. Zip lining, snorkeling, hiking, swimming...oooh my gawd! I cannot get over how much fun you're going to have!!! Golly. I am so freakin' excited for you!!

    You did well with your work weight loss competition, right? If you want, for accountability purposes and because I am a competitive SOB, wanna do a little contest of our own? Let's say weigh-ins on Thursdays? I don't know if I can do 30 lbs by June, but let's say that I secretly do want to be in the 120-125 range...I could try like heck to do the 30 lbs...So let's do it! We'll update weekly with our weigh-ins, give tips, tricks and ideas, and whomever has won closest to or over 30 lbs by June 1st wins!! The be determined. hahahaha If you're willing, that is.

    No slackin, sweetheart! If you wanna be comfortably zip lining in Costa Rica in five months, you gotta keep up the great work you've already put in!!!!
    Foreverinyoureyes2 replied to 3point14's response:
    OMG! I am so IN!

    That is an excellent plan! I love it.

    Ok, so my official "Starting Weight" for our contest purposes will be exactly 152.4. (Because I can't remember what the scale said exactly, so that is a good estimation.)

    This is perfect b/c that is almost exactly 20 weeks.

    You just uber motivated me Pi! Thank you so much. I adore you. FYI.

    Hmmm...a suitable prize...I will have to give that some thought!
    3point14 replied to Foreverinyoureyes2's response:
    Ooooh lady, you are SO going down! My official weight is 145.8...and honey, I plan on hitting the gym so hard tonight, you best be ready! hahahaha

    I'm so pleased to motivate you. And the adoration is more than mutual. As weird as this might be to say, sometimes I get VERY jealous of your kids. I really hope they know how lucky they are to have such a huge-hearted, motivated, fun lady as a Mom. I'm sure they do, though.

    You have a good night, and keep me updated of your progress throughout the week, too, not just weigh-ins. This whole weight loss thing is obviously about losing weight, but that's all in the baby steps we take every day!

    You can do it!
    Foreverinyoureyes2 replied to 3point14's response:
    Daily Food Journel for 1/19

    Breakfast: oatmeal with a dab of peanut butter and some skim milk

    Lunch: mini thinwich w/ crunch peanut butter and banana, cucumbers and red peppers dipped in gaucamole, 1/2 banana

    Snack: greek yogurt w/ a few pistachio's mixed in

    Dinner: flank steak and sauteed peppers, onions and mushrooms

    Also had 2 cups of coffee w/ equal and a bit of cream

    Did 30 minutes on the ellipitical and also some resistance training

    Random observation about eating right and exercising: it gives me copious amounts of energy. So much so, that sometimes I don't know what to do with it, and my house has never been cleaner, or my laundry so caught up, because I find myself "picking" around a lot to burn this energy!

    Pi, thank you so much for your lovely compliment about my "mom" skills. The kids all really do show their appreciation. My daughter is nearly your age, and we have a terrific relationship. She and my son are loving and affectionate, and often declare me, "The best mom in the world." My oldest step daughter is also very close to me. She is my gym partner, willing to go anytime I am, so that is bonding time for us.

    Hope you had a wonderful workout. I thought about you and our challenge when I wanted to cop out of the elliptical at 20 minutes....went another 10 and was glad afterwards.
    3point14 replied to Foreverinyoureyes2's response:
    Ohh, that sounds like SUCH a tasty day! Well done! I was a tiny bit naughty today, had one of those cherry cordial dealies...I did stop at one, though, and it's only 75 calories. I usually eat some sort of chocolate, too, so I figure that's my chocolate for the day.

    My food intake was SO good yesterday, and today's shaping up to be a good one, too.

    Breakfast Cherry cordial, Apple, 1/2 of a protein bar
    Snack Rolled oats baby food, Yogurt
    Lunch Spaghetti with brocolli
    Dinner Veggie and beef soup over brown rice

    I feel ya on the energy. I've noticed the most massive difference between eating 1/2 my dinner at dinnertime then the other 1/2 for the next day. It's been really keeping my energy level high at my former slouch time, 5-7. And it's not like I'm startving myself at any point either because feeding both myself and a 6 foot 5, 325 lb. man means even when I'm making a small dinner I'm making a big dinner

    hehehe This challenge inspired me too, on getting an invite from another friend to the gym on Saturday and on doing another 10 crunches on the Roman chair. I've been loving that, hoisting all of my chub up in the air and seeing the results in my abs later. I cannot get over the changes in my body...

