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    Trying to slim down
    lexygirl18 posted:
    Summer is just around the corner, and so is bathing suit season. I know I still have a lot of work to do before I will step in a bathing suit. But here are some questions for everybody that I have. I run eery other day for about 30 minutes, drink a ton of water, and my metabolism is ridiculous, I'm hungry all the time. What are the best foods to keep me full longer? Another thing, I check my weight usually every morning, just to see how I am doing, and the stupid thing says that I am gaining weight. I was at 130, now I'm creeping up to 135 when my diet has not changed. I'm pretty consistent with my food, I only spoil myself one day a week and try to keep myself at a constant calorie intake, so why the weight gain? Any ideas? Is this muslce? Or fat?

    Have a great day
    Lesveg responded:
    Hi Lexygirl,

    I don't know if I can give the best advice, given I have some of the same challenges you do. I've also gained a couple of pounds since increasing my exercise and lowering my calories. I'm hoping it's water weight and/or muscle. I guess one way to tell is by trying on the same pair of slightly tight pants once a week. If they are a lot looser after a month or so, I'd guess you're losing fat! (I suppose we could also get out the danged measuring tape...)

    I have a tremendous appetite! But before this last round of increasing my exercise (when I used to keep my running under 35 miles a week) I held my appetite in check by making sure almost all my carbs were complex/whole grain. Lentil/barley soup with tons of low calorie vegetables (the best use for zucchini ever!), no meat, and only a TBS of oil per pot was my lifesaver! Maybe you know this already? It helped me a lot! Another thing I read was to drink a full glass of water and a very small apple before each meal. This seemed to work for me. Lately, since upping my exercise to over two hours a day, I'm ravenous in spite of these tricks, though!

    Good luck with the bathing suit! (Personally, I think you should just wear one regardless of your weight and enjoy the water!)
    An_245889 responded:
    Hi lexygirl:
    I was over weight my self and I lost pounds naturally.
    and I feel so much better. I eat fruits and vegetables daily.
    I take walks regularly one of my main fruits I eat are oranges and I drink apple juice.You can get more info at this web site
    Have a great day
    loove23 responded:
    I really want to lose weight but i done have the privillege to do alot of excerise or eat the healthiest, i work 5 days a week go to work early and go home late, i dont have a weight loss advise for you, but i just want to say to commend your efforts, wish i could lose the weight too i weight 194 pounds from 130......its so stressful
    lexygirl18 replied to Lesveg's response:
    Thanks! I've been trying to keep my appetite in check as well, by eating protein bars and whole grains as well but I'm always so hungry nowadays, I just assume it's because I'm moving my body more and eating a strict amount of at least 1,300 to 1,500 calories. I try to work out everyday for at least 30 minutes even if it is just walking and I have noticed that my clothes do fit the same so maybe it's not fat? Anyways, I'm going to try to drink the water before each meal. Thank you so much again for your advice!

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