    I used to consider a workout burning 100 calories on the elliptical and doing 20 sit-ups, no joke. That's all I did to lose my first 25 lbs. Yeah. So I feel like I have the food part down pat, and now getting the exercise thing as spot-on is just molding my slight chub into like, a "figure". I just can't get over it!!

    I won't be around tomorrow, but I'll be updating Sunday. This challenge is such great motivation, and as always, thank you for being such a positive person in my (cyber) life...such a shame I'll have to detroy you MWAHAHAHA!
    3point14 replied to 3point14's response:
    The weekend was pretty aight, foodwise. Had to do what I do when there are tons of high calorie things, just ate less food cumulatively. Kinda sucked, but it kept my overall intake pretty decent, and made me more aware of how much I prefer eating more generally healthy, low-calorie stuff.

    Didn't do the gym, but I did go sledding and was walking around a lot, which I count as a win. The weather here was so scary on Saturday I definitely couldn't have made it to the gym with my tires in the condition they're in!

    Today started off bad in two ways, but wound up being OK. I didn't have time enough to eat breakfast (weekends visiting the basically-in-laws make my food schedule hard to stick to), so I was running on empty the first two hours of work, until my bosses' son brought in some to-die-for cupcakes. They were pretty small, actually, homemade frosting, though. I'd put 'em at around 300 calories, which is actually just what about I'd have calorically for breakfast. So I got to have one, and I'm not ahead of myself foodwise.

    Breakfast Cupcake
    Snack Rolled oats and raspberry baby food, cottage cheese and pineapple
    Lunch Progresso veggie soup
    Dinner- Soup over brown rice (this is my go-to when the cabinets are a little barren...gotta go grocery shoppin! )

    I plan on heading to the gym tonight, too. Last week I only made it four times, which I know isn't bad, but isn't where I want to be. Might do an extra 20 or so on the elliptical tonight, get myself back in shape!

    How YOU doin?
    Foreverinyoureyes2 replied to 3point14's response:
    I had an outstanding eating and exercise weekend!

    Friday is my 'free day' so I did have pizza then, but I went to the gym Monday - Saturday last week! Hurray!

    Usually weekends wreck my train, but these last 3 weekends I have been very mindful of that, and done my best to reign myself in.

    Todays DFJ:

    Steel cut oatmeal w/ a dab of peanut butter

    Coffee w/ cream and equal

    greek yogurt w/ pistachios mixed in, cukes, yellow peppers and radishes dipped in gauc, banana

    Coffee w/ cream and equal

    Making meatloaf tonight, using 1/2 95% lean beef and 1/2 80%. (Gets to dry if I use only the lean stuff.) Will have asparagus with mine.

    My cycle started on Sunday afternoon, and I can report that I did not have one single normal "signal". No cramps, no moodiness. It has to be eating right and exercising. I also am not having any carb cravings.

    Twice in the last week people have brought in cake and cookies and I have been able to pass on both! Hurray. These are small victories, but victories none the less!

    2 days to weigh day....Keep eating those cupcakes...cupcake!
    3point14 replied to Foreverinyoureyes2's response:
    Wooo! I've found that my menstrual symptoms have also been extremely alleviated by eating better and exercising more. It's amazing how good the body can be when you're good to it, huh? I've been amazed, too, at how clear my skin is now. I don't have perfect skin or anything, but all the redness I thought was genetic is GONE! Unbelievable. Hahahahaa the better skin alone would keep me on that elliptical, never even mind the weight loss!

    Last night I had a stellar work out and tons of positive erinforcement. M and I and my friend went together, and my friend was impressed with how much more I can do now than when I started. She also said my weight loss and M's weight loss was "extremely noticeable". Afterwards, we were at my place and I was giving her some old clothes that no longer fit. She said "I can't imagine this ever fitting you, you have such a tiny doll-body!". See, that's her being a good friend, partially, but still. So nice to hear. I gave away the last of my size 10 pants, and am comfortably wearing 6s to work...WHOSE BODY IS THIS?! hahahahaha

    So today at work there are still three cupcakes lyin' around. I don't care. I had my cupcake for the week, and I will not be a prisoner to my foodlust. Not doin it! Am I a little tempted? Well, yeah. But I refuse! This challenge is keeping me motivated, as are my results. I like being an in-shape person. Even when I was younger and skinny, I was just totally unmuscled...Not anymore!

    Breakfast Cottage cheese and pineapple, apple
    Snack Two things of baby food
    Lunch Progresso veggie soup
    Dinner I might have what I wound up having last night again. A delicious brocolli,water chestnut, pea, carrot, onion and corn stir fry, into which i cut up some light kielbasa and served over brown rice with a teensy bit of soy sauce...SO good! Or I might do my soup and rice thing, or even just some beans. Haven't decided yet.

    Your meatloaf sounds good. How do you do your asparagus?

    Keep up the good work!
    Foreverinyoureyes2 replied to 3point14's response:
    Way to go ladybug! Sounds like you are REALLY in a great groove and I applaud you for that!

    Asparagus is my favorite veggie, so I prepare it a million ways. I love it grilled in the summer, and steamed anytime. My favorite preparation is roasted though. I put the asparagus in a ziploc bag and drizzle with olive oil and salt and pepper, toss in some chopped or minced garlic and a sprinkle of chilli powder and then I shake the bag to coat the veggies. Spread on a sheet pan and cook at 425 for 15-20 mins, or until desired tenderness.

    I roast just about any veggie that way, and I love them.

    I sneaked a peak at the scale this morning, and it was very favorable to me, so I am hoping tomorrows weigh in will find me even closer to my first short term goal of being at 149 or below on Feb 1st. (That would be a 10 pound loss in the month of Jan,)

    Costa Rica is a definate now. We bought the package. No word on which month we will go in. I am hoping for June, because being in the jungle a mile from the equator in July or August sounds a bit akin to walking on the surface of the sun, but I will deal either way, because this trip is going to rock so hard core.

    This week is hectic with the kids, and I am finding it hard to find gym time. (Basketball started this week, so that means that the only day of the week that someone doesn't have some type of activity is Saturday.) This is the price of having 4 kids at home involved in sports and music lessons, but I wouldn't have it any other way. I am working in some stretching and other 'home style' exercise when the gym just isn't possible.

    My bff works with me, and she asked what I had for lunch today. In my bag I had cottage cheese, veggies w/ guac, greek yogurt, pecans, a banana, an apple and some peanut butter. She goes, "Wow, that is a bag full of healthy, isn't it?" She lost 25 pounds 5 years ago and has successfully kept it off with healthy eating and exercise, so she is very supportive of my endeavor.

    Hope you are having a perfect day my friend.
    Foreverinyoureyes2 responded:
    Week 1 Weigh-in

    Today (1/26/2012) I was at 150.00

    That is a -2.4 loss from last week!

    This was an unusual week for me, b/c I was premenstrual last week, therefore am post menstrual this week. I am not normally a "lose more than 2 pounds a week" kind of girl!

    It is very motivating though! I have exactly 1 week to lose 1 pound to reach my personal short term goal of losing 10 pounds from Jan 1st - Feb 1st. I think I will reach that goal!

    My next short term goal is to be at 144 pounds on March 1st. Since Feb is a short month, and I have trouble losing more than 1 pound a week, that is an aggressive goal for me.

    However, with my current gym routine of averaging at least 3-4 days per week, perhaps I will see the scale be more cooperative than it has been in the past, when I just lost weight by eating less.

    There you have it! Can't wait to see your update.
    3point14 replied to Foreverinyoureyes2's response:
    Last week I was 145.8...this morning I was 144.2!

    1.6 lbs on a not perfect week with cupcakes, white pasta, captain crunch chicken and missing an extra day at the gym?!?! YEAH

    GO YOU GIRLIE!!!!!!! 2.4 pounds!!!! One week to lose a pound? Don't even worry about it. That's so doable. Keep up the great work!! Oh you must be so proud. I think going down to 144 by March should be very doable for you, and even if not, it's deff better to overreach than to under, ya know?

    My goal for February is to get to 140. I tend to plateau around 142, so I think this next 2-4 lbs is going to be hard on me. Secretly, though, I'd like to get to 138.6, which is my slightly-more-ambitious goal. I just don't want to beat myself up if I don't get there. Really, just getting to the gym a lot and continuing the healthy eating is my goal, and the weight is secondary to the huge amounts of energy I have.

    My friend gave me a dress last night, size 5/6. A little tight on the thigh/hips region, but otherwise...pretty sweet. My boyfriend was droolin'!!! Another goal is to fit into that dress without it being tight by the end of the month. I'm confident in that.

    Breakfast 2 slices of whole wheat toast with peanut butter
    Snack Baby food and an apple
    Lunch Some sort of soup
    Dinner Spaghetti, with a super veggie-laden sauce and whole wheat pasta...or I might do something else...I haven't really decided.

    I'm so proud of us! This challenge is keeping me so on-track!! wooo!
    3point14 replied to 3point14's response:
    Breakfast Whole wheat English muffin pizza! Light layer of sauce and a bit of skim-mozzerella. So tasty and it felt like eating something more "bad" foodwise
    Snack Baby food, maybe two, or some yogurt...
    Lunch Veggie soup
    Dinner Either pork and corn and brocolli and carrots tossed as a stir-fry, or shake and bake the pork and have the rest as a side...I'll also probably have some gin tonight, or some diet coke and Whiskey.

    Today, I am in a fantastic mood. I feel energized and really on-track. Going to the gym tonight, and then most likely going out for kareoke.

    This whole weight thing has made me take control in so many other areas of my life, too. I feel more together at work and I'm studying more. So good!
    Foreverinyoureyes2 replied to 3point14's response:
    Friday is my 'free day', although I am trying to keep within a reasonable calorie range, Friday is also the day that my 2 bff's and I go out to lunch. Today the vote was for Steak N Shake.

    I am proud to say that I ate a single steakburger w/ lettuce, tomato and mustard and a side salad w/ light ranch.

    I was not even tempted by the girls eating cheese fries! As a matter of fact, I could not finish my whole burger. It tasted really greasy. It felt like the grease was coating the inside of my mouth.

    Tonight is 'date' night too. Steve and I, some good friends and Steve's dad and his new 'lady friend' are going to a local bbq joint. It is actually sort of a dive, but with great food. Kwim? I will really have to look at the menu, because what I usually get there is fried chicken or friend fish. I don't even want to risk that, because I am afraid it would upset my stomache. I have not eaten food that rich all month.

    I will likely be treating myself to a couple of glasses of wine tonight though.

    I am trying to pay really close attention to the little signs, improvements or changes that I can attribute to eating better and exercising, and dropping a few pounds.

    Just to list a few:

    As we discussed diminished menstrual symptoms

    I can fit into my khaki pants that I have not worn since last season.

    "Real food" tastes good, junk tastes less good.

    I am consistently in a better mood/frame of mind.

    I am saving $$ by bringing my lunch M-TH and not buying crap here at work.

    My carb cravings have ceased to exist. I have not had 1 cookie, cake, candy, etc...since I started, and am not tempted. Yesterday my 2 girlfriends invited me along on a mid afternoon snack run to the vending machine. 1 got chex mix, 1 got peanut m & m's. I did not feel the slightest twinge of temptation. I ate my greek yogurt w/ pecans and felt totally satisfied.

    There is more, I just cant think under pressure!
    Tomato05 replied to Foreverinyoureyes2's response:
    Sounds as if your preferences are changing, which is a very good thing. Once your new preferences are entrenched, it will make "dieting" something that is not painful at all.

    It's just a case of repeating the new behaviour...

